Best Waxes and Hair Removal Creams

When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, there are so many choices on supermarket shelves. Whether you’re looking to get rid of some fine peach fuzz or thick, coarse hair, choosing the right DIY hair removal wax or cream for you - or something else entirely - can send you on your happy way to smooth, hair-free skin. Continue Reading...

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Nad’s Hair Removal Ingrow Solution

This soothing 125 mL solution from Nad’s helps to prevent the annoying occurence of ingrown hairs, and also works to soothe inflamed and irritated skin.

  • Soothes skin irritation

  • Easy to use

  • Value for Money
    5.0 (1)
  • Causes Irritation Yes (0) · No (1)
Waxaway Ready to Use Wax Strips

A little green box of Waxaway strips contain 20 ready-to-use wax strips, which are designed to tackle the removal of coarse hair as well as fine hair.

  • No heating required

  • Quick and efficient waxing

  • Value for Money
    4.0 (2)
  • Causes Irritation Yes (1) · No (1)
Nair Cream Hair Bleach for Face and Body

This 35g bleach from Nair claims to lighten hair within 7 minutes, and contains a powder that you mix with the cream bleach in order to activate it.

  • Can be used on face or body

  • Works quickly

  • Can lighten or burn skin

  • Value for Money
    4.0 (2)
  • Causes Irritation Yes (0) · No (2)
Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Warm Body Wax

Nad’s states that this warm wax is just like a salon-quality wax at home, and is made using a number of natural ingredients and a hypoallergenic formula.

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

Designed with the appealing hook that you can use it while showering, Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream may not be quite the miraculous, time-saving hair removal solution it's marketed to be.

Nad's Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

Latest review: Pathetic! Waste of money! Followed the instructions to a t and it didn’t work. Looked like it would be easy. Applied with the pen. Problem is the wax doesn’t work. Tried several more times, nothing ha

Nair Sensitive Cream
2.3 from 24 reviews

Latest review: it felt totally fine on my legs, smooth and not irritable at all.. then i went to my armpits and had a horrendous reaction. i’m sore, i cannot lift my arms without being in pain, constant burning f

Waxaway Professional Wax Kit
3.1 from 10 reviews

Latest review: After reading mixed reviews I decided to give this product a try, learn from my mistake and don’t bother wasting your money. The wax took much longer then the advertised 20 minutes to heat up and c

Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream

Latest review: I've used this stuff for years with no issues. Recently used and ended up with scabbed burns. Have you changed the ingredients as this seems common now reading the other

Veet Wax Strips
1.9 from 80 reviews

Latest review: Pulled off and instantly had a burning sensation it has now gone red I hope it doesn't scar me. Worst part it's on my face get it off the

Nair Cream Hair Remover
1.8 from 108 reviews

Latest review: Used this in my face, within a couple of minutes I felt a hot burning sensation, wiped it off and applied a cool cloth immediately. Face is red and angry looking and hot to touch. Still feel the

Nad’s Hair Removal Brazilian & Bikini Wax

Latest review: Most horrible waxing product ever. It’s like melting a bunch of red skin lollies & putting it on your bikini line. It’s so sticky & extremely difficult to get off. Poor form Nad

Nair Salon Divine
1.8 from 35 reviews

Latest review: This product is absolute rubbish. The fact that it is on the shelves is a crime! I couldn’t even warm it up because it kept sparking in the microwave. I followed the instructions and even asked my 2 a

Nair Easiwax Wax Strips
1.8 from 23 reviews

Latest review: This wax strip ripped my skin off! It is the worst I’ve ever used and I used wax strips for years. Never buying anything from this brand again. Do not use it, you’ll regret it.

Nair Irresistible Toffee Apple Sugar Wax

Latest review: Not worth $1 let’s alone $15 A sticky mess. Removes zero hair. I’ve been waxing for years and this must be some kind of joke. How can I get my money bac

Nair Sensitive Strip Free Wax

Latest review: Firstly, takes longer to heat and starts to harden straight away making it a pain to use. It's stringy and goes on terribly. there is no way you could achieve a 1-2mm thickness. Waited 20 seconds and

No Scream Cream
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: My chest & barzilian waxes used to hurt like nothing else, but I found No Scream Cream and I havent looked back. This is the best stuff ever invented & it makes my waxing now pretty much pain free.

