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Nobby's Salted Cashew

Nobby's Salted Cashew

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Would you like some Cashews with your salt?

I've bought many salted cashews over the years of vary quality but none as heavily salted as Nobby's. The quality of the cashews isn't an issue, they are good, it's just the amount of salt is extreme. No other brand comes close to using this much salt, there is so much salt that I cannot eat them.

Purchased in May 2019.

Quality has gone

Been buying Nobby's cashews for years but quality has diminished so much of late that I might as well just buy the Woolies or Coles brand. I used to think it was just the occasional bad batch, but they are now consistently low quality. I'll be spending my money on the cheaper versions from now on.

The quality has diminished majorly

Being a regular eater of nobbies cashews for the last 30 years our family have noticed how the quality has diminished lately. They are no better than the no/ name variety one can buy. What a shame :-(

Stale nuts

bought a 300g packet of Nobbys Cashews with the expiry date 07/02/2016 and they were stale. We have been buying this brand instead of the Woolworths brand although there is a huge difference in the price. Will not buy again and will go back to the cheaper brand even though they are not as nice but are fresh.

Crunchy, Golden, Salty Goodness

Ok, if your concerned about sodium intake and fat- buy raw nuts and measure out about one and a half then consume it with your organic lettuce sandwich. If you want golden half moons of salty crunch- buy Nobbys Cashews. More expensive than most others but by far worthwhile. A finer dust of salt creates uniform flavour and it has a slight smokey flavour. Beut!


They come in a foil pack, but the whole pack is small enough that you can easily finish it off and dont have to worry about keeping them fresh in the foil pack. These are yummy, salted just enough and tasty. I can eat these and dont feel sick after finishing off a lot of them, which is probably not a good thing. Since they are extremely high in fat content, its best to read the nutrition label and eat in limited treat amounts. These are expensive compared to other brands of cashews, but these are more uniform in size and crunchier.
These are salted cashews, yum. These are tasty, salty and great to snack on.
There is nothing that I dislike about this, except that its not the healthiest because of the high fat content.

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