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Nobby's Salted Mixed

Nobby's Salted Mixed

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Still lacking in variety.


If you feel the bag you can tell that the variety is no longer there. No big creamy brazils, no pecans. The mix now is 90% peanuts 5% almonds and a few hazelnuts and cashews. I rarely buy them now and when I do it is to check of they have improved quality. Sadly not!

Purchased in September 2019 for $5.69.

Oh, nuts!


In my home we have over the years been just well-off enough to nibble upon Nobbys Nuts.
It was worth it. The freshness, the quality, the mix variety.
Alas, it is not worth the premium price anymore.
Over the past couple of years, the "mixed" nut-to-peanut ratio has gradually fallen. Prized nuts have been slowly phased out - to not even included on the ingredients list.
Now a packet of Nobbys Mixed Nuts is false advertizing.
98% peanuts with a couple of sad cashews and almonds thrown in.
Way too much salt and even that has dwindled in quality.
Save your money. Do not nibble upon Nobbys Nuts.

Purchased in June 2019.


PierreShellharbour NSW

  • 16 reviews

Oh, how the mighty have fallen


Just as bad as Aldi's Forrester brand; meaning, you get sweet diddly squat mix in the pack. What the hell has become of the world when people are getting seriously ripped off by these companies? Used to love nibbling Nobby's nuts. And judging by other reviews, so did a lot of people.
I tend to think Nobby will be nibbling his own nuts before long.

Purchased in May 2019.


ChristineMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

Not mixed at all


I bought Nobbys for many years but now buy another brand which is actually mixed muts. Nobbys mixed is really a bag of peanuts with a few cashews and almonds. Not worth buying, shame on you Nobbys!

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $5.99.

Mixed nuts- no way!


Very disappointed in these so called mixed nuts- all peanuts & almonds, a couple of cashews. Not one Brazil or hazelnut in whole packet. What a rip off. Never going to buy these again.



  • 2 reviews

Terrible nuts


I have given up on this product which used to be my favourite nuts
These nuts are hard and tasteless.
I threw the whole packet in the bin.
No more nobbys for me.

Nobby’s lost his nuts


Nobby you have lost a long term customer . Mixed nuts NOT 99%peanuts , where are the Brazil and hazel nuts and we only had about 5 tiny cashews extremely disappointed as in the past we always found them to be the best , home brand nuts has a better variety

Salted mixed nuts.


Very disappointed. Bought a packet of mixed nuts, not a Brazil or Hazel nut in sight, just a few cashews, bunch of almonds and 90% peanuts. Never had this problem before, sort out your marketing mob.


DebLake Macquarie



Purchased mixed nuts, lots of peanuts but no Brazil nuts or hazelnuts at all and minimal almonds, cashews. If I wanted just peanuts that what I would have bought.



I bought 2 packets of Nobbys Mixed Nut & was very disappointed. The packet contained 85% of peanut. The rest was mainly almonds with a few cashew & hazelnuts.

Nixed Muts no more !!!


Used to enjoy a pack of "Nixed Muts" - just 90% "Neaputs" now !!!!
Last pack I will ever buy !!!
Who ever approved these changes is certainly one really mixed up nut !!!



  • 2 reviews

Nobbys, no longer value for money


I used to be ok with it being 50% peanut, somewhat reluctantly, because it was fresh.
Even though I can get a better deal with less or no peanuts at a nut shop in town.
Now Nobby's Salted Misxed is mostly peanut.. What the ..........



Mixed Nut


Will never buy again, what happed to the Brazil Nut? Missing in action from the packet and the ingredient list. Goodbye



  • 2 reviews

Mixed? No.


99% peanuts, 1% mixed. Do not buy, don’t treat your customers like morons. Simple really. False economy Nobbies, goodbye and learn from this.

Where are the mixed nuts?


Please, if you are going to advertise ‘mixed nuts’ and you have photos of Brazil nuts (which is what I bought) have a true mixed nut selection. I won’t buy your products anymore as they are not genuinely balanced mixed nuts I agree with previous reviewer ... where are the Brazil nuts.

No Brazil nuts??


What's going on Nobby's? Decided to do as the rest of the companies do and cut costs by removing the brazil nuts and adding 50% more beer nuts? You used to be cool...


NathanPerth, WA

  • 11 reviews

Just Peanuts


A very expensive bag of a small handful of mixed nuts and 90% peanuts.

Don't waste your money.

Typical business out to mislead and steal your money

John O

John OUmina Beach

Should be Zero Stars


The actual contents of this product is misleading. Nobby's Mixed Nuts is essentially a very expensive bag of peanuts with a very small offering of the other nuts listed the back of the packet. In the interests of fairness and value for money, Nobby's should list the contents this product by volume that would allow potential consumers to make an informed decision about products being offered for sale.

90% peanuts


I got 2 Brazil nuts 3 hazel nuts a very small handful of cashews maybe about 20 almonds and a mountain of peanuts
Total rip never buying again



  • 3 reviews

Mixed peanuts are not mixed nuts! RIPPED OFF! NOT WORTH ANY STARS.


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