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Nobby's Salted Peanuts

Nobby's Salted Peanuts

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GaryNorthern Region, NSW

Poor quality


I used to love Nobbys nuts but they now taste like the cheap no name ones



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If there was a negative star I would have rated it minus


I agree with the majority of reviewers that Nobby's Nuts are now disgusting. I've phoned Smiths' feedback line to complain in the past hoping they would listen and lift their game. Nobby's nuts used to be a premium Australian product and cost more than home brand products which was ok. There is a review by someone 'Khan' on here and I suspect they work for Smiths saying the product is great. Please delete.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $7.00.

What happened?


I have enjoyed nobbys beer nuts for almost 40 years. The product has changed that much it makes me sick.
Sad goodbye Nobbys. Thanks for all the years of pleasure, time to change to another brand!

Product used to be great. Now it sucks.


Nobby's Nuts Seems to be going downhill rapidly. The taste is declining. Probably something to do with the foreign nuts (they are using less than 10% Australian nuts) and how they cook them now.

Quite frankly, even if their quality improves a lot i still wont be buying any more until they use >90% Australian nuts.

Purchased in September 2019 at IGA for $3.39.


QaisarMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Poor Quality


Purchased 5 bags from Woolworths and all of them had soft peanuts. Couldnt eat them all. Will never buy any product from nobby again. Even the low price peanuts are better than nobby.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths.


SandySydney, NSW

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Nobby are not Australian peanuts


Nobbys peanuts taste sickly sweet,like a chemical - they are are inedible. Threw them out. Going back to the Aussie Coles brand peanuts will never purchase again. Awful. Will not buy again.


JamesGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Stomach Ache


These small bitter salty wierd texture nuts actually gave me a stomache ache... not had this kind of reaction even to handfuls of mixed nuts (deli bought) before - what is in it thats not listed on the packet? Is the oil poor quality too- what kind of oil is being used :( i will never eat these again or serve to anyone I know.

Spewing i was forced to click a star on the rating scale!

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.


JBBSydney, NSW

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I can’t believe that it’s less than 10% Aussie ingredients from such a premium brand!


Product is lacklustre to say the least. Very disappointed with the high salt levels and bitter taste of the peanuts. Heading back to Coles and Woolworths from now on to by their branded peanuts. Nobby’s (Smith’s) has severely disappointed me!

Purchased in August 2019 at Local Mobility Physical store for $1.95.


FrankNorth Queensland, QLD

Quality no more.


To say I am disappointed with these nuts is an understatement. Two of the last three packs I have purchased have not been what I consider fresh. Nobby's nuts in the past have always been fresh and crunchy, those days are obviously over. I'll pay less for Woolworths home Brand and get the same crap.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $4.50.


NoelSouth-Eastern Region, NSW



Bought packs from Woolworths. Thought brand name would be good quality. Terrible product. Small no flavour,poorly roasted. Bought three packs opened one will take two back and throw out one I opened. Don’t bother.

Purchased in June 2019 at Woolworths for $3.50.


Arnold76Sydney Surrounds, NSW

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Not what the nuts used to be.


I started buying Nobby's nuts in the 1970s,they had depth of flavour,slightly oily and addictive but over the past few years when trying have found the nuts to be of poor quality nothing like they used to be,i suspect that they now come from China. I now buy Coles Australian peanuts which are great,never again Nobby's,a knob to Knobby's

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles for $3.00.

Paul Riley

Paul RileyDarling Downs, QLD

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Bobby’s used to be a product I could trust to be consistent


I, until now have been always buying Nobby nuts. Once again the nuts are dry and obviously imported rubbish that are tasteless. I have actually had success with coles own cashews. I had considered different times of the season so had continually given them another chance but as of today I’m Done. Banning Nobby products entirely. Same goes with Smith chips sameness issue, inconsistent and always tastes stale even with a few months left on use by!

Purchased in May 2019.

