I spoke to my budget after finding myself with no idea how to make ends meet. I was living pay cheque to pay cheque. And any unexpected costs just did get paid.
I literally threw everything at the constultant, burst into tears and asked him to fix it.
They have.
I have a budget I can stick to. I have savings. I can even pay unexpected costs.
Nothing was to hard for them, they always were happy to listen and show me ways to make it work.
I can't thank them enough for everything they have done for me.


Best thing I did to sort out my finances

I had heard about Mybudget from a friend and was sceptical to start off with. I had some debt and was terrible at budgeting. It took me a good 12 months to finally meet up and have a consultation. It was the best thing I did. They take away all the stress of managing all your bills, debt and direct debits. When you get a bill you just send it to them and they take care of it. They take care of all your bills and direct debit. They also helped negotiate a late bill i have and arranged a payment plan. I didn't have to do anything. The customer service is absolutely amazing and all the reps i have spoken too have been caring, respectful and extremely helpful to go out of their way to help you. A lot of them talk to you about how they were in the same situation. I'm a lot more stress free. The only negative thing I would say are their fees. They are pretty expensive but for me personally it was worth it considering I was so stressed and anxious about my money issues. The other downside is i'm worried of now becoming too reliant on their service. Once you're back on track start learning how to budget yourself because if you stay with them they charge you admin fees. Overall highly recommend for anyone struggling with debt and managing their money and getting back on track.

this is great helps alot

i have been with my budget for about eight months and i am really seeing improvements in being able to stay on budget and seeing all of my bills paid and even savings


Too many different people to deal with

Since starting with MyBudget we are able to put money aside. The downside is there are so many workers looking at our budget and they don’t fully read the messages we send and always ask the same questions over and over again. It’s not good customer service. It’s annoying. We are putting our trust into this company to help us with our budget, but we get asked the same questions multiple times even after we answered them and gave explanations. There are so many different people looking at our budget and they all aren’t on the same page. I also hate that our messages aren’t in order until they go into archive. Their system needs to be updated so the messages are more in order so when we go back in to retrieve latest messages we aren’t scrambling to find the one we need. It’s rather messy and confusing. I’m happy that we are getting on track, but unhappy with how clueless some of the workers are when they ask the same questions over and over or tell us the same thing over and over after we’ve explained the situation. Needs to be better. PLEASE!!

Absolutely perfect

We have been with my budget for around 3 months they have helped us get on track with our money and made sure all bils are paid on time and in full they are amazing and have helped us become stress free and to concentrate on our children.
Thank you my budget we couldnt have done it withut you


Lives up to expectations and promises.

Before MyBudget I was struggling with debt and unfortunately not able to properly manage my own finances. I had to swallow my pride a little bit and through the recommendation of a family member, request for the services of MyBudget. It took a while for me to get back on track, but MyBudget was with me every step of the way, and really living up to the promise of a life free of money stress, while helping me save money. I really did not want to stop using their service (especially since they take care of it all!), but I am in a comfortable position where I can confidently manage my own finances, which I have MyBudget to thank. I would happily recommend their service to anybody.


My Budget helped me get back on my feet.

My Budget help me after a back up, it was one less thing I had to think about , I could use all my energy on getting my family back together .
So easy to use .
They where very helpful
Answered my questions
Help myself and my children going on a holiday
You would get a bill and My Budget would find a way to pay it .
You never thought about the Bill's and or money .
Thank you for you help My Budget


Exceptional, would have been lost with without my budget

My budget has seriously been able to remove the stress from my life. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders and im now debt free thanks to my budget.


Got me out of debt

Back in 2014 I was living pay check to pay check I had more money going out then coming in i was in serious debt I needed help i took steps and found my budget and I signed up and 5 years later I'm completely debt free and I thank the my budget team for getting me there i will always recommend them to anyone who needs help
Thankyou again my budget

Late payments. Lost my details

I have been with My Budget for a month now. Firstly. My payments can be up to 8 days late. Leaving me without food and medication. Secondly. How many staff members do I have to deal with? 6 so far. Thirdly. They have already cost me $30 in late fees by not paying my bills on time. Fourth. I have been asked for the same details three times. And then they told me they didn’t have my details and would cost me a further $40 to set up this dd. More money worries than before I joined.


Life is wonderful since I am debt free

I was really struggling in my everyday life juggling around to pay my bills and my daily living expenses. One night I saw the My Budget Ad and TV and I knew you guys would be my only option to get my life back on track.

After my first appointment, I started to see a glimpse of hope and believed hings could get better.

