More stress than before!

Our money situation prior to mybudget was not terrible, we just needed some structure to help us achieve our goals.
6 months in and for the first time ever we are receiving late notices and late fees on regular recurring bills. Expenses that have never been an issue before and now constantly "Unpayable".
Our credit cards are in a worse state than before due to now not having enough money to cover our weekly groceries and expenses due to always being told that such and such expense is "Unpayable".
So I sat down, I spent 2 hours writing out every single expense we have, what income is coming in and it left me furious! Why is everything "Unpayable" all of a sudden?! We should have enough each fortnight to cover our expenses, put money aside for future expenses and be chipping into our debt, which was our original goal.
I just wish I had paid more attention to all the reviews and not gone into it with rose coloured glasses. Now we have the fun job of taking back control of our finances and starting from scratch with a baby due in a few months. The last 6 months with mybudget has been a total waste of time and money. Would have been more helpful to flush the $250 we pay in fees each fortnight down the toilet.

Do not waste ur time!!!!

My budget is the worse thing ever. I had a massive mobile phone bill. They said they would handle the creditors for me etc and my debt be paid. That was a load of complete rubbish. Creditors still harrased me. Apparently they weren't doing anything. I found out thru the phone company. And my bill got even higher. Its great that other people could use this company. But not in this situation. They took most of my money. The fees are stupid. They should get looked into. Still advertising but just the worst ever. Shes rolling in cash but happy to charge people thru the roof. Stop advertising your tv add full of lies. Shame on you. Disgusting.

Hi HP 55, I'm really sorry to hear about your concerns - It certainly doesn't sound like our usual experience. Our clients are our number #1 priority and I'd really love the opportunity to discuss this with you further and see if there is anything further I can do to help. If this is possible, please email me at laureng@mybudget.com.au or send a private message and I'm happy to get this organised. We look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudgetHi Lauren. Sorry but this was few years back. Thankyou for your reply. If only at the time that situation happened it would of made it better and less annoyed.

Getting life back on track

Before joining My Budget my finances were in dire straits. Now after only a few months I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and a brighter future

Such a relief and amazing help

My budget helped me reach my goals of no more debt and a good savings behind me within two years. They structured my budget into a very managable one that I can now put into practice now that I have finished.

Changed my life

I joined Mybudget in August '17 when I was studying full time and working full time.
When I joined I just has the intention to pay off my debts and save some money.
I had ATO debts, payday loans and a credit card debt.
I was in a rental with my sister splitting all the bills and rent. Then in '18 my circumstances changed and I found myself in a new rental by myself. It was really tough.
My fortnightly wage is constantly changing which always made me struggle with budgeting.

BUT, with the help and support from Mybudget, I have since paid off all my loans and have significant savings for the first time in my life.
As well as that, I have a trip to Europe planned for next year.
Aside from the milestones I have already mentioned, the best part of this all is that I am no longer stressed about money.
I cannot explain how grateful for being given the tools I needed to get to where I am.
Everyone I have dealt with have always been more than willing to help me and discuss my goals. They've all been absolutely wonderful and I appreciate every person I have spoken with.
I have recommended Mybudget to anyone who I thought could benefit from it. But that's just it, no matter how big or small the goal I feel that it can be accomplished with them and in turn anyone could benefit from Mybudget.

Fantastic service with an amazing system that actually does work for anyone.

Every time I call MyBudget the staff are always professional, friendly, helpful and no matter how much i make request and changes my budget never fail to deliver on their promises. Definitely worth every cent I pay.

The Best

I strongly recommend My Budget. I have been with them for 10+ years and will continue the service. I don't have the worries that I had all those years before. It's all been Savings, holidays and more. The staff are friendly, experienced and very supportive. Thank you My Budget

Life Changing

In less then 12 months we have paid off over $17,000 of debit and saved $10,000 because of the help of Mybudget. We joined MyBudget after having our first baby and were feeling stressed, drowning and living pay check to pay check really unsure of our future. Now 9 months later we are having our second baby and there is no financial stress, because our budget is so healthy means I can have over 12months off with the new baby all complete finically stress free!

Seriously phenomenal company!

Fantastic service and fantastic company.