Sandra d

Sandra dPerth, WA

Goodbye Nobby nuts from a long term buyer


Goodbye Nobby nuts from a long term buyer no hazels no Brazil’s dry old peanuts where on earth are you buying this rubbish from, never going to buy them again you should be ashamed of this product!

Purchased in February 2019 for $3.00.


RowanSydney, NSW

Dry, Shrivelled Up Overseas Crap!!


What! These are NOT the Nobbys Nuts I remember - dry, shrivelled up - cost cutting at its finest. This is obviously an overseas inferior product than when they were a 100% Australian product - very disappointing!

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths for $6.00.

Jackie kahn

Jackie kahnGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Nobbys Nuts R Back! Just as good as they’re used to


The texture & size of nuts had changed, glad to to see old style back. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Purchased in April 2019.

Val Dent

Val DentMurray Region, NSW

What has happened


I havnt had peanuts for a year and just fancied some, so went for good old Nobbys Nuts , are you sure these are nuts, they look the same, def not the same colour or taste. they taste like flour. Wont buy again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $4.00.



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New Recipe


I have been buying Nobbys peanuts for round about 40 years but some time last year ( 2018 ) they changed the formula. The nuts were always Australian grown, slightly oily, crunchy and perfectly roasted. The new nuts are drier, more salty, from some unknown foreign country and barely roasted at all. They are now chewy, formerly crunchy, and barely roasted at all. It's cheaper that way.

Don't buy them.

Purchased in December 2018.

Hold Nobbys by the Nuts


Yes like many others long time buyer but not anymore. Yes like all corporate greed won't succeed peoples power. Where the f---k are the potatoes going to come from next. I reckon the home brand peanuts from coles are better and Australian. Have you noticed there are no whole nuts all split and roasted the s--t out of em like bloody teeth breakers. Hopefully push comes to shove and they change it for the better like the way they used to taste. Try sending an email but first you have to fill out the 3 page personal details.



Absolutely disgusting, just opened a bag of salted mixed nuts & emptied into a clean plastic container only to see a dry dead fly come out with the nuts, not good enough!!

What happened your nuts are rubbish !


Sad sad sad I have been busy your nuts for more than 30 years but no more they do not even taste like nuts you should be ashamed these are only suitable for paste absolute rubbish!

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Questions & Answers

Rajend S

Rajend Sasked

How is nobbys peanuts cooked?

2 answers
George H.
George H.

In Vegetable oil - so that is disappointing. If it was peanut oil, it would make sense and protect the nutrition and other health benefits.

Ross A.
Ross A.

I worked in the tingalpa Factory many years ago - they were cooked in palmolein oil and cotton seed oil. When cooked the used cotton seed oil and salt, this would give the shinny appearance and avoid tasting dry. Agree the Nuts standard as dropped as well. Even the packaging presentation is poor and the rip tab has also been removed.



It is my understanding that manufacturers were required to show the percentage of Australian produce in the product. I could only see that the Nobbys' Nut packet stated 'Local and Imported Nuts" Any ideas on the % of Australian nuts used? They just don't seem to be as good as years ago.

No answers



What is the Nobbys response?

3 answers

There has been no response from Nobbys. Didn't really think they would! Simple really, don't buy any more until they fix it.


They are now using Argentinian nuts. The Australian peanut crop was affected badly by floods in 2010-11 and is now facing possible drought - it has rained in some of Queensland but not everywhere - however Peanut Corp of Australia are still producing about 19000 tonnes per annum of peanuts.

Perhaps contact Woolies at www.woolworths.com.au and ask it to consider delisting Nobby's Nuts and instead entering into an arrangement with PCA to stock Woolworths 'essentials' or 'Gold' peanuts and beer nuts in new products ('lines.') This would take a few months to arrange I suppose even if everyone agreed.

I know it seems odd but PCA have sufficient nuts for a generic product like this but insufficient to cater for all of Nobby's needs. However Nobby's has chosen to not buy from PCA at all, at least at present. FYI Nobby's is owned by large USA company Frito-Lay.


Thanks all for the information. Doom on the Nobby.

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