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Nicorette QuickMist

Nicorette QuickMist

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Acid spray

This feels like spraying acid in your mouth Jesus it stings. I can’t use it due to this. Wish I bought a single before dropping 60 bucks on 2. If your addicted to pain this might be worth a try.

Tacky, flimsy product, not surprised mine is faulty.

Paid $40 for this waste of time, money and space. Mine is faulty, can't get a drop out of it. Mouth spray mists have been around since my childhood as breath fresheners - they always worked. Their design was simple compared to this piece of atrociously engineered garbage which must cost the distributor (Johnson & Johnson), manufacturer (some Chinese factory) about 5 cents to produce on mass. It's junk, a rip off, and the ACCC and Fair Trading Commission ought to step in to stop the rip off even if by 50/50 chance this piece of absurd quality works for someone.

I do not use it anymore as it burns my cheek

I had great hope to stop smoking with Nicorette mist but I could only use it a few times as it burned my cheek so much I had to drink water immediately and a few times after I sprayed once.

I love it, but I also hate it.

This would have to be the first time I have opened up about using this product to anyone other then my coles friends and family.

The quickmist let me give up smoking yes!!! But.....
I’m addicted to it. I can’t not have it or I loose my temper, I have bad mood swings if I do not have it. I have experience headaches, dizziness and sweats from the quickmist but I can’t stop not having it.

I have only just come to the conclusion that it might be something that has helped me from not loosing any weight. I have been on a health Fittness journey for over a year now but not loss any weight. Doctors have run test after test and can’t work out why. But as I said I’ve been addicted to this for a long time now and it’s the only thing I can think of that could be stopping my body from doing what it should be doing.

If you are a addicted person I’d advise not to start the quickmist but if you have strong willpower unlike myself then go ahead, good luck I know you’ll give up smoking.

The taste after a while using it taste like nothing.
It starts to get very expensive after a while.

If I don’t have it I stress out but if I have it I stress out anyway because I get very moody and cranky.

It definetly works.

It all starts in your head and just to help you along is this spray, i have been smoking for 18 years and this is the longest i have gone without a smoke. 3 weeks. Yes it burns a little but you get use to it. I am sure smokes do far worse. Best way to stop is with this spray.


The best thing. Using it less and less. Perfect for me 3 months smoke free now. Also recommend lozenges. Highly recommend it to all who want to quit. Excellent.

Honestly thought I would need medical attention

Ok first purchased this as my vape broke and thought this would be the best fit picked the cool berry flavour. First spray and I thought something was definitely wrong burned my throat panicked thought my throat was going to close over as the burn was so bad got online and noticed this was normal tried this again twice today and it doesn’t get any Easier. Honestly i wish I purchased the patch or gum as this is garbage and it’s expensive.

Found to be the only thing that has stopped me smoking.

I've smoked for over 40 years tried the patches, tablets, chewing gum all sorts of quit things, quick Mist is the only one were I don't crave a cigarette and feel good in my 3rd week now just hope I can keep it up.

October 6th 2018 Update: Best thing I've ever done

Hi just wanted to say 3 and a half months and not one cigarette and it's all down to nicorette QuickMist and determination iv got more money and feel so much better. Good luck to everyone and don't give up it works if you let it.

December 6th 2018 Update: Still going strongly

Just gone past 5 months and still going strong

side effects

I have stopped smoking, but was unaware that some my increased health problems could have been connected to my usage of NioretteMist.There are unusual hot sweats when I had 3-4 sprays in a short period.Also appeared to increase my anxiety problem and feeling nauseous on a regular basis.Check the possible side affects before using

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It has now become an addictive habit of continual use

Helped me stop smoking.

This is a very good product. I stopped smoking over two years ago. I now use Quickmist once or twice in the evenings. I spray it on my wrist like perfume and then dab a little on my finger and rub it inside my mouth. One canister lasts about three months. I don't use it every day and the effect is probably just psychological now but it was a huge help when I first quit. I never feel tempted to smoke a cigarette. The smell is disgusting. All those years I smoked I must have smelt like that.

Good product

QuickMist is a good product to use. And do you know why? You get an instant hit of nicotine without all the other thousands of harmful chemicals that's in a cigarette. All the harmful chemicals causes cancer & that's why smokers get sick. And you got to know how to administer it correctly. You spray it into your cheek or under the tongue for full benefit. (Do not spray directly down the throat as it will make you feel sick and it will burn)

Useless & expensive

With the price of this rubbish going up all the time it will be cheaper to buy a packet of smokes, everytime there is a price rise on smokes this crap gets dearer & dearer, It dosent work as they claim after using it i ended up having a smoke each time. absolute rubbish.

