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Nobby's Salted Peanuts

Nobby's Salted Peanuts

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Bobby’s used to be a product I could trust to be consistent

I, until now have been always buying Nobby nuts. Once again the nuts are dry and obviously imported rubbish that are tasteless. I have actually had success with coles own cashews. I had considered different times of the season so had continually given them another chance but as of today I’m Done. Banning Nobby products entirely. Same goes with Smith chips sameness issue, inconsistent and always tastes stale even with a few months left on use by!

Purchased in May 2019.

Goodbye Nobby nuts from a long term buyer

Goodbye Nobby nuts from a long term buyer no hazels no Brazil’s dry old peanuts where on earth are you buying this rubbish from, never going to buy them again you should be ashamed of this product!

Purchased in February 2019 for $3.00.

Dry, Shrivelled Up Overseas Crap!!

What! These are NOT the Nobbys Nuts I remember - dry, shrivelled up - cost cutting at its finest. This is obviously an overseas inferior product than when they were a 100% Australian product - very disappointing!

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $6.00.

Nobbys Nuts R Back! Just as good as they’re used to

The texture & size of nuts had changed, glad to to see old style back. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
Apparently to send this it has to have at least 30 words.

Purchased in April 2019.

What has happened

I havnt had peanuts for a year and just fancied some, so went for good old Nobbys Nuts , are you sure these are nuts, they look the same, def not the same colour or taste. they taste like flour. Wont buy again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $4.00.

New Recipe

I have been buying Nobbys peanuts for round about 40 years but some time last year ( 2018 ) they changed the formula. The nuts were always Australian grown, slightly oily, crunchy and perfectly roasted. The new nuts are drier, more salty, from some unknown foreign country and barely roasted at all. They are now chewy, formerly crunchy, and barely roasted at all. It's cheaper that way.

Don't buy them.

Purchased in December 2018.

Hold Nobbys by the Nuts

Yes like many others long time buyer but not anymore. Yes like all corporate greed won't succeed peoples power. Where the f---k are the potatoes going to come from next. I reckon the home brand peanuts from coles are better and Australian. Have you noticed there are no whole nuts all split and roasted the s--t out of em like bloody teeth breakers. Hopefully push comes to shove and they change it for the better like the way they used to taste. Try sending an email but first you have to fill out the 3 page personal details.


Absolutely disgusting, just opened a bag of salted mixed nuts & emptied into a clean plastic container only to see a dry dead fly come out with the nuts, not good enough!!

What happened your nuts are rubbish !

Sad sad sad I have been busy your nuts for more than 30 years but no more they do not even taste like nuts you should be ashamed these are only suitable for paste absolute rubbish!


Your nuts are great but omg the amount of salt is shocking l couldnt enjoy the actusl nuts one bit because my throat was so dry and l had such a bitter taste in my mouth from the excess salt. l will not be buying your nuts any more.I bought several packets for my friends also and regret that purchase.Surely in this health conscious time you could cut the salt ontentcin half and the nuts would still be tasty
Christina Vickers

They used to be the best.

Sadly now, they are oily crap quality!
We have been buying Nobbys since I was a boy, but no more.
You have ruined a perfect product for the sake of corporate greed. Screw you and your product.

Buyer Beware

I too have been buying Nobby’s Nuts for as long as they have been around and there was rarely a time when my pantry did not contain at least one packet of Nobby’s Nuts, but that has changed forever. In the last six months every packet I have purchased has contained a mixture of what I can only assume is cheap imported peanuts that taste like mud! They are stale and disgusting and god only knows what chemicals they contain. I am disgusted in the Smiths organisation and I will not be buying any Smiths products in future.

Oily crap nobby's nuts

I have been buying nobby's nuts for years, and they have always been good quality. I opened up a packet tonight and they were saturated in oil substance, emptied packet out to find around a teaspoon amont of oil in the bottom of the package. Nuts were all soft, absolutely terrible. I will not be buying Nobby's nuts again.

