Wax and Hair Removal Creams

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Nad’s Hair Removal Ingrow Solution

Latest review: I notice a big difference when I apply this after shaving. The trick is to apply it as soon as possible, and then I reapply it shortly afterwards for the best results. When I don't do this I notice

Waxaway Ready to Use Wax Strips

Latest review: These strips are not at all effective for removing hair from anywhere. They do not stick to grab the hair for removal, hence completely useless. I will be returning to my trusted Veet warm

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

Latest review: I used the veet and followed the instructions and it barley took any hair off. I had patchy areas where hair was still seen. This is a waste of money. Nair works better than

Nad's Hair Removal Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

Latest review: I bought this product, hoping to minimise the cost of eyebrow treatment, however the simple instructions that the box showed were very misleading. When I opened the box I found ZERO cotton strips but

Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream

Latest review: Used completely as directed on my face this morning. Right after I washed it off my face started burning and hasn't stopped 9 hrs later. Made sure ALL the product was completely washed off, even

Veet Wax Strips

Latest review: Although thr product looks simple and easy to use — this is not the case. It may remove most hair, however, several applications are required, resulting in sticky residue, excessive pain and skin i

Nair Sensitive Cream

Latest review: I have similar sensation and it burnt a lot. I hope it doesn't damage my skin anymore further. Never had this kind of experiences before with other hair removal

Nair Cream Hair Bleach for Face and Body

Latest review: I have tried various products over the years but gave up after painful wax strips. Anyhow at 54 and unable to find decent tweezers for those chin hairs and upper lip hairs. I decided to give Nair

Waxaway Professional Wax Kit

Latest review: After reading mixed reviews I decided to give this product a try, learn from my mistake and don’t bother wasting your money. The wax took much longer then the advertised 20 minutes to heat up and c

Nair Cream Hair Remover

Latest review: This product left holes in my face... i did not exceed 10 minutes either. My face is burnt, red, lumpy and it somehow expanded pores leaving holes in my face. See first photo. Im horrified and sad

Nair Salon Divine

Latest review: I had to heat the wax for way longer than recommended to get it to the consistency of creamy honey. It was like applying stringy mozzarella cheese. And as effective. Wont be trying that

Nair Irresistible Toffee Apple Sugar Wax

Latest review: Not worth $1 let’s alone $15 A sticky mess. Removes zero hair. I’ve been waxing for years and this must be some kind of joke. How can I get my money bac

Nair Easiwax Wax Strips

Latest review: I bought Nair easy wax large strips. I found it messy, leaving too much residue on my skin. And only 2 tiny aftercare wipes in the box! Used to be 4 from memory. The wipes were to small and thin and

Nair Sensitive Strip Free Wax

Latest review: Bought this product thinking it was going to be better than usual wax and strips, well I thought wrong it’s absolute crap doesn’t stick to skin, doesn’t take hair out.

AVON Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream

Latest review: This product is affordable and actually works . Great size to put in your handbag or have at work in your drawer. Easy to use . Nice product that keeps my hands

No Scream Cream

Latest review: My chest & barzilian waxes used to hurt like nothing else, but I found No Scream Cream and I havent looked back. This is the best stuff ever invented & it makes my waxing now pretty much pain free.

Nair Sensitive Glide-On

Latest review: This is great! It actually removes the hair, leaves the skin so much softer! It is fantastic for sensitive skin. Its so easy to use and so quick! Easy to use, great for sensitive skin, no mess,

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Facial

Latest review: Excellent, value for money product. Can be difficult to find. Brush application is so easy.This product removes facial hair in the 4 minutes it claims and leaves no burning or red on skin.The formula

Anthony Logistics For Men Ingrown Hair Treatment

Latest review: This product works exceptionly well. I have tried lots of different ingrown hair treatments for my beard and none have worked anywhere near as well as this. I use it with Anthonys facial cleanser and

Caron Wax Remover Citrus Clean

Latest review: Caron wax can be pretty tough to get off stuff - any wax really. This wax remover not only smells beautiful - citrusy and fresh, but within seconds of being sprayed on the spilled wax, it softens it

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