Expensive and made me sick!

I was instantly sick when I used this product. It should have huge warnings on the packet. This is just another manufacturer making money out of something, that ought, in a decent society, to be banned. I wouldn't wish anyone to waste their money, and to then be violently sick. I am appalled that these products are not rigorously controlled, and if needed, banned.

This rating is for the lunatics replacing one addiction for another; because they like it

Stop whinging, it is your choice, Nicorette mist can help you the first week, do not believe the marketing of slow withdrawal, it is for Nicorette to keep making money on your addiction (obviously!), use this once a day or twice for a week; you can give up cold turkey after that for good, if you ever start to weaken give 1 spray; Many Many Many people give up smoking cold turkey and never go back! Any addiction you create you are doing it because you think you are entitled to, and want to (but you don't want to die gasping for breath!) hahaha.. you cannot have it both ways people! be addicted or do not; It is called Will Power, you have plenty when it comes to buying your smokes at $30.00 a pack! hahahah

My go to!

This works. I've smoked for 14 years and am 28. I've been growing concerned about my health due to smoking. I am a creature of habit, and smoking has been a huge part of my lifestyle. I fell sick for a couple days and was compelled to refrain from smoking. I thought this would be a good time to try and kick the habit, so picked this spray up. Haven't smoked in 9 days, and use this twice a day when my urge to smoke is the greatest. 100% works and I feel confident that this may be my official breakup with smoking.

Convenient and effective.

I have used gums and patches in the past, which I have found were not as effective as this. I am taking one star off as I think the price is ridiculously high for some plastic and liquid. I purchase the 2 pack from Your Discount Chemist as it is more cost effective than purchasing the single pack from the Supermarkets.

Great stuff when used properly.

I am blown away by how many people are freaking out about how "poisonous" this stuff is. It does contain tiny amounts of ethanol (much less than found in most mouthwashes let alone a shot of vodka) and hydrochloric acid (major component of stomach acid already in your body). If you are seriously worried about these, spit it out after a couple of minutes. Nicotine itself is not poisonous - the danger of tobacco use are almost completely related to chemicals other than nicotine found in tobacco. It is far safer to be addicted to this stuff than tobacco.


I have smoked over 40 years. Got on the Nicoderm patch and did excellent. Completely stopped smoking for 3 months after the 3 steps were completed. Then started craving a cigarette with a beer. All bad. Started smoking again so tried the Quick mist. It burns your throat so bad that absolutely you don't want a cigarette. Very concerned about why it burns so much. Won't use it again!

It works, but...

Quit smoking after 21 years and this product does work but it is highly addictive. The whole idea behind quitting smoking is to stop being addicted to Nicotine. Basically, Nicotine is a poison and the spray has not been tested on long term use. After I read that I switched to the 4mg gum, 4 pieces a day, which gave me tongue ulcers. Threw the gum out and went cold turkey using spearmint gum. Did this about 7 days ago. The spray is expensive. Not as expensive as smoking but it still adds up. I guess the big thing is that you really really want to quit and no longer want to be addicted to anything. I really can't imagine spraying a poison into your mouth is good over the long run.

Nicorette Quite Mist

I too am more addicted to the Nicorette quite mist more so then I ever was the cigarettes in the first place. I crave it more then I crave the cigs. I have been on them for 10 months now and can't imagine having to ever stop it's so so addictive. It's got to be so much better for me then smoking and I feel healthier on it then I ever did smoking but I am concerned about the long term effects. Can I still get all the other cancers from this? Or mouth and tongue cancer? And also is it bad for my teeth? I am really concerned about that one. Any advice would be good please

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How many doses are in a regular bottle of quickmist spray?
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I'm asthmatic and just used the mist, it burnt my mouth and throat and my throat felt like it was closing up causing shortness of breath and increased heart rate. It's now been 40 minutes and it is easing. I can't use gum or tabs as makes me sick and causes increased heart rate. Patches burn skin. Tried tablets from doctors was very I'll. So I'm knackered really. Can't vape as causes coughing. Any other suggestions. Lol
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Does anyone know how long the alcohol stays on breath? I get breat tested at work. Never on same day . Thanks in anticipation
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