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Nobby's Salted Beer

Nobby's Salted Beer

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BecGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Nibbling Nobbies Nuts


Every couple of years or so I get a massive craving for Beer Nuts and I have to say Nobbys are the best choice for me. They are packed with flavour, the skin is dried perfectly and there’s not too much salt on everything, in fact they sit on the line pretty tightly cause anymore salt and I wouldn’t be able to eat them and any less I’m sure they’d loose a few customers.
Thanks Nobbys! I love your nuts!

Purchased in October 2019 at Coles.

Nobby's Salted Beer Nuts


Being a New Zealand company they have been taken over by the left wing PC, you will do what I think is best nut jobs.
If I wanted unsalted un-oil roasted nuts I would have bought Cole raw nuts. A lot cheaper and tastes the same.
I will not be buying them again.

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.


NutsMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

what happened to Nobby's nuts?


The packet looks the same, but the content is an inferior imitation of the original. How can a food product just simply change without explanation? "Made in Australia from at least 97% Australian ingredients"but by a NZ. company. Please explain.

Purchased in April 2019 at Foodland for $4.00.



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Inconsistent quality


I often buy the Nobby's beer nuts as they have in the past been very reliable in flavour, a bit like the place with the golden arches. But lately it has been very hit and miss. I actually find myself questioning if its worth buying. This last lot I bought are almost tasteless apart from the salt. For the price, I would rather experiment with other brands and try my luck, It's not like i'll lose much.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $3.00.

Lawns N All

Lawns N AllHurstville

  • 8 reviews

What happenned??


At this moment I am watching the third match of the State Of Origin for 2018. Thought I would enjoy some Nobby`s salted beer nuts in the 375g packaging and a few beers.
Apart from NSW being down by 6-0, the nuts are a major disappointment. The nuts are dry, small and flavourless.
Most of the husks are separate from the nuts due to the lack of oil, as well salt seems to be lacking.
This might sound like a rant about nothing, but when you know the quality has been there in the past it is disappointing to have to highlight it as an online review.
The best analogy I can make is that it is like eating an Easter egg made from carob.

Nobbys nuts verses Coles brand


The idea of beer nuts is to make you more thirsty so you drink more beer, it’s obvious and the intention is in the name of the product. I have not noticed any change to the taste of nobbys nuts, however they are smaller than they were. The same can be said for the Coles brand. In summary, I eat beer nuts to enhance the taste of beer.

Nobbys, please change back.


Have enjoyed Nobbys beer nuts since the early eighties. Returned from overseas to enjoy some local kraft beer and my old favourite, Nobbys beer nuts. Enjoyed the beer (XIPA) but was very disappointed in the nuts, dry, not enough oil, not enough salt, the nuts were small, tasteless, completely different to the original nuts. I noticed on the package, in very small print, Nobbys now may use imported product instead of the big Kingaroy nuts, which are probably more expensive. Shame Nobbys, shame. Please make an effort and give us a decent product.


PipSouth Australia

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Never Buying Them Again.




  • 4 reviews

The Worst


For years Nobbys beer nuts were the absolute best but not any more. The cause of the problem is that a few years ago they started using Chinese peanuts which like all Chinese food products are cheap junk. The ones to avoid are the large supermarket packets. If you want the real thing you will have to buy one of the little packets from a pub vending machine. They are Australian nuts that taste just like they did 30 years ago but not very good value at $2.20 for 45 grams.

Alan V

Alan VShepparton

No More


Over the last several years, the nobbies beer nuts has become stale tasting and lack any oiliness. I have thrown several nearly full packets into the rubbish.
I will not be buying any more.
I now get my beer nuts from a small supplier (using local nuts).

Disappointed nut lover


Unfortunately have to agree with most of the detrimental comments re the change of Nobbys beer nuts.They were a favorite of my wife and myself for years until recent times. Cannot put my finger on it but the change in taste and quality has turned me off buying them.Every now and then I think maybe they have woken up and improved the product back to the way they used to be ,but still no change . I will not be purchasing them again.



Grown up eating Nobbys nuts.. All of a sudden it has all changed. SOO SAD. They were no worries the best of the best. Now sad to say, they have changed that much that now we buy Coles brand.. And they are better for sure , but not the Nobbys that I know.. Come on Nobbys.. Produce again what we all love.

not Happy with nobbys.


I always buy the beer nuts I love them but lately I have found that they change from packet to packet some taste real fresh with a shiny coating and the next time they are dull and seem stale. I always check the use by date. not happy.


PerwoodSouth East Queensland, QLD

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New packaging, has it improved the quality? was the feedback used?


After some time I have noted new packaging for the beer nuts, optimistically I purchased to try them again and was there an improvement I ask.

Well seems as though there is an improvement, perhaps they are listening, perhaps its my optimism but certainly tasted fresher and tasted like a roasted nut without odd after taste as before - status is improving 3 stars
I will await to test over 6 months and update :)

Stephen H

Stephen HMelbourne

Disgusting taste


Dry and tasteless now. They used to be my only purchase but never again. They remind me of the cheap and nasty peanuts. Very clever to have them in an opaque packet as the look was the first to catch my attention. Sorry but after years of purchases, I will be looking for another brand.



  • 2 reviews

Noted a positive change in flavour


I have purchased nobbles beer nuts twice recently and have noted that the freshness and flavour of the nuts has improved. Not back to the past high standard but ok.


VinSydney, NSW

  • 6 reviews

Lost good old taste!


It was my favourite till they downgraded its quality, now it tastes like any other home brand nut for premium price!

Gone to the pack


What were once tasty and morish are now dry and tasteless. Had not had them for a while and have been disappointed with the last 3 purchases, will not be buying unless we hear some positive feedback



  • 2 reviews

Pretty terrible


I thought the same as a lot of others who have reviewed here, just a bad batch. Next packet was the same and the one after that. The new taste is similar to a stale nut or one that has been cooked in rancid oil, but the use by date is still current. Can't imagine what has happened to their quality control that they are selling them and not dumping them. Still love peanuts, but won't be buying Nobbys beer nuts again

Stale and taste horrible


I totally agree with everyone. The quality has dropped so badly and yet the supermarket are selling it. I too have stopped buying it.

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Questions & Answers

Em Eljisri

Em Eljisriasked

Why the salted beer nuts peanut was the best in Australia and now is the worst?

4 answers

Original nuts were larger tasty slightly oily salty excellent now small hard tasteless a different breed of nut probably for more profit Regards Jim


Jklw is totally right. Nobbys beer nuts used to be large, tasty and flavorsome and I believe Australian peanuts and Australian made, now they seem to be the worst quality imported nuts to increase their profits. Small peanuts, tasteless and rancid with a ton of salt. To me it seems the worst business strategy they ever made as they will be losing customers. The happy nut co sells beer nuts made from Australian peanuts and of better quality than Nobbys current rubbish quality peanuts.

Em Eljisri
Em Eljisri

What made noobys peanut from the best in Australia to the worst:
Less oil, less roasting, almost raw, hard, not crunchy, smaller low quality peanuts and hard to chew.
Who did this?
I think nobody in the production line tasted it, didn't your kid or wife tell about this?

Get an answer from our members and Nobby's representatives



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