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NAB Classic Banking

NAB Classic Banking

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NAB's Inept Bank Fraud Prevention Unit Actions

Blocked my transaction and then phoned me to verify the transaction. Asked me reasonable ID questions. Good well done. But then the “wheels came off”: a smaller subsequent transaction to the same external account was blocked and I was NOT informed. When I phoned in the next day to inquire was asked for a driving license (DL) number from over ten years ago from a different Australian state. Did not bother to check my current DL with the online database. Alternatively, asked me when I opened my account with NAB over 17 years ago. Had to travell 10 kms to branch and and spend another 30 mins proving ID. Had to re-register for online banking and re-load the smart app. But still the transaction was blocked and necessitated another 10 minutes to get it unlocked. Bewildering inept and draconian fraud prevention actions.

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Further to my review, I was very pleasantly surprised, that my complaint was subsequently seriously studied by "NAB Resolve" (which I think is their complaints section). Secret questions were generated to prevent possible future Fraud Units department's actions necessitating a physical visit by me to a NAB branch. In addition, a "financial apology", was also made. I believe that whilst errors do happen, in any organisation, it is the rectification process that distinguishes a successful enterprise from an average business. In this respect, NAB have impressed with their rectification process. RobNel.

Excellent value-packed bank account

I have been with NAB for almost 3 years and can't really fault them. The account just works. $0 fees, plenty of ATMs around, and branches - in fact there's 4 around my workplace so if I'm ever stuck there's an ATM or branch nearby (though I've never really needed to go to a branch because 99% of what I have needed to do I've been able to get through Internet Banking, mobile app or one of their Smart ATM). That's how it should be as far as I'm concerned. Internet and mobile banking is always available when I need it. Now that they have Apple Pay as well I think they're easily the best value offering on the high street. The few times I've had to deal with someone over the phone the process has been simple and the staff are pleasant and helpful. The only thing I would like is a better interest rate for savings accounts, but, that's nothing to do with the transaction account.

Literally the worst service ever given

Got a credit card for a specific Purchase.

Was approved- Arrived and then blocked.

Took over a month and a half too get verification after sending documents constantly- When we arrived they said should have never been issued.

All other banks gave us one straight away after and no issue with credit.

Absolutely awful.

Was going to move business bank but absolutely avoid ......ridiculously unorganised.


The worst transaction account ever

I have been banking with them since 2013 and they give the worst interest on this account so I would recommend opening a Choice account with Westpac for your spending but only with a handy card and getting a Global Currency Card just for travelling only.

useless online application

Applied nab classic transaction account online with driver license. Was quick.
Next day deposited money in branch. Then did some transactions.
a few days later, account was locked.
called the customer service number department to try to figure out whats wrong.
Was told only way to unlock is to go into branch to provide ID. Because I guess the online application was useless as it only took drivers license and nothing else.

Thanks mate. now I need to go branch again!!! You could of just ask for more ID during the online application process instead of wasting customers time in this back and forth process and locking up peoples money. Useless NAB

Bad start

I was a previous customer with this bank 15years ago. I returned to give them another go, it was the biggest mistake I ever did. I opened 2 accounts attaching a platinum visa card as it didn't charge me international transaction fees. Not even less than 5 days opening the account, I attended the Earlville branch requesting for my card to be activated, change my mobile and pin number. That same day I purchased several items from woolies only to have my card declined. I rang up and they told me my card wasn't activated and none of the original request I previously made with the original branch were honoured. 2 phone calls with the same problem on 2 seperate days when an operator from Melbourne told me I had to visit the earlville branch to rectify the problem. It was the biggest run around that I have ever conducted not to mention wasted days and phone calls and no one seemed to know who I was suppose to speak to. Nab you will never get my business again after this debacle.

Banking procedures

I received a cheque in the mail so had to go to the Bank to deposit it. No problem here BUT
It was a NAB Bank Cheque for a large sum and a Friday afternoon. still no problem BUT
The bank teller stated that the funds would not be avaliable for 5 banking days i.e the following Monday week (the 6th banking day) after deposit. I was taught by a bank were I had worked that a Bank Cheque was like cash ???
Also and it was a NAB Bank Cheque it appears they do not to trust themselves, when they issue cheques.
What is the Australian Banking System coming to. Even the Royal Commission into banking can't change an inbuilt culture that the customer must do everything by the laws rules but the banks do what they want.
Still waiting to see what the outcome will be...

Extensive call not so extensive

Waiting too long on calls. No proper facility to speak to someone. No follow up on the calls. More than 3 weeks and finally set up my nabk account and now my contact details are wrong. Canooy is internet banking as my sms code is going somewhere else and now i am stuck trying to call you. 23 mins wait already as i am typing this. very frustrating.

Some branch staffs don't seem trustworthy

We opened a new account today at Indooroopilly branch but the staff didn't give any paper. It doesn't seem trustworthy.

Pretty good overall

Good product overall with the debit card included for everyday spending.
I opened an account after trying to get a small loan from commonwealth and got rejected and NAB was offering the NiLS loan to pensioners.
My only gripe is their internet banking platform is basic and not very easy to navigate compared to the commbank. I hope they improve it.

Judgemental of people on Centrelink benefits.

I’m on a Centrelink benefit in addition to working part time and studying. I’ve had personal loans and credit cards from NAB in the past and have always been on time and reliable with repayments. I had paid them all off and a year later, with the same amount of income, I went to open a new credit card and the man I was speaking to told me I would most likely not be successful. When I asked why, he said it was because my Centrelink money was supposed to be spent on essentials like food, rent etc. I felt humiliated and asked to speak to his supervisor. The supervisor informed me my Centrelink payment could cease at any time if I was deemed ineligible and the tone of voice was unpleasant and they appeared disinterested.

