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Nestle CERELAC Rice

Nestle CERELAC Rice

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mix well with hot water

the reason why the cereal is forming lumps is because you add too little water if you add over enough water it will become smooth and you should not give it only a few stirs it needs to be mixed well in order for it not to become lumpy.i started giving cerelac to my lO at 3 months because he was always hungry and it seemed that he never got enough of the breastmilk i gave cerelac in the morning at nine following his marie biscuits at 1 and at seven for the latest i gave him his last two spoons of cerelac at first he did not like the cereal because it was so plain with no taste and i added a little bit of sugar and he is doing just to well


The recommended serving suggestion was not accurate and the cereal was very gluggy. I tried it with water and then formula but had the same result each time, ie. gluggy and baby didn't like it.
No allergens.
Very expensive and box is too big and the bag insider wasn't very full. My baby did not like the cereal at all, so I has to throw it out. It also did not mix very well and became gluggy.


A good product my baby loves it,tastes better and you can move onto the Cerelac wheat cereal for 6 months and over. Nestle is a good brand.
Mixes well and is a bigger box than the other cereals available for baby. It tastes better and seems to have more vitamins in it.

check ingredients if your little one has allergies

We bought this when commencing solids assuming that it was only rice and maybe some vitamins/minerals however it contained soy which our daughter is allergic to so had to discontinue use. It was however easy to mix and she liked the flavour but does seem to thin out if taking too long to feed.
mixes well and bubs enjoyed the taste
contained soy (bub is allergic)

Probiotics goodness

We were given a sachet of this to try and now my baby has it every day and loves it (even though the taste seems pretty bland). I think it is the only one with probiotics in it which is good as he is now going to childcare after going back to work. It mixes in water with no problem.
Probiotics, bub loves it
Is more expensive but is in a bigger box

Baby love it!

I began using this rice porridge since my son was 4 months old.I switch to rafferty's later and my baby had rash red face then i changed back to Nestle. My son does enjoy it. it is creamy and smooth, easy to mix with veg and meet. Now my son is 6 months old, i feed him this rice porridge twice a day with veg and chicken, he loves it and eats 100 ml porridge each time. very happy with Nestle.
Creamy, easy to mix

Bub liked it but had to discontinue use due to allergic reaction

I tried this instead of the usual brand that i buy. I was abe to follow recommended amount of cereal and water and found that the amount suggested for bub starting solids was way too much and i ended up throwing most of it out. After bub tasting it 10 minutes later bub had a rash on face around mouth and was coughing. I was concerned that it may be the cereal as bub did not show any symptoms of reaction with other cereal brands. I tried the following day to give the Nestle Cerelac rice but bub showed the same symptoms so i have discontinued use just in case of allergic reaction. Otherwise i was happy with this product.
Easy to mix
Suggested serving size was too much in one sitting for bub and possible allergic reaction to this cereal

Assisted in transitioning baby to solids

I began using my son on the Nestle Cerelac Rice flavour when he was 4 months as suggested on the box. My son struggled at first with the concept of being spoon fed so i perservered and he eventually got the hang of it. When making up the cereal its 90mls milk or water and 2.5 tablespoons of cerelac. At first it was a real waste as my son couldnt finish 2.5tablespoons of cereal so i found i was either finishing it for him or throwing the remainder out.
mixes in easily with Nan baby formula, baby liked the taste
90ml liquid & 2.5 tablespoons of cerelac leaves you with throwing too much out for a 4 month old

Something to start of

Nestle is a well known brand thus my husband and I decided to buy this rice porridge to start of with. My daughter does enjoy it and no complains with it.

It does the job - bland first food for bubs

I had the misfortune of having to try this to check if it was both bland enough for bubs and the right tempurate and texture. I can honestly say - its BLAND - which is exactly what you want for bubs in "first food".

I mixed it up with very runny fruit and vegies after bubs got the hang of the eating thing as it made it so much easier to feed him. However, I wouldn't recommend feeding it every meal as it can clog up bubs if you know what I mean. It is what it is and does the job that the box describes. Bubs wasn't too fond of the texture / flavour / taste (I don't know exactly as I only get a screwed up face and not a review) but has since "gotten used to it" if the facial expression is anything to gon on.

At around $4 for a box - price is very reasonable. You can pick it up at any supermarket / chemist / convenience store. Getting
Easy to find, inexpensive.
it is what it is.

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we bought the nestle rice as we thought it would be good first solid but had to discontinue as she had a rash on face around her mouth and body

Smooth and creamy - Baby loves it

My baby loves it mixed with formula milk - i find it smooth and creamy I also like mixing this product with my puree fruit and veg.
Creamy and very tasty
When it comes to my baby nothing is too expensive

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Can I mix cerealac with boiling water?
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It’s ok to feed cerelac early in the morning around 4:00 am??
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Hi, the instructions say 90mls to 2.5 teaspoons of cerelac (AUS). I feel that this is too much water and the consistency becomes very watery almost like milk. So I reduced the water. Is this ok? Also the amount that is made seems soo much for my baby to have just started.. am I mean to feed her the whole thing or only a couple of spoons?
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