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Nicabate 24 Hour Patches

Nicabate 24 Hour Patches

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complete trash


How do they get away with selling this trash? These patches are garbage - they simply do not stick to one's skin. they fall off and come loose. Honeslty don't waste your money on this crap.

Purchased in November 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $30.00.


AjaMid North Coast, NSW

They do work in the long term.


Purchased in August 2019 for $34.00.


Pat5zeroSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Has side effects and doesn't stick properly but works over time


After 40 years of smoking this is the first choice for me under the PBS and for me the most reasonable way to beat an addiction.
But the transition into the first few weeks have been troublesome with the patches causing skin irritation and large welts on the skin areas although the patches making me not want to smoke. If the patches stick properly and don't irritate you then they do work at stopping you from smoking.

Purchased in June 2019.


HollyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 3 reviews

Worst ever


The adhesive issue has nothing to do with skin as other patches stick fine to my skin, these are just a crap product. Worse than nicorette. Won't be buying again.

Purchased in May 2019.

Kept falling off


I was using another brand & they were great but my chemist suggested Nicabate so I purchased a 28 pack. I'm really sorry I did, they are not as good as the other brand I was using.

Nicabate patch nausea


Been trying nicabate patches make me feel sick. I'd rather have a cigarette and cough all day then take this crap, there has to be something else gov can do, besides having most expensive smokes in the world.



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Won't stick and terrible side affects


The patches wont stick, after about an hr they come loose and the edges lift and then it hardly stays on, you have to constantly press on it to make it stick
I had terrible side affects from about 30m after putting it on. Terrible nausea, weird headaches, racing heartbeat and raised anxiety. Had to take the patch off 3 days in a row as the side affects were so bad.
The fact these are on the PBS is horrible. The government should not be subsidising this product.
Would not recommend and wont use again.



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Found this to be the best of all cessation products I've tried. 'Stickier' than other patches on the market, and helped me handle the cravings. Only downside is the skin irritation, but it's a minor issue.

Non smoker



  • 8 reviews

Great assistance in quitting


This product has been great in helping with my gravings while i have been quitting been using this for 4wks now would recomend this product to anyone wishing to give up i smoked 50 plus for 27 years



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These are the worst of 3 brands I have tried. They don't stick, they leave gum like glue on my skin that won't wash off and they leave my skin welted, blistered and stinging.
I've not had this problem with any other brands.
The government should look for something much less rubbish before putting it out on the PBS.
I can't imagine how they ever got to market with such a nasty product.



If you put the patches on the outside of your arm they stay all day, I haven't had any problem with them not sticking? I haven't felt like a cigarette at all while wearing them and I know they work as I didn't put one on the other morning and I really wanted a cigarette, as soon as I put a patch on within 10mins the craving was gone! Amazing product, highly recommended it! I take it off before bed as I have heard it can give you nightmares.

Very very disappointed


I bought these patches because I was having dental work done and wasn't allowed to smoke! The patches didn't stick to my skin so therefore I was not getting what I needed and still had to smoke which made my recovery long and painful! I am very disappointed and out of pocket $40!


MohammadSydney, NSW

  • 9 reviews

Doesn't stick


This product is absolutely waste of money. Doesn't stick. I used nicorette before. They are very good. I tried putting band aid around it but as only the edges with band aid stays on your skin I still crave nicotine. Worse thing is its PBS. Government should stop paying them for a rubbish product.

Patches not good


This is my 3rd box of patches they don't stick and I have to use more patches why are they not sticking Total waste of money maybe they need more glue on patches

Does not stick


I so be-dewed my skin it was red!
Granted in menopausal in an Australian summer. But nowhere on your packaging am I advised that it will not stick.
Nicolette patches do.


AlysSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Won't stick


I've exfoliated, shaved and cleaned area with alcohol and pressed down for the 10 seconds. Wasted 3 patches trying to get one to stick. Have no medical tape either but if a product is meant to stick it should I shouldn't have to go purchase additional products to ensure the patches stick.

Phil Shea

Phil SheaAdelaide

Patches not sticking???


It's important to remember with these things that one must strive to maintain a personal body circumstance that leaves your skin somewhat less than " Be- dewed '' by that I mean that any form of exercise that leaves ones pores seaping with sweat will have a deleterious effect on the adhesive properties of the patch. It also helps to give them a firm patting into position from time to time throughout the day. Any talk of the patches not sticking is baloney. But do watch that oozing



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Waste of money


Patches simply do not stick! I used 3 patches in a matter of 1 hour and lost all of them. The most difficult part was that I had psyched myself up to quitting today and was totally let down by a product that is more expensive than other brands. I will purchase QuitX tomorrow and start all over again.



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Fantastic product, have not smoked in 3 weeks and lost all cravings!


Have been using the patches for 3 weeks and havent wanted a cigarette at all! I have smoked for 35 years, so i am amazed at how the patches are working for me so far. I only wear them during the day, as I did find i was having horrible dreams at night, which I was told can happen with the patches. I am surprised at the bad reviews, but I believe the patches will only work if you truely want to give up smoking. I agree that they are sometimes hard to keep on skin, but other than that, I am happy with results so far. I am also happy that my appetite has not increased either, which is a bonus as I would stress if i gained weight. I suggest that if you are serious about giving up smoking, then give the patches a go.

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Benjamin Green

Benjamin Greenasked

I have been on the patches for 6 week. I am starting to get pains in my lower back (kidney area). Is this common and what is it doing to me. I don't want to give up the patches as yet because I haven't had a smoke since and think if I stop I will start to crave for on. I have been to my GP and had a test and it came back clear. What should I do?

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Hi Ben. I am still using the patches and have not experienced the issue you have mentioned. Check the leaflet if it advises that your experience is a confirmed side effect. The only problem I have is getting them to stick (I used medical tape to hold them in place) and I have had a few minor headaches. No other issues.



Is there any diffrence beetween pre quit patches and the 21 mg or 14mg patch and would it be safer smoking while on 14mg patch rather pre quit if not why can i smoke on pre quit and not others said thanks

1 answer

Not sure. I was on the 21mg patches and smoked at the same time as I was gradully reducing my smoking. If you smoke too much while on the patches, you can get head aches, so the lower mg the better. I however only smoked half cigarettes at a time while on patches.

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