Seriously onlookers who are reading this review, I am not a robot nor have I been paid to say this review. I've only been on the budget they created for me for 3 weeks and in that time I've already had ups and downs in my financials. But the company and the staff they have to provide the service all deserve a hell of alot more money than what they are on. I truly wish that I had known about this company years ago. I've been raving about them since my first pay went into their account. Hopefully y'all will have a few more customers because of me ;p

Thank you so much for the outstanding service I've already received and I look forward to working beside mybudget for many many years to come <3

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Hi James, Thank you for sharing your review. We're so glad to hear that you're already feeling the benefits of being with the service 3 weeks in. We can't wait to help you achieve all of your financial goals! Speak soon. Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudget

Friendly customer service

The person who assisted with my Enquiry was lovely to deal with, friendly and helped sort out a few minor issues easily

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Hi Holly D, Thank you for sharing your review. We are so glad to hear our staff were so supportive and helpful! We will pass on your lovely feedback to the team. We look forward to helping you work towards all of your financial goals! Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudget

Helped me get back on my feet!

Basically My Budget helped me get back on track with my finances & also stop me from spending when I don't need to

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Hi Jon D, Thank you for taking the time to share your review. It's fantastic to hear that you're now back on track and have more structure with your money. We are excited to continue to support you towards your financial goals in the future! Kind regards, Lauren - MyBudget

Life Changing!

Before I met with Samantha at MyBudget, I had my head buried in the sand regarding my financial situation. I was very stressed and finally bit the bullet to do something about it. Samantha made me feel so comfortable, and put together some fantastic solutions which have helped me get back on my feet, and take away the stress I had been experiencing for years. I have no hesitation to recommend Samantha & the team at MyBudget to anyone who needs help getting their finances back on track.

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Hi Dan, Thank you for your feedback! We're so happy to hear that you're now stress free! It definitely makes such a difference to your life when the calls stop coming in and you can focus on what's really important to you again without all of the financial pressure. We look forward to helping you towards all of your goals! Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudget


High fees. Seems like no cool off time. Pressure to sign. After i decided not to go ahead because of fees over $1000 charged. Disgusting really.

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Hi Maggie, I'm really sorry to hear about your concerns around the service. I'd really love the opportunity to discuss this with you further and see if there is anything further I can do to help. If this is possible, please email me at laureng@mybudget.com.au or send a private message and I'm happy to get this organised. We look forward to hearing back from you. Kind regards, Lauren - MyBudget


I first started MyBudget when I was in desperate need of help and guidance. I was in debt with a few companies. They helped me out of that and spoke to my creditors for me. 3yrs later and I have achieved it all. I am debt free! It feels amazing.

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Hi Karen, Thank you for sharing your experience. It's really great to know that you are now debt free! Congratulations, that's a fantastic effort. We look forward to helping you out with all of your future goals now that you're in such an excellent position. Wishing you all the best. Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudget

No more stress

Using my Budget for the last five years has disciplined me in my finances. I only get to spend money allocated to me for the week. I used to be broke all the time but with my budget the money was always there. It has taught me to manage my money now and not squander it.

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Hi Wendy, Thank you for your review! Its great to hear you have been part of MyBudget for the last 5 years and how we have helped you over this time sorting your finances. We look forward to continuing to assist you with all of your financial goals in the future! Kind Regards, Lauren – MyBudget

Professional service from initial phone call

I had recently separated and was left with a mountain of debt, I contacted my budget and that was the best thing ever. The Consultant on the end of the phone was not judgmental and listened through my tears, she made an appointment with a Consultant (Rachel). After that initial meeting I could see light at the end of the tunnel to providing a better future for myself and son without the hangups of the separation. My client consultant (Alice) has been amazing throughout this whole process, working through my budget step by step. In the end the best course of action for me was to go bankrupt. I can not express how grateful I am for all the ongoing support and the ease in which this has been done, the continuing guidance and no money worries which is a huge weight of my shoulders, I can now give my son a better Christmas then expected along with not having to stress about the next creditor phone call or bill in the mail. I would highly recommend MyBudget and look forward to being a client for many years to come.

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Hi No Stress, Thanks for sharing! We are so glad we have been able to have such a positive impact on your life! We're really happy that you've found the service to be so helpful and welcoming so far and that you have already started to progress on your goals. We look forward to continuing to help you moving forward on your financial journey! Kind Regards, Lauren – MyBudget

It is hard to break bad habits, but MB gives you a bit of hope.

Having control over money was hard, and when I joined I felt I was out of control. Simply put MyBudget gave me help, and I can see some light at the end of the tunnel after 12 months.

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Hi Donald, Thank you for your feedback. We're so glad that you now feel in control of your finances again and feeling so much more positive! We look forward to helping you towards all of your goals in the future! Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudget

Why did I wait?

