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Nobby's Salted Peanuts

Nobby's Salted Peanuts

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162 reviews

Nobbys nuts are imported from Argentina


Called Nobbys customer enquiries, staff member rude the message was clear, dont like our products dont buy it. Packet and contents went into bin. Lousy imported peanuts from Argentina. Dont know what 10% Australian content is, probably the writing on the packet

Purchased in July 2020.

Sorry won’t be buying anymore!


I had a craving for beer nuts so we bought a pack yesterday and I have to say they are terrible, they used to be really nice and tasty but now they taste old and dry almost like over roasted. Won’t ever buy again, I’m over them now and not Aussie nuts either!

Purchased in July 2020 at Foodland.


RichardGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 5 reviews

Hot sweats and felt sick


I could not believe it until I checked these reviews. I have been eating nuts for years but in the last three months, I would go to bed and wake up very hot with stomach churning like crazy. I thought it was something I had eaten but couldn't work out what. It had happened about five times. My brother commented on how he felt sick after eating Nobby's salted peanuts and it had happened three times before he worked out what it was. When he mentioned it to me, I put it to the test. Sure enough that night after eating mixed salted nuts, I woke up feeling horrible once again. So that's the end for me, no more Nobby's nuts. I am suspecting an ingredient has been added to make them cheaper to produce, similar to an MSG.

Purchased in March 2020.


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OlgaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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What happened to the quality of Nobbys Nuts?? Nobbys nuts quality went from the most perfect nuts to the worst.


Purchased in April 2020 for A$3.50.

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Sorry about the spelling mistakes everybody! I can't believe how bad the spelling is in this review. It's not that I can't spell, I promise, I am usually very fussy about spelling. I think I typed this on my mobile phone without reading glasses.


SteveNorthern Region, NSW

I cant believe how bad its got


I have been buying nobbys nut mixed nuts and cashews for years i buy a bag a week
For the last year the nuts are crap i understand a bag here or there but i guarantee each week they are dry burnt roasted full of almonds no cashews absolute rubbish
As company does not respond i will never buy again

Shane B.

Shane B.South East Queensland, QLD

Nobbys stick your crappy chinese nuts ill only buy quality australian goidbye


Taste has deminished no longer buy nobbys nuts because they are deceptive in being transparent about the country which the nuts are grown
Has to be china because nobody wants their food so they are too ashamed to be up front about it goidbye

Purchased in April 2020 for A$299.00.

Jan H

Jan HSeaford

  • 2 reviews

Very very disappointed.


Another good Aussie product gone in the quest for profit. I’ll never buy Nobbys peanuts again, so disappointing.

Purchased in April 2020 at Woolworths.

Dennis . W

Dennis . WSydney

  • 3 reviews



I have always bought Nobbys nuts but no more
tasteless dry and definitely not the same amount of salt as there used to be if I wanted peanuts without salt I would buy the unsalted variety
Last purchased at IGA Caringbah 2/32020 well within the best by date

Purchased in April 2020 for A$3.99.

Kevin from Geelong

Kevin from GeelongSouthwest, VIC

Gone to the dogs


A steady decline in the quality of Nobbys peanuts over the last few years came to a head with the last packet I bought (Mar 20), they were dry, tasteless and stale, even though the best before date was August. This will be my last purchase which is disappointing as I've enjoyed them for over 50 years. A once tasty treat is now just cheap and uninspiring.

Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths for A$3.95.


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Jim and Margaret perth


Cant disagree with any of the comments, what is everyone nibbling on now

Purchased in March 2020 at Woolworths for A$3.99.


DazSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

No salt, the nuts are TERRIBLE!!


Just bought a 375gram packet of salted peanuts, boy I wish I had of seen these reviews before I bought them. Well they've just gone in the bin! Where's the salt, the peanuts were awful to say the least, what a waste of money. I will never buy them again, it's really sad to see a once good product go downhill just like other aussie companies of late, and just to save a buck I bet, or are they just relying on the products past reputation. Hey Nobby's, take a good look in the mirror, people are moving away from your product...listen to the reviews and you might save the brand and face!!

Purchased in March 2020 for A$3.70.


PythonWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

not happy


What happened to this product the peanuts used to be slightly oily now there dry and horrible very disappointed

Purchased in March 2020 at Coles Group & Myer Gift Card for A$4.50.


JohnPerth, WA

Where's the salt?


Nobby's salted peanuts used to be my beers favourite companion. The last couple of packets seem to be reduced salt. Still quite good but i loved the saltier tasting version.

Purchased in February 2020 at Coles for A$4.00.

Stale, tasteless, damp


I used to love the salt and vinegar nuts, but the last few packets have been tasteless, stale, and almost wet. I thought maybe we were unlucky but reading this I can see it's a bigger issue. We won't be buying again.

Purchased in February 2020 at Woolworths for A$5.00.



What has happened to the Red Skins (as well as the salted nuts)? The salt has gone and they are no longer fresh. I won't be buying them anymore.
If you can't get the decent nuts or salt, make a press release and stop putting the inferior product on the shelves until you have rectified the problem. Otherwise this part of your business is going to spiral downwards. Think about it.


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Rhonda W

Rhonda WSydney, NSW

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I always loved my SALTY Nobby's nuts! Have bought and eaten them for years.
What has happened? They have gone backwards - hardly anymore salt!
Please put the 'salt' back in - will not be purchasing again if this does not happen!
You could always make 'unsalted' packs without playing with the salted ones.
Very, very disappointed!

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths.

Really 0 stars. What's happened Nobby's??


I second pretty much everything said below. Put the salt back. Stop mucking with the ingredients without notification as its dangerous for those of us with health issues. Cashews are also disappointing and without quality consistency. Feels like we're getting 3rd rate leftover nuts :'(

Purchased in February 2020 at Coles.


kdalyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Where's the salt?


Used to love Nobby's brand peanuts, reliable quality nut and great salt ratio. However they must have changed the formula, last couple of packets have been bland. Stop messing with stuff.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for A$4.00.

I’m with the other reviewers!


What has happened to an Aussie favourite? Horrible, stale taste that lingers in your mouth. Don’t even smell like peanuts. What is going on?

Purchased in January 2020 at Woolworths.

Anthony B.

Anthony B.South East Queensland, QLD

Sack whoever's changed Nobby


Nobbys have always been the market leading peanut. Now no better than a cheap generic. Soft, low salt, taste stale. I thought it was just a bad packet for the last couple, but I am never buying these again.Why tinker with the best? Lost me forever. This is worse marketing than Woolworths so called improved coleslaw...GLUG.
Please stop trying to improve everything just to keep your job.

Purchased in February 2020 at IGA for A$3.99.

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Dennis . W

Dennis . Wasked

There is an overwhelming trend here of disappointment over the general quality of your nobbys nuts we would all like to hear what you have to say

1 answer
Poole J.
Poole J.

They taste like they have gone off/mouldy, just not what they use to be, give us back the salt


DEN Dasked

What country does Nobbys peanuts come from apart from the 10% Aussie content ?.

No answers


What has happened we have bought numerous packs marked salted but have not had been unsalted on opening the pack Dissatisfied customer Sue

No answers

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