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Midea Mini Dishwasher

Midea Mini Dishwasher

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Really glad I bought it

The first one I got was faulty - the touch controls didn't always respond and the machine would sometimes turn off completely during a cycle. The retailer replaced it straight away and the replacement seems to be fine. I had never heard of Midea before but they are a Chinese company who apparently alternate with Haier to be the biggest appliance manufacturer in China (and hence the world).

This is only my second day with it and I've done 2 loads and I'm really happy with it so far. I bought a set of mobile office drawers for it to sit on and the drawers are perfect for storing the water jug, fruit basket, and detergent.

I bought it because I'm in a small rented flat with minimal bench space. Recently I've been really reluctant to cook, so I haven't been motivated to do dishes very often to clear some bench space, so then I don't have room to cook, so it becomes a vicious circle involving lots of expensive takeaways. Having this dishwasher means I don't have to 'feel' like doing the dishes. It washes the dishes beautifully. I don't rinse my dishes, I just scrape off big pieces of food (as per the instructions). Apparently the lower spray arm also sprays water downwards to pulverise food particles to be drained out with the water.

I find it to be relatively quiet. Like another reviewer had said, there is something that causes a regular quiet 'thunk' noise. I think it might be the lower spray arm but it only seems to happen at every second rotation. It doesn't affect performance but I'm going to run it empty some time to try and identify what it is and I'll ask the distributor about it.

The manual isn't great but well worth reading to get the basic operating method. The manual is another thing I'm going to email the distributor about because I have so many questions!

The fact that my taps are old-fashioned ones that you can't fit attachments to means that I can't have a plumbed-in dishwasher. This dishwasher fulfils my precise needs perfectly. Yes, there are bigger and cheaper dishwashers, but none of them would have been useable in my situation, so I'm happy that I've got this one.
Addendum: I've now had it for 3 months and I still love it. I was worried it used lots of water but if anything, my water usage has decreased. There is still a 'thunk' noise at every second rotation of the lower washer arm but it doesn't affect performance and I don't find it annoying at all. We're in a drought at the moment soI don't want to run it empty to investigate if the noise is an anomaly or not.

Purchased in April 2019 at 100% for $479.00.

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Good for renters if you don't have plumbing for a dishwasher

As there don't seem to be any reviews of this dishwasher out there I've made this a long one, TL;DR posted at the end.

I've owned this dishwasher for around a month now and it has been great for washing all sorts of dishes. The main drawcard of the dishwasher is that it doesn't require plumbing, you just fill the tank manually with a jug and then place the drain hose into a sink or bucket. So far we mainly use the 1hr wash and ECO wash (2:55) programs and they seem to do a pretty good job of cleaning, the short glassware wash works well too. I am yet to try the other washes (fruit, baby bottles and glassware steam wash). We normally rinse dishes under the tap before putting them in the dishwasher so there are no large bits of food left but it still does a good job of removing difficult things like melted cheese from bowls etc. The drying function with the small fan to bring in fresh air works ok, plastic items don't dry very well (although that tends to happen with all dishwashers) and the drying only really works somewhat on the long ECO cycle which dries for nearly an hour. The design looks really good and it is a neat gimmick to have the glass door so you can see the wash happening, there is a small LED light in the roof which turns on when the door is opened and for the first 10 minutes or so of the wash so you can see inside.

It takes up quite a lot of bench space due to its size, and as the fill point for the tank is on the top of the dishwasher you can't really put it under anything or store items on top of it. Although the fill port on the top has a guide-type thing in it, it is very easy to accidentally pour water down the back of the machine and the guide also tends to make water flick up and flow back out of the port over the top of the machine. After a few fills you get the hang of it but it can be frustrating at first. The cutlery basket works well and the dish rack works ok, it doesn't fit 'full-size' dinner plates but it does fit 24 cm sized plates which aren't too hard to find. The dish rack is also a bit awkward to fit bowls (unless they are the kind with a rim so they can stand up like plates) which means you can only wash two or three bowls at a time. I don't know what the designers were thinking but the top glass rack isn't big enough to fit even the smallest cups or glasses we own so it is only really good for knives or other awkward cutlery (or perhaps the world's tiniest tea cups?). The pieces that stick up to hold plates can fold down flat which makes it easy to fit medium sized pots and bowls in. However, annoyingly a small piece of the dish rack sticks down in the way of the spray arm which means it makes a clunking noise as it spins and sometimes will get stuck. I've tried many ways to remedy this to no success so far, the next step is to try to cut it off without making the rack go rusty. The machine also doesn't sense if the spray arm has got stuck and so it could do an entire wash cycle without actually washing anything properly. The machine is reasonably noisy during the wash due to the pump (you can still hear it running through a closed door) but the noise doesn't bother me particularly. There is a port on the back to plumb it in like a regular dishwasher, but if you are going to go down the route of plumbing it in I'd say there would be much better quality standard dishwashers for the same money. In terms of how much you can fit in it, we regularly wash 4 or 5 plates and 5 or so glasses with cutlery in a standard wash with no issues. It can fit a standard 5L sistema container in it and medium sized mixing bowls and pots. Anything larger than this you'd still need to handwash such as muffin trays or larger pots and frying pans.

The manual leaves a lot to be desired, it has clearly been pasted into google translate and then no one has bothered to proofread it. Nothing is so complicated that it can't just be figured out but for an relatively expensive appliance I'd expect more. The only thing that required some head-scratching is that to turn it on/off you need to hold the power button for around 3 seconds, rather than just a quick press. If nothing else, the manual is good for a laugh with some of the descriptions.

If your only option is a dishwasher that doesn't need plumbing in this is a pretty good option. I'd definitely buy this again but would stop short of saying it is good value for money or high quality. As it is easy to move with you and for to fit in apartments it would be great if you're renting and it uses hardly any water compared to filling a sink to do dishes.

Pros: Does a good job of washing dishes, looks good and perfect for renting as don't need to plumb it in.
Cons: Have had an issue with the spray arm getting stuck on the dish rack, expensive for what it is, quite noisy, user manual is rubbish.
Verdict: Would buy again if I specifically needed a dishwasher that doesn't require plumbing in but otherwise would look for something better.

Questions & Answers

The manual refers to adding rinse aid but I can't see any mention of where to put the rinse aid. Does anyone know where it goes? Also, is the upper spray arm meant to rotate?
2 answers
Considering the lack of proofreading in the manual I don't think the machine is designed to use rinse aid (I think it might be a translation error). I have no idea where you would put it as there is no chamber like in a regular dishwasher. The top spray arm should rotate, although ours is pretty lethargic as it is just done by the water pressure, some cycles it might only rotate a few times and often gets stopped by tall knives in the cutlery rack.Thanks Dan S. I think you're pretty much spot-on about the rinse aid but I'm going to email Midea's distributors here in NZ anyway. I HATE poorly-written instruction manuals. There's also mention about when the detergent dispenser 'opens' which is another bugbear because it doesn't have any sort of closure on it. I think the top spray arm was getting blocked by a tall knife so I've removed the cover from the cutlery rack so that the cutlery can lean a bit more.


Mini Dishwasher
FeaturesTime Remaining Display
Water Consumption5 L/wash
Energy Rating1 star(s)
Control Panel Position Front
Maximum Noise Level58 db
Number of Programs7
Number of Place Settings 3
Dimensions 438 x 420 x 435 mm
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)

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