Once my budget was set up i could see all my bills and my living expenses so I started to have a clear image of the budget planned. I was always kept informed of the actions being undertaken, this transparency made me feel safe and in good hands. Big High five to the very patient team who did look after my file unfortunately due to privacy i cannot cite the names of all these wonderful people, but they know who they are. I never felt judged or made felt ashamed of my situation. Keep doing what you do best and help others like me be happy again . I already feel that my health is getting better, my blood pressure is under control , the atmosphere at home has improved as well since the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.

Heartfelt thanks.


Reassuring and friendly staff!

MyBudget put in a lot of hard work to create an extremely specific and personalised budget to suit our complex situation. Even after signing up and having small concerns or questions I have been greeted by helpful, supportive staff who have made it their mission to put my mind at ease and create a solution that works for us. We are relatively new but super excited to see our 12 month plan in such detail and look forward to our future with MyBudget!


Absolutely amazing, best decision I made

I joined MyBudget 18mths ago. I was on the brink of bankruptcy and needing someone or something to help me from the edge. When i First joined MyBudget I found a little hard to adjust, but now I could love without it. Within 18months I have gone from almost losing everything to buying my first property! Thank MyBudget and team.

The best thing ever

My budget has helped us out so well we were drowning in debt and now we almost own our house and have travelled to Europe twice now wouldnt be without my budget

Love My Budget

Staff are always so helpful and polite! Nothing is to much trouble for them .
Im so glad i found this service. Has taken the stress and worry away. Would highly recommend them. Have been with them less than 6 months but so worth it!

good produce terrible customer wait times

This is a great way to get ontop of your finances. However... you wait on hold up to 30mins when you call! they should offer a call back system. Whats worse is the wait music is all crackly and scrambled its the most frustrating thing to listen to. They would get 5 stars if they worked on customer service.

Great Product

Sure fire way to work through your debt and get back on a financial track. Certainly helped me in a time of desperate need. Amazing how quickly my goals were achieved.

Did the job but has some down sides.

We have been with Mybudget for just over 2 years. It started out great because we were bad with budgeting. We were successful in purchasing a house while with them but wasn't due to them, and a trip to NZ in December. I liked being able to have specific savings streams for certain things you wanted to save for. Downside would be that if I sent a message through to change something in the budget, at least 3 times out of 5 they always managed to not read the whole message and stuff something up, especially in the last 12 months. So in that time I've been on the phone to them to get them to correct things more times than when we first joined. Phone waiting times have been horrible lately. About 30+ minutes all up on average. I expect that with Centrelink. Also, the inconvenience of not being able to access funds on the weekends when needed. We tried our best to budget for things on a Friday but we couldn't account for unexpected things. In that case, I was having to use the emergency credit card or pull from the bills account which is a no-no. Otherwise ok but something you could do for yourself. We'll be saving $50 a week now on fees...Bonus!

Amazing just lifesaving

I’m a single mum of 2 kindy aged kids and have struggled for 1.5 years with managing my debt, I was told several times before that bankruptcy is my only option.... I had to sell what I had to make ends meet by the end of the time..

I finally got ahold of my budget (got a free 2 hour session) and they gave me a forecast of what my finances would be like if I stayed on my current path ..... let’s just say I agreed to do my insolvency !!!

The MB team (Tanya particularly) were amazing helping me every step of the way attending to all my silly questions and overdue bills now 2 months in and I’m debt free and got money left over to take the kids to America

Thanks guys


Absolutely horrible service and wait times. Those ads that said you’ll never hear from creditors? ALL LIES. My Budget is USELESS and ended up causing us more problems than they solve.
Regretful decision on our part! I’d give this review 0 stars if I could.

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Hi Jessica, I am so sorry to hear of your concerns in relation to the recent wait times and experience. I want to assure you we are working on this with the highest priority. In relation to your creditors, this is quite confusing to hear as we are able to contact and negotiate with creditors on your behalf. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with you and see if there is anything we can do to assist further. If this is possible, please email me on laureng@mybudget.com.au or private message us. We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Lauren – MyBudget

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Questions & Answers

If I require an amount of $50 - $60K to cover my current finances would My Budget be able to help to find a company to finance the loan
2 answers
You would habe to ask them on that sorryMy answer would be no. I asked them if they could recommend the best companies to save money when it comes to insurance, electricity, gas and so on...and they don’t do that. They only work with you to come up with a budget based on your take home pay so you are able to eliminate debt and pay bills on time.

What are the cost up front and does the price differ if I live in Bunbury Western Australia
2 answers
Well the cost depend on the service your after and i dont think it matters where in Australia you liveFees are figured into your budget after they look at your income and expense. Fees are figured into budget once it is created. Once budget is created you will be able to look and see everything they are doing, what they are paying, what bills are on hold etc. Also, it does not matter where you are located in Australia as long as you are in Australia.

Hi how much is the establishment fee/s. Thank you.
1 answer
About 1400 and its split over afew payments but the first meeting with them they will tell you this i hope this helps