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Nad’s Hair Removal Ingrow Solution

Nad’s Hair Removal Ingrow Solution

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Very helpful

I notice a big difference when I apply this after shaving. The trick is to apply it as soon as possible, and then I reapply it shortly afterwards for the best results. When I don't do this I notice my skin is far more red and irritated. I highly recommend it, but be sure to use it correctly.

Great product would buy it again

I bought this product from my local boots was a bit sceptical at first this was due to me suffering from angry nasty painful ingrown ingrowning hairs that would make huge bumps in the skin so I used it every time I went the toilet and put a drop on although it is healing now and it is a open wound, now I still use it and it went down in a matter of days it was great.

So good I was compelled to write this...

I'm normally a sceptic when it comes to product claims but having suffered from angry, ugly and painful ingrowns on my legs and bikini area for as long as I've been shaving (I'm 27 years old) I decided to buy this product 2 weeks ago.

The results for me were almost instant. I use it day and night and my legs and bikini area have never looked and felt clearer and pain-free. I'm thrilled! I can't believe I waited so long before trying this!

I'm only annoyed that it doesn't come in a bigger bottle.


I loved this product. I suffer from redness, bumps and itchiness around the bikini line and after applying this cream before I went to bed, I woke up and found that these sympotms had significantly improved (if not disappeared). Some people have noted that it stings after shaving, however the back of the box advises to wait at least 24 hours after shaving to apply so that might explain this

Best Buy

I have just tried it this week. Instantly soothes you!
Best buy and best price!

It gets rid of all redness and razor burn from waxing and shaving.

I am in Qld Australia and payed $12 at Priceline for this item. It smells freash and you dont have to use much.

Very good!
Budget priced. a little goes a long way. great and trusted brand.
i like the smell... others might not :-)


I apply this gel like serum after shaving and it initially starts to sting a little on my skin. However this was only brief and it left my skin feeling really soft and refreshed. After using it regually for the last couple of weeks, only after shaving, I have noticed a considerable improvemnt. It works well to stop the ingrwn hairs which use to cause me to scratch and itch while the hairs were growing back. Since using Nads my sensitive skin has not been getting irritated after shaving. The sent is like an alchol smell but it disappears relatively fast and leaves my skin nice and smooth. This product really works wonders for me, and is the solution I have been looking for to stop my skin itching after shaving.
Stops itchy skin after shaving caused from ingrown hairs.
Scent is not that nice, can sting a little when used after shaving.


After using this, I didn't really see much of an improvement to my ingrown hairs. Maybe a few hairs ingrown hairs were gone, but that was all. It takes ages to see the littlest bit of improvement. It was soothing to use and disappeared quickly. It had all the right ingredients, salicic acid, aloe vera, but I didn't see much of an improvement. I would not purchase this product again.
It's very soothing. It contains all-natural products, and it's asy to use.
The smell is odd, I don't really like it. It stings a bit when you first apply it, and it feels sticky. I always wash my hands afer using it.


This really does seem to reduce redness and inflammation post-waxing, I use it every day on my bikini line, which is very prone to ingrown hairs. I don't know that it reduces ingrown hairs because they seem to get trapped under the skin no matter what I do, but it does reduce the redness and inflammation associated with ingrown hairs.
Calms the skin and redness after waxing and seems to reduce the bumps and inflamation caused by ingrown hairs.
Stings slightly when you apply it after waxing.


Gel absorbs easily and doesn't block pores. I like using this product because it doesn't have any strong chemicals, never irritates me, doesn't leave my skin feeling rough like other astringent products. It seemed to help get rid of ingrown hairs on my legs. One other product I think really works well though quite expensive is Art of Shaving night ingrown cream.
Non-irritating, seems to get rid of ingrown hairs.


Works a treat for waxing, would recommend people who suffer ingrowns to try it, a great product, well worth the money.
Soothes after waxing redness and tenderness
Also soothes itching as the hair is regrowing
Can sting for a minute after first applying if the skin is broken.


i received a sample of this as one of there promotions and ive been buying it ever sience i would never of thought about buying it otherwise it works really well and is definetley worth buying
i usually apply this after shaving and it stops it from itchicng caused from ingrown hairs and it also stops them from being so dry
its smells weird and its really weird because its clear

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