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Nicabate Mint Gum

Nicabate Mint Gum

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Can't open.

Switched to Nicabate today. I can't open the damn stuff! When I finally got one open, after destroying about 5 of them using a chainsaw, hammer, drill, cold chisel, heel of my boot, I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour. I finally got one opened with the blade of my Leatherman knife. Won't be buying anymore as I don't won't to have to cart my tool box around with me to open one. Gets a few funny looks when in public or at parties!

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $30.00.


I thought I would switch from Nicorette to Nicabate. The packaging of this product would be the worst I have ever encountered. Imagine sitting on a plane and requiring scissors to open one piece. Will not be purchasing this product again.

Purchased in February 2019.

This gum makes me want to smoke

I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to get the chewy out of its packaging. Tastes fine to me, but whats the point if I cant get it OUT?! Lol I swear this product was made BY the cigarette companies.

Packaging is infuriating

Whoever made the packaging on this product should be sacked. I won't be buying this brand of gum again. We get it. You hate us.

Helped me quit

A smoker for 40 years and finally did it! I knew that I needed something to help me as going cold turkey just didn't work. Tried heaps of times and failed every time. My work has lots of stress and I thought smoking relieved the stress, well it doesn't. All it meant was that I walked away from the stress for a few minutes and then straight back to it. Go for another smoke, a real roundabout. After a meal, well head out for a smoke because that's what I always did. In the end I asked myself why? I finally realised it is just habit and legal addiction.
The gum has a strong flavor, packaging was a struggle to open but I used this as a motivator. I read that some people are stressed over this but use it as a tool to quit. The nicotine content in the gum was enough to take the edge of the craving. I used the gum after eating which definitely helped and I did teach myself better stress management techniques like just going for a short walk. I used the gum for 2 weeks and then just said 'no more'. Well 6 months free from the darts and I am not going back. Do I have an urge now and then, yes but I tell myself you won. The gum did work, but you still have to use your mind to beat it. You will, just persevere.

Great strong minty taste (if you like a strong minty taste!) but need scissors to get to the good st

I really like the exceptional bright fresh minty taste (I know it's not popular with some).

Problem is, it's almost impossible to get to the booty. I have to use scissors to access each individual mint. Packaging is almost certainly losing the company customers.

Yuk. Tastes like mouthwash!

Original mint was the best. This new Extra Fresh stuff is really unpleasant. Flavour is too strong and sweet. Hard to remove from packaging. New formula is so sticky it sometimes sticks to my teeth. A piece got stuck on my car seat on a hot day and ruined it!

Luckily I found Nicotinell Mint which is almost as mild as Nicabate original and I have gotten used to the flavour and really like it now. It's cheaper too, except...

I noticed Chemist Warehouse now has a 200 pack of the new Nicabate for 29.95. Hopefully that means they are trying to sell out the new formula before relaunching the old formula?

What idiot made the gum harder to remove from its wrapping???

The new 'improved' extra fresh mint gum has been given an extra layer of wrapping -- a paper surface which has to be peeled off (an almost impossible task) before you get to what seems to be tougher foil and plastic protecting the gum. I have to use scissors to break into it. It thus takes at least twice as long to obtain a piece of gum -- hardly useful when one is craving a cigarette. Whoever was responsible for this idiotic idea should be sacked.

Thanks saved me extra money.

I quit smoking years ago but still chewed the gum, thought i would never stop, but thanks to someones smart idea to change the taste and packaging i have now stopped chewing it, i would have been chewing this gum for the rest of my life, which i was fine about, rather chew than smoke, but upon trying the new gum, and because it was on special i bought 2 boxes, idiot i know, after taking forever to get a piece out, not sure why they thought put 2 layers on, but the taste was just like chewing normal gum, and for all those people like me out there, the original gum had a certain taste which was satisfying, as it is now you could probably go to the shops and buy a normal packet of mint gum for $1, because sadly the new flavour has lacked everything the old one had going for it, you lost me when you stopped circulation of the lozenges, i went to heron which are heaps cheaper, and now you have lost it with the gum. Bad Bad Bad, dude check with consumers.

Why make something worse

This new gum is ridiculous. It tastes bad and is packaged like they don't want you to be able to get at it. Even when the old gum was in production it was sometimes hard to get because the stores would be out of stock. This new extra mint mustn't be selling because all the stores I go to have boxes of it falling off the shelves. You would think their marketing department would notice this. Bring back the old flavour and I will buy it but I will never buy the new extra mint, two pieces was enough.

Sneaky attempt to hike price

The new improved Nicabate Mint Gum seems to be no more than a typical "change the flavour/change the packaging" price hike undertaken without comment from Glaxo and without input from existing buyers. Like several comments already made, I too will be switching to another brand of nicotine substitute. Even worse, I may even take up smoking again. Perhaps the Glaxo marketing group should be given a copy of what happened when "new" Coke was introduced some years back. A classic study into how marketers sometime get it wrong.

Taste terrible. Gave me diarrhoea. Packaging impossible

Absolutely awful. Almost impossible to get a piece of gum out of the packet. Taste awful and gave me the runs after one day. Tried it again a week later with same effect. Have changed brand to Nicotinell. Bring back the original formula! Who asked them to change it anyway?

Worst taste in worst packaging... ever.

If getting the gum out of the packaging doesn't kill you, the taste will. I'd be very surprised if a human actually tried this product before it hit the shelves.

Disgusting! Worst decision ever

I think the new formula gum is way too sweet. It has a terrible taste. I hope you bring back the old formula. Until you do I will be using Nicorette.

So disappointed and annoyed

The new flavour is terrible and its almost impossible to get a piece of gum out of the packet! The new flavour also makes me feel ill and is so overpowering. The old flavour was great because it was mellow and didn't affect the taste of food and and you could have a drink (the time that you most feel like having a cigarette) whilst chewing the gum. There was no other nicobate gum like it and that's what made it the best. I am so annoyed that the flavour has changed. Please bring back the old one!

Nicabate packaging terrible

Just bought a box of the new gum. Mangled the first piece trying to get it out of the packaging and the taste of it is terrible. The reason I liked the old gum was because the plain flavour didn't affect the way food or drinks tasted. Going to have to switch to nicorette uncoated. It's not great but at least it comes out of the packaging easily and doesn't taste like disinfectant.


The new flavour is horrible. I bought a box without realizing and threw them out. I didn't know about the money back offer or I would have claimed. The gum is way too sweet and the packaging is ridiculous. I've been trolling all over looking for places that were selling the old gum and now I can't find it anymore. I feel like you pulled the rug out from under my feet. Really, really disappointed.

Absolutely terrible

I am so disappointed with the new gum. I have spent so much time trying to find the old one as i cant stand the new taste, not to mention the packaging.


I can find nothing good to say about the new nicabate gum. Tastes terrible and the time it takes me to open the packaging I could have had a cigarette. Will not buy this product again. You can still find the old gum on Catch of the Day.

New flavour too sweet

The new mint Nicabate is too sweet. I've reluctantly stopped using it. The original flavour was better. Please make the original flavour available. The new packaging is fine. I'm buying Nicorette now due to flavour but would prefer to use your product.

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Why do you make it so hard to get at. Are you paid by the cigarette companies?
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Are you going to bring the old formula back? The new one is sweet and am now looking to go to another brand. Thanks
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Will you be bringing back the original mint flavor,Closest alternative - Nicotinell Mint and wash the coating off by running under the tap. A bit fiddly but at least it's usable. Also you can order Nicorette Microtabs off ebay from the UK if you want zero flavour. Nicabate, please bring back old formula gum!


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