I’m not really sure how that’s different from paid employment which could change at any time too if a persons circumstances or the business circumstances changed.

I said I would like to close my accounts as the tone of voice and say I was spoken down to was very unpleasant.

I’ve since changed banks and won’t ever be banking with NAB again - during my banking with them I paid off 3 personal loans and a credit card and for them to speak to me in that manner was humiliating and degrading.

Time for a change!

I have had a nab account for years and use it overseas as well. I recently had to rush to UK because my Dad was dying and literally dropped everything and left. The last thing on my mind was ringing the bank to tell them I had left. Once over there they blocked my card so I was left penniless. I rg my hubby but the bank wouldnt talk to him and said to rg the emergency number on the card which i did. The so called emergency number had a recorded message saying the bank was closed!! When I got back I put through a complaint which to date noone has responded to. If they took the time to go through my card history they would see i use the card frequently overseas. I understand the security and of course appreciate it, however, sometimes common sense needs to prevail in emergency situations. There is a 7 hour time difference so not being able to contact them on the ‘emergency number’ is something they need to review. They had verbal info from my hubby I was over there in an emergency situation but they made my life harder not easier.

To much time.

I recently applied for a credit card at a Nab branch. They told me it will take maximum five working days. So the sixth day i gave the Nab online service a call but they didn't receive my documents and advice me to go back to the branch, so i when back and the lady that served me said that she can see the email and she got a response back that she needs to speak with one of the credit managers but the weird thing is that Nab does not have any in any store. Eventually they called back and told me that everything is fine. My only consideration is that if i didn't step in my file would be still stack somewhere in Nabs system.

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Now after six weeks and nothing yet. After giving them one last call a lady called back and they want me to send more document's. I told them i had enough and i don't need your credit card.

Fast Payments is Perfect!

Not only is the NAB customer service outstanding, they are currently the only bank I deal with that has actively promoted fast payments, meaning I can send/receive money in under a minute! Most banks overseas already offer this, however NAB is the only bank locally that I've seen offering this to customers!

Terrible. Changing banks

I have been with nab for nearly 11 years... I had the opportunity to overdraft $50 each month. Suddenly the option has been taken from me with no notifications or anything. And I have also been having issues with small amounts of money being held from my account for 24 hours then suddenly appearing in my account balance later. Example, I made a purchase yesterday of $6 and I had $10 left in my account, as soon as transaction is made my bank says i have $0 in my account then the next day the $4 that went missing has appeared again. ONE WORD - DODGY

Awseome service

NAB are always very helpful and nothing you ask them is ever an effort, when it comes to standard transaction account would not choose anyone else

Customer service outstanding

Customer service was amazing , very helpful and when I had issues staff supported me though the process to get required outcome ..New customer so far outstanding


Had this account for a few years - Had up to $2000 in account and in one month got 1 cent interest. No such thing as one cent. Buy a small item at a shop, using my money and get slugged a one dollar fee. I get slugged one dollar, but the bank give me 1 cent. Not good enough NAB

Calling for help since 3 years - still NAB can't help

My problem: I don't receive the SMS confirmation when I do a funds transfer to a third party account using the NAB iOS app.
Story: Since about 3 years I have made numerous calls, talked to the same number of different people. Every NAB officer takes about 5-10 min just to understand that I am not talking about my SMS reminders, but the SMS confirmations when I do funds transfer. Everyone thinks I am stupid and gives the same answer - "May be you are not checking the box just before finalizing the transfer".
I have tried everything they asked me to do - try again, reinstall the app, re-enter the phone number, try again, send secure mails through online banking, wait for us to escalate this to tech team, wait for a few days for a call back, try again (yes again)... etc
I decided to write this review after I made another call recently as I did not receive any call from NAB as I was promised the previous time. This time the man virtually admitted that nobody in his team or the tech team knows how to fix it and suggested (again) that I could be doing something wrong - so now I have to go to a NAB branch and transfer funds to a third party in front of a staff, and show them what I am doing. He is saying that's the only way I can understand what am I doing wrong. NAB refuses to agree my method is correct and that this is a technical issue.
I've been a NAB customer for 5 years now, I've been transferring money for the same time. But there's no way they can fix such a simple issue. And when I look at other people using other bank apps, I feel like NAB is right - may be I am an idiot sticking to NAB for so long.

Deposited $660 over 1 week ago has not been credit to my account..will never bank through post offic

Very disappointed with customer service no support at all..need money for bills etc..have made numerous calls..to the customer service number..find my money please

Post office in the wrong here..they should be responsible for their branches computers. .gone into cyber space..come on..I hope fraud is not involved here..Australia Post..step up and find our money..Wow..posted these comments last night very late....voilà. ..money in after 1 week and 2 daysSorry to hear about the poor experience you had with depositing funds at the post office Donna, it's great to here the funds have credit your account now - if you need any further help pls email us at social.media@nab.com.au ^TC

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Need to open a savings account for my son, who's 16. the on line application stops when i put his birth date in. how can i open an account thanks
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Under the age of 18 I believe the bank requires and adult to be co-signature. Ring online support or go into a branch and get a 'human' to assist thru the online application That is if there is more than 1 person in the branch. Our local branch usually only has two people at the busy hour ie 10am to 11am or 3pm to 4pm *** that's what they call customer service....

Do you charge a fee to change from a single account to a joint account?
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Can I over draw on my account?
1 answer
Hi Crossy, there may be times where the communication link between NAB and the other Party may be down - during these periods, NAB may honour these transactions as an act of good faith which can result in your account being over drawn. Although, unless you set up a permanent overdraft facility you're account won't always over draw ^TC

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