Nair Sensitive Glide-On
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: This is great! It actually removes the hair, leaves the skin so much softer! It is fantastic for sensitive skin. Its so easy to use and so quick! Easy to use, great for sensitive skin, no mess,

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Facial

Latest review: Excellent, value for money product. Can be difficult to find. Brush application is so easy.This product removes facial hair in the 4 minutes it claims and leaves no burning or red on skin.The formula

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: I love this stuff!! I have bad ingrowns.....I mean bad. Embarrassingly bad, don’t want to wear bikini bottoms, show my boyfriend my bikini line, “oh god I’m a monster!!” Bad ingrowns. I’ve tried the

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Is it better to shave or wax, or use a hair removal cream?

As with all hair removal methods, this question can only be answered by you. However, to make the decision easier, here are some considerations you can weigh up against each other.




Hair removal creams

Speed of hair regrowth

1-2 days

2 weeks for facial hair, 4 weeks for body hair

2-3 days

Type of hair regrowth

Blunt cut - hair feels like stubble as it grows back

Hair grows back finer

Hair grows back normally

Pain level

No pain (unless you get cut)

Pretty painful, especially if you’re new to waxing.

Usually pain free, but can cause stinging or burning if your skin reacts.

Mess level

Not messy, as shaving cream is easily washed off

Messy if using hot or hard wax

Messy - thick cream can get everywhere when being applied and removed

Time commitment

Quick and easy

Time consuming, especially if using hard or hot wax

Around 20 minutes in total, putting the time commitment in-between shaving and waxing.

Possible after effects

Shaving cuts, rash, razor burn, ingrown hairs, strawberry legs

Redness, irritation, ingrown hairs

Dark patches on skin, a shadow under skin, chemical reactions


Cheap and affordable - a pack of 5 razors and a can of shaving cream for under $10.

Varies greatly - a box of 20 wax strips can cost $20, a waxing kit with an included wax warm can cost $100.

Expensive, as one bottle of hair removal cream can last only a few uses.

How does waxing work?

Woman at home applying a wax strip to her leg

Waxing involves applying a layer of a gel-like resin to the skin. Depending on the type of wax, you might then apply a cloth strip on top. The wax, or cloth strip, is then pulled off skin in a swift motion - against the direction of hair growth and as close and parallel to the skin as possible.

Waxing works by pulling out hair from the follicle, which is under the surface of the skin. Uprooting hair this way means it takes longer to grow back than other methods of hair removal that crop hair off the skin’s surface, like shaving and hair removal creams.

Types of wax

Wax strips

These use a cold wax applied between two fabric strips. Usually you just separate the two strips or the wax strip and backing strip, warm it between your hands, and apply the wax strip to your skin.


  • Saves time and hassle, as they’re ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Good for taking travelling, as they don’t require much prep or a heating appliance.
  • A clean hair removal option, as you don’t have to worry about hot, stringy wax clinging to surfaces other than your skin.


  • Can be less effective than a hard hot wax, with more hairs left behind.
  • Can be difficult to mould to the shape of intricate areas such as the upper lip and underarms, which means strips sometimes don’t stick properly.

Hot wax

Hot wax, or warm wax, usually comes in a tub, as a cold solid to begin with. The tub is then heated up to a required temperature using a heating appliance such as a microwave.

These are often sold in hot waxing kits, which can include a wax pot, a spatula or wax stick, and some pre-wax or aftercare waxing wipes to prepare the skin, usually with oil on them.

Types of hot wax

  • Soft hot wax: After hot or warm wax is spread onto skin, a cloth strip is placed onto the wax to be pulled off.
  • Hard hot wax: This thick wax hardens up quickly into a solid. After it dries, the wax can then be pulled off with your fingers after it dries. This is especially suited to smaller areas such as the upper lip and eyebrows.


  • More effective than cold wax when it comes to gripping and removing hair on the first go.
  • Offers more control over waxing smaller areas like the bikini line and face. For a bikini wax or face wax, you can ‘contour’ hard wax to the shape of the area to be waxed, for more accuracy.
  • Less painful than using cold wax, if skin is pulled taut and wax isn’t too hot.


  • Can be time consuming to prepare, when it comes to prepping skin, heating up wax, applying it, removing it, then aftercare and clean-up.
  • Messier than cloth strips
  • Not travel-friendly, as you have to heat up the wax

How often should you wax?

