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Naked Wines
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Excellent for wine consumers and winemakers

We live this wine membership organisation. You pay $40 per month that goes into your Naked Wine “bank” and when you are ready to buy a case your balance comes off that cost. The company helps independent Australian winemakers by providing a marketing outlet for them. The wines we have had have been really great and bottle prices are very competitive with or cheaper than even discount wine stores. You can choose your own bottles online and they also have specials on pre-mixed cases. Delivery is fast and free. We have been using this company for about 18 months now and have nothing but good things to say.

Been a member for 6 years. Can't Complain

I have been a Naked Wine "Angel" for 6 years now and have bought around 1000 bottles of wines (and my liver has processed over my own body weight in alcohol as a result) via Naked Wines. I see on this site that generally they have positive reviews, but also see various people calling it a "scam" and other names. Well, perhaps Naked Wines can be "aggressive" in their sales/marketing campaigns, but I can vouch that this is not a "scam".

I enjoy the wines and the wide selection. They withdraw $40 per month which is added as credit to your account. This is their business model. It is not a "cost", but instead a credit. It is basically a "commitment" of a yearly minimum spend of $480 in exchange for discounted wines and delivery. I'm OK with that. The prices of wine are decent, delivery is"free" (or at least included in the wine price), I have enjoyed the wines, and I get free bottles on regular occasion. Overall, I have found it good value for money for me.

I have had a few issues with delivery along the way. I put this down to the different couriers that they have tried. Each time I have notified them of delivery issues, I have had prompt responses to my concerns, including switching courier companies. Compared with "service" offered by other companies I have dealt with, I have found Naked Wines to be responsive and efficient. Last year I sent Naked wines an email saying I had been with them for 5 years and they sent me a free case (15 bottles) of red wine. Much appreciated.

Overall, if you are looking for a company to place regular wine orders with (e.g. a case every 1-3 months), then I would recommend Naked Wines.

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Sucked me in with a voucher through “Fresh” have deducted money from my account unknowingly through a company called Angel. $40 a month

Great wine, great price

Can't believe all the negative feedback! Naked Wines policy of taking $40 a month (or I should say adding it to your shopping cart) is made very clear on their website. If you want to cancel it's not a problem. Have found their wine to be fantastic at a great price.

Awesome wines that support Aussie winemakers - great concept

Absolutely love Naked Wines - happy to hand over $40 a month to support local, talented winemakers, and in return get some amazing wines for my $40. Highly recommend taking the time to read what it's all about before saying it's a scam.

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Yep it stinks!

Sucked in with a voucher and now getting unauthorised deductions on my credit card. Most of the positive reviews on this site look made up I reckon. If it looks like a scam, it acts like a scam and it smells like a scam....it's a scam!!

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Awful customer service. Medicore wines.

Tried to cancel my account in various ways but Naked Wines won't acknowledge my emails, spams me with an unbelievable amount of marketing emails and continues to debit my card.

Product Quality
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Naked Wines Ponzi Scheme

The blue voucher introduction seemed like a good idea. I ordered the wine in the week before Xmas. Then the emails started. You drown in them. They said (amongst twaddle such as ‘I was their boss’ etc: it struck me as what the legal community would call ‘puffery’) that there were over 15,000 people in front of me to become an ‘Angel’. I assumed that I’d probably make it to the end of the line in a year or so and if all had gone well I might ‘sign up’. Boy, was that wrong.

On Saturday the 19th January I received an email telling me I’d reached ‘Angel’ status and, by the way, they’d put a charge of $40 on my credit card. Naturally, they hit your credit card BEFORE they advise you that you’ve become an angel. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THAT THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO. I contacted them immediately (on Saturday the 19th) and told them to cancel me out. I also wanted the hold put on my card cancelled. I got fairly standard self serving rubbish in return. I was, during this exchange asked to supply the last 3 numbers of my credit card to confirm it was me cancelling. I did this. On Monday I saw the hold was still on my credit card. I objected. I objected even more strongly when I received an email (on Monday 21st January) confirming my ‘membership’ was cancelled but the hold on my card remained. I became angry. Finally, on Tuesday the 22nd January, the hold on my card was removed. I logged on and confirmed it. All good. Over and done with. I checked our account online today for something else and was shocked to see that the hold had reappeared.

Some person at Naked Wines deliberately put a charge against the credit card of a cancelled member. That’s called fraud. I queried this at 2.11pm today. Their ludicrously named ‘customer happiness’ staff (I am the complete opposite of happy, believe me) are at work up until 5pm. Nothing. Not a word from them. First thing tomorrow I’m cancelling that card. And talking to the bank about Naked Wines business practices. It’s nothing less than a Ponzi scheme of the worst kind. Over 15,000 people dropping out might have left them short of funds, especially when people have the nerve to demand their money back following an unauthorised transaction. What better way to get over a short term problem by taking money from cancelled members cards. Thats abusing your credit card information. They don’t offer PayPal and now I know why. I will never buy those wine brands again. I kept a list. Adding insult to injury this Product Review website actively promotes Naked Wines. It was appalling reading post after post of hideous examples of Naked Wines practices and yet seeing ads for them at the bottom of the screen. Naked Wines went through over 15,000 ‘members’ in less than one month. Get a clue. I wish I had.

WARNING! THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS. It's just cheap cask wine in fancy bottles.

Cheap cask wine in bottles. Most of it could be described as "rough red"...undrinkable unless you like to burn your mouth out and make yourself vomit. We got sucked in by their voucher offer, too. Has anyone reported this company to the relevant authorities? Their website is full of nonsense...and DO NOT believe the positive reviews. Reviews they paid people to write??? I wonder...