Nobby's Nuts Gone Down Hill

I have been an avid consumer of Nobby's Salted Peanuts nut for decades but last month I purchased a 375g packet from Woolworths and they were terrible, they were soft and stale.
This week I purchased another packet and they are the same, rubbish so I thought I'd read the packet because there was something wrong with the quality of the nut and suspected they were no longer Australian Nuts.
Well the packet states" Less than 10% Australian ingredients" , so I am assuming with no other information as to were they are from that the salt is the only Australian ingredient and the nut are imported.
No more Nobby's Nuts for me
Support Australian Farmers and buy Australian and not Nobby's

Nobby's Nuts huge quality drop

I regularly purchase Nobby's Nuts 375g packes every few weeks or so - lately the quality has dropped by a huge margin - some of the nuts even taste rancid and most are small and stale. I will not be buying another packet of this brand again - the Executive who thought they were a genius by importing cheap crap nuts from who knows where just to make more money for the company made a big mistake....

Nobbys extremely Salty Peanuts

375g Nobbys salted peanuts. Noticed the peanuts were extremely salty. As we got to the bottom of the packet you could clearly see the salt residue. Put the remaining peanuts into a colander to sift the salt. There was 38 grams of salt still in the packet. Way over the top. Not happy with product now. Quality control is missing something.

Wow massive quality drop off

I have purchased these nuts every week for 25 years.. were high quality australian peanuts. Now with only 10% percent australian nuts included. They are hard ,bitter , and small , massive quality dropboff. Wont be buying nobbys anymore. Very dissapointing

Small and Flavourless

Purchased a 375 gram pack yesterday. In past Nobbys set the bench mark very high for quality, so we were shocked with the content of a 375 gram purchase we made yesterday. It had small, soft(stale?) and flavorless nuts. Also, it stated that less than 10% was Australian.

What have you done?

They used to be small, golden, very finely salted and slightly oily, now they are damn dry, large, pale, barely salted with large salt crystals, pieces of crap. Sometimes I got a good batch within the last year or so, last few have been terrible. You've just lost another loyal customer.

Very tasty

Always bought and enjoyed nobbys salted peanuts..they did seem to get abit light on the salt for a while but over the last few months the salt is back and im loving them even more than before

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Questions & Answers

How is nobbys peanuts cooked?
2 answers
In Vegetable oil - so that is disappointing. If it was peanut oil, it would make sense and protect the nutrition and other health benefits.I worked in the tingalpa Factory many years ago - they were cooked in palmolein oil and cotton seed oil. When cooked the used cotton seed oil and salt, this would give the shinny appearance and avoid tasting dry. Agree the Nuts standard as dropped as well. Even the packaging presentation is poor and the rip tab has also been removed.

It is my understanding that manufacturers were required to show the percentage of Australian produce in the product. I could only see that the Nobbys' Nut packet stated 'Local and Imported Nuts" Any ideas on the % of Australian nuts used? They just don't seem to be as good as years ago.
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What is the Nobbys response?
3 answers
There has been no response from Nobbys. Didn't really think they would! Simple really, don't buy any more until they fix it.They are now using Argentinian nuts. The Australian peanut crop was affected badly by floods in 2010-11 and is now facing possible drought - it has rained in some of Queensland but not everywhere - however Peanut Corp of Australia are still producing about 19000 tonnes per annum of peanuts. Perhaps contact Woolies at www.woolworths.com.au and ask it to consider delisting Nobby's Nuts and instead entering into an arrangement with PCA to stock Woolworths 'essentials' or 'Gold' peanuts and beer nuts in new products ('lines.') This would take a few months to arrange I suppose even if everyone agreed. I know it seems odd but PCA have sufficient nuts for a generic product like this but insufficient to cater for all of Nobby's needs. However Nobby's has chosen to not buy from PCA at all, at least at present. FYI Nobby's is owned by large USA company Frito-Lay.Thanks all for the information. Doom on the Nobby.

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