This depends on how fast your hair grows back, as everyone’s hair grows back at different rates. It may be helpful to consult the recommendations that a beauty brand makes about the intended frequency of using their waxing products. However, keep in mind that they may recommend you use the wax more frequently than needed to sell more products.

In general, most people find that they leave about 3-4 weeks between waxing sessions. This time may be shorter if you’re using it on facial hair, at around 2-3 weeks, as facial hair tends to grow faster than body hair.

What to use before and after waxing

Preparing the skin

For an effective waxing session, wax needs to stick properly to the hair, and not the skin. For this to happen, prepping skin beforehand is important.

As part of your pre-wax routine, it’s important to gently exfoliate then cleanse the skin. This gives you clean skin by removing any oil, dirt and sweat, so helps wax to stick to hair. This also reduces the chance of infection and bumps after waxing, caused by dirt and bacteria on skin before waxing.

Waxing after care

Waxing causes redness, and some irritation is natural. Having a cold shower can help, as can using a gentle, pH balanced soap. Avoid applying creams onto your legs that have chemicals or fragrances in them, as this can further irritate skin.

Gently exfoliate daily, as this can help prevent the occurence of ingrown hairs after waxing. You can also opt for a specially made product designed to prevent ingrown hairs, like this Nad’s solution.

Hair removal creams

Woman at home removing depilatory cream with provided spatula

How do hair removal creams work?

Also called depilatory creams, these contain alkaline chemicals inside a cream that you apply onto your skin. These chemicals dissolve the proteins in hair, which breaks hair down into such a soft texture you can wipe it off your skin afterwards.

To use a hair removal cream, squeeze some cream from the tube and apply a layer of it on skin - but don’t rub it in. Leave it on for the recommended amount of time (usually 5-10 minutes) then scrape off hair when the time is up. You can use the included spatula to apply and remove cream, then use a towel followed by a shower to ensure all the hair and cream has come off.


  • Painless to use, as a cream shouldn’t hurt while you use it. If it does, remove it for safety reasons.
  • Fairly quick to apply, as you slather a layer onto skin like moisturiser.
  • Don’t cause ingrown hairs, or cuts from shaving


  • Harsh chemicals can cause skin reactions or allergic reactions.
  • Creams have a strong chemical smell.
  • Can cause a shadow under skin, as part of the hair still remains visible just under the skin.
  • Less effective on coarse, thick hair, which can leave patches of hair behind on your skin.
  • Can be messy, as cream is thick and prone to getting all over hands, floors and other surfaces

Is hair removal cream bad?

Hair removal creams will always work by using chemicals to melt your hair off skin. These synthetic chemicals can be harsh, and there can be side effects for some people, especially those with sensitive skin.

Along with skin irritation, a reaction to a hair removal cream can involve stinging, redness, risk of a burning sensation, chemical burns, or darkness under the skin known as a shadow for people with dark hair.

The shadow happens because depilatory creams remove hair from just below the surface of skin - not as deep as the follicle (like waxing), but also not as high as the skin surface (like shaving). This means dark hair is visible just below the skin’s surface.

It’s important to do a patch test on a small section of skin 24 hours between using a product, or as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help you find out if using the hair removal cream has caused any side effects. Also stay out of sunlight after using hair removal creams, as they can make you more susceptible to sunburn.

Can you use hair removal cream on your pubic area?

The short answer is no. Depilatory creams contain strong chemicals, and when they’re used on sensitive skin, they can sting, burn or even cause chemical burns - surely an unpleasant experience, needless to say. Avoid using hair removal cream for your genitals, eyebrows, the upper-lip, nose or ears, as these areas are sensitive.

However, most hair removal creams are safe to use on the bikini line, if used carefully. Always check on the box for the manufacturer’s directions for where to use a depilatory cream.

Wrapping up

Overall, the method of hair removal you use is a personal choice. To help you decide, balance competing factors such as the convenience of using a product - including how much time and effort it will take, the effectiveness and the cost. DIY hair removal methods may be cheaper than going to a beauty salon - but you may decide you'd rather go to one to let the professionals do the work for you. Other popular hair removal methods to consider include epilating, using an electric shaver for women or for men or using an IPL machine.