Fantastic Company

This would have to be one of the best companies I have been a member of. Every time I have a query it has been sorted out promptly and the customer service team are lovely. All money transactions are clear from the beginning of what is going to happen and you only buy wines when you want and you get to pick the wines/gin/cider so a bit variety as well. They are definitely not a scam, if you want your money back you simply need to ask, if you want a payment holiday you ask, and it's quickly amended. They have been an ease to deal with compared to other similar companies.

Great Customer Service

Every time I ring they are helpful they are always willing to help. I always get what I order. The best company ever


Bought a case of wine and one month later found Naked had taken $40 more from my account.
I never knowingly signed up for this $40 payment and had to cancel my card to stop them taking any more.

A Subversive Scam

Beware naked Wines, I have just made a formal complaint to ASIC. I received so many blue $100 wine vouchers - generally from ebay sellers who put them in their deliveries to be - now that's a bit of a scam in sitself !? AAnyway, I too fell for the scam and redeemed the voucher - it cost me around $70 extra as you have to order a full case of wine. My husband reckoned it wasnt bad wine - it was all good $5 a bottle wine - that's kind of it. What really gets me going is the subversive nature of the scam - the wine is just the cover for how they get into your credit card month after month taking out $40 each time. I happened across their withdrawals a bit by accident as Id int know this was going on as I wasnt checking my statements at the time. Naked Wines did not send me a singe email after I ordered my "discount case". No contact from them whatsoever so I forgot about the. When I stumbled across the withdrawal, I went to my emails to search for something from them assuming I had missed it - nope nothing there. So I went to their website and tired to log in - you have to become a "member" when redeeming the voucher. The website would not recognise my password so I tried to reset it - no email arrived! Hmm.. I so I ring them, turns out - oh gee, your email address is "unauthorised" - this is the scam excuse they use for locking you out of the account you dont want and it's also their excuse for why you never got any emails thanking you for your monthly $40 donations. Total scam. The guy I spoke to made no omissions and ignored my observation that they had helped themselves to my bank account without my permission. He was very quick to authorise a refund. I sensed they get these calls alot and know they are skating on the wrong side of the law. it's only a matter of time before they are closed down. I have read alot of the 5 star reviews and strongly feel most of them are plants - probably staff with multiple accounts under different names creating multiple fake reviews. I do hope ASIC gets them. Such a shame the wine growers will be the loosers at the end of the day.

Scam of 2018/2019

Lied to me about delivery problems and then - as I had ordered 21 bottles, delivered 6 bottles only, in opened box , without notifying anyone that was home.

Enjoy the wines

Have been a member for many years. Can't afford the$40 so only pay$20. Am now on a holiday and will not have money deducted for 7 months. Enjoy selecting the wines and check the ratings. I buy low priced wines and find them good value. I had built up a credit and was offered a refund. Driver was delayed by a day but I was sent an email. Delivered to my door. Understand the concept. You are paying a small amount upfront to support small wine producers. It is still your money. Naked wines should be more up front before taking money from your account.

Scam! unexpected subscription for $40/moths after using a voucher

Be very! careful. Ended up with a subscription for $40/months after using one of their vouchers to receive a discount on 12 bottles of wines without knowing. They will send lots and lots of marketing emails mentioning as a side note the line that you'll have to pay $40/months once you become an angel. But don't you worry, you don't need to do anything, They just go ahead and charge your account without your consent. I will contact my bank and report them for fraudulent intent!

Scam...!! I will report this to ACCC

Beware, they auto debit you for $40/month as Angel member without notification after you purchase wines from this company using their scam's voucher. This is a BIG SCAM, please tell your friends/colleagues not to get into their trap scam.

It's just a scam to get your credit card

It's a scam. After your discount wine is delivered they start charging your card $40 a month!!!!! It's very deceptive - they make you think you will be sent information about being a part of their wine club and then BANG they start charging you pretty much straight away while you are thinking you will have some kind of choice about joining their wine club. Make sure you shut down your account with them if you have already ordered wine and remove your credit card. Hugely disappointed in them, I had thought they were good guys but NOPE the gift card is just a scam to get your credit card and start charging you every month

Wine was fine but they started a subscription without me knowing

Turned out I'd been paying 40$ per month for the past year after taking advantage of one of their deals. I got it all back but still.. Must be a lot of people that don't even notice this so beware.

Fantastic wines and service

Purchased 2 cases of wine for Christmas, arrived before due date. Happy with mixed wine selection. Excellent staff on phone, couldn’t be happier with my experience. Wines met my expectations. Third case arriving Monday & I’m in the country, no delivery problems. Much easier way to purchase wine. Love the angel idea of banking $40 monthly to pay for next case.

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Questions & Answers

Why doh send a wine voucher to a state where u know u don’t deliver???? Stupid
No answers

We received a gift voucher for the naked wine via the book depository club, how do we redeem it?
1 answer
You can redeem the voucher by going to the website, selecting the voucher option from the home page, and entering the voucher details. Apparently doing so automatically signs your credit card up for a $40 monthly membership though so I’d advise against it

How do I become an angle and how long does it take? i assume I will have to pay full price until I become an angle? Liz
1 answer
I’m not the right person to ask. Suggest you contact the company directly. BTW even at angels prices it’s no bargain. Read the Ts & Cs very carefully, make sure it’s really what you want. My suggestion is to take your money somewhere else

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