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NAB Gold Banking

NAB Gold Banking

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Nab Fold visa debit card

Do not use your Nab gold visa debit card overseas the fees are ridiculous not only charged a conversion rate fee but also a massive other fee from the NAB All for the pleasure of using my own money a comple money making fee from the NAB they want you to use a NAB travel card instead not for me

It was brilliant until NAB screwed us

NAB Gold Banking was an amazing product - Perfect for those of us who travelled - Now they are stopping it - introducing halfarsed product full of fees and also introducing FEEs for the existing Gold Accounts - #savegold #nabbreakup.

Time to turn their Previous breakup campaign against them - VERY POOR form they promised no more fees.

My referrals resulted in 14+ account openings for NAB - and they will all be moving with me
Reliable, great value
It now has Fees - No consultation

I think that NAB have lost the plot. Visa Gold Debit Card was fantastic. I have been a customer of NAB for approx 25 years and have not been happy with their service lately - just about to move banks.totally agreed. See you later NAB il be taking $80,000 and about 8 friends will doing the same. What is the best alternative does anybody know?citi bank seems to offer an account that is roughly equivalent to NAB's old gold account, no fee's overseas, although i don't think it has the monthly minimum deposit which is nice, i've heard they offer free travel insurance on their credit card, not sure if the visa debit card for the regular account also includes it, like NAB's used to. I'm going to citi, they use Westpac's ATM's and have some deal where you can get free wine at lots of restaurants, which seems like a random benefit, but there's nothing wrong with free wine.

FREE extended warranty

I have previously wrote a review on this. What I haven't mention is I keep internet transferring money between 2 accounts. NAB doesn't mind how much withdrawals you make as long as the total deposit is $5000 or more in a month. So technically I'm not really depositing $5000 a month. So if you withdraw and deposit $1000 from your account 5 times in a month you can waive the fee. I do this because when I select 'credit' when i use my visa debit card I get 1 additional year of warranty. So far I have about 3 broken electronic items replace. Its annoying how they have the fees and also how there is now a fee when i make paypal purchase from overseas suppliers but for the additional 1 year warranty it is worth it.
Free warranty, ability for me to waive my fees
$5000 deposit must be made to waive fee

NAB Visa Gold Debit Card Review

I have NAB as my secondary bank. Whilst I am happy with the NAB I selected the wrong account to have with NAB because the only way around getting the fee of $10 each month waved it to deposit $5000 or more per month. When you are selecting accounts only go for this account if you are really going to use it, otherwise you are just wasting more money on fees. Next month I am going to get a fee free bank account with NAB. There are NAB ATM's everywhere which is really convenient and there are also a lot of branches. If you are going to use all the features offered on this account then this is the account to select, otherwise there are alternatives offered for NAB.
Banking with a big 4, availability of ATM's and branches
Fees are high if the account's full potential is not used.


the downside of this account is the monthly charge. it is $10 a month. however it comes with a gold visa debit card that can give you free travel insurance if you pay for your whole overseas trip with the card. also it has free overseas atm transactions so can be a great saver when you are travelling. you get free nab atm transactions, free branch transactions, free internet and phone banking and free eftpos. a really great account for the traveller to save money on insurance and those overseas atm fees
use of atms overseas is free
$10 a month monthly charge

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