I can’t believe I took so long before calling MyBudget it has been for the time in what feels like forever that I am debt free looking forward to saving toward a goal that does involve paying off a debt- everyone has been so informative and helpful and caring Thank you MyBudget

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Hi Jacqui, Thank you for sharing your experience. It's great to to hear how happy you are with your experience so far! We're excited to support you on your journey to becoming debt free! We can't wait to see what you can achieve in the next few years! Kind regards, Lauren - MyBudget

My Budget saved us from going under!

It had been a long time since I could say we were getting ahead. We were drowning in debt and scared. We knew what we had to do but needed some help. We went to My Budget and organised a time to sit down and go through our finances. Best decision we ever made. I am so thankful to My Budget and the amazing staff!! They made our insolvency a smooth and easy process. Anytime I was stressing (and this happened a lot) I spoke with a member of the insolvency team and they had a way of calming me down and making me feel better about the whole process. We honestly couldn’t have done it without their help and guidance! The day I got the call to say it all went through was a very emotional day. I felt a sense of relief and excitement. We are now paying all our bills on time and in full! No more late fees, no more calls and no more fuss. A bill comes in and I just snap it and send it to my budget. They do the rest! We are now saving as well and this has never happened before.
We are so happy to have made the call to My Budget and so grateful for everything they have done. We are now looking forward to what the future brings. Thank you so much for changing our lives.

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Hi Ez L, Thank you for sharing your experience. We're so glad to hear that you're now in a position to look forward to your financial future, and no longer feeling the fear and stress of the situation you were in. It makes us really happy to know that now when a bill comes in you don't need to worry about getting it paid! I will be sure to pass on your story to our team as I know that they will love to hear about your experience and how much has changed for you since your insolvency journey. We really look forward to continuing to assist you with all of your financial goals! Kind regards, Bek - MyBudget

What an amazing organisation and service

Before MyBudget the stress of the financial situation was unbearable and effecting my mental health. What an amazing group of people who handled my situation which understand and patience. Thank you to everyone at MyBudget who the whole process so easy.

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Hi Sharon H, Thanks so much for your review. Unfortunately financial stress can impact so much in your life, and we're so glad to hear that you are feeling so much more positive about your situation. I will be sure to pass on your kind words to our staff. We look forward to continuing to assist you! Kind regards, Bek - MyBudget

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Questions & Answers

Can mybudget work with a non fixed income as I work for myself?
1 answer
Hi Gus L, Thanks for your question! MyBudget helps a variety of clients with different incomes and situations however we know it can be tricky with an income that isn't fixed. My suggestion is to contact with us on 1300 300 922 (option 2) and speak with one of our money coaches who can assess your income situation and let you know exactly how we might be able to help before coming in for an appointment. If you'd like us to get in touch with you, please send us a PM. Kind regards, Bek - MyBudget

Hi my name is phil johnson and i have lost my job due to illness,I am getting the dole and get $532.00 per fortnight I have big problems with finances as i owe at least $13000 dollars in debt i don't know what to do, can you help?
3 answers
Hi Phil, thanks for reaching out. I'm really sorry to hear about your current situation. We help people in all different situations and we'd be happy to see if there's something we can do to support you. Please give us a call on 1300 300 922 and select option 2 to speak with one of our team members. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Kind regards, Bek - MyBudgetGoing with MB will leave you with no money whatsoever for things you need during the week, the fees are huge plus you pay an admin fee but they do not do what they say, I know, been there done that got out as soon as I could. Would NEVER recommend MB to anyone. There are much better and less expensive options out there.Hey Dee, what was the cancellation process like for you? We are with mybudget but it just isnt working for us anymore but I worry about how messy the cancellation will be with getting all my finances sorted back into my accounts etc. Do they just leave you stranded?

hi i am up to date with all my bills but only just get by is this the right thing for me? craig
6 answers
Hi Craig, Thanks for your question. We help many different clients in all kinds of situations. The great thing about MyBudget is that our service is not only for people struggling with debt, but also for people who want to break the cycle of living week-to-week or pay-to-pay and start saving to get ahead of your financial goals. If you're interested in finding out more about how we can help you, please give us a call on 1300 300 922 or private message me with your contact details. Speak soon! Kind regards, Bek - MyBudgetHi Craig I would highly recommend My Budget they truly help in any situation. They are simply amazing for budgeting If you are just getting by then please consider that MB costs a lot! Not only is there the establishment fee, but they take their weekly fee before anything else is paid. They also make promises to do things that they just don't do so you end up spending a lot of time negotiating with people that MB don't pay when due that they leave you to manage. Think long and very hard!