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Optus TV featuring FOXTEL

Optus TV featuring FOXTEL

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Foxtel Review

The service and shows has been great, easy to use great service and a great way to get design and work perfect. Everything was simple and well organised with the install. Thank you.


I received a noreply Email from OPTUS .. IF this is the case then How can i reply my complaint??
it dose not make sense ..my complaint of overcharging me for the 2 Sims Cards ...
they told me i singed up for a 12 month ...and if i missed understood the Chat Script ...its not they Fault
How can you justify this??

Wat used to be on channel 610

Wat has happened to channel 610 on Optus featuring Foxtel which my husband used to watch regularly please explain help


A bit pricey for the limited channels and options. Except for the movies optus gives for free, there is not many options. Nevertheless, I’d rather go with that and Netflix than Foxtel play.

Optus Foxtel

I was cut off also and have gone to Foxtel direct and it's cheaper!
My plan was a mess from the start with no call backs or understanding from the sales, payment or anyone who could make a decision!!
Good move Optus!
Tour customer service in India is an absolute joke.

Optus cuts Foxtel over NBN

My Foxtel TV over NBN via Optus was cut yesterday with no notice, no correspondence, no email. I get home and just see a please call Foxtel notice on my TV. Very unhelpful, no explanation when I called Optus, just complete inconvenience for an Optus customer of over ten years. Totally unprofessional. I'm going to move my broadband, email, tv and phone bundle elsewhere. Miffed! big time.

DONT do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have had Optus TV featuring Foxtel. It's being turned off in areas that have transitioned to NBN. Optus is happy to sign customers up, but don't tell them it is temporary. When trying to find information about when this will be happening, I was told to call Foxtel. They don't know anything about it other than it will be cut off and you will need to ask Foxtel when.
Optus is happy to bill me for the service, but can't tell me when they will no longer be providing it, or when they will stop charging me for it.
I am a VERY frustrated and unhappy customer


Awful - did I say awful! Moved to Optus because of the EPL. Had nothing but issues. Had to wait over a month for the top box; installation guy tried to charge us $100 for an installation that is free; had to call Optus nearly every day with various issues; had to authorise my partner several times on the account; wireless keeps dropping out; can't order movies; Optus fetch tv never works; customer service awful...did I say awful?? Foxtel why o why?

Never works properly connection always drops out

As said constantly drops out. Almost impossible to watch anything as soon as my contract is up in will leave optus for mobile home phone Internet and fetch. All are a let down especially the mobile Internet and fetch.


I am so annoyed that Foxtel chose to remove 7two and replace it with 7mate. The programs are very different and I have lost some of my favourite programs with no good alternatives. Why they couldn't offer both channels is beyond me. The fact that they provided no warning, consultation or compensation is pretty typical sad to say.

Why are Optus TV not customer focused?

Why does Optus TV not notify customers when a channel is removed (7Two) and then lie and say it has been merged with 7Mate when you can easily see online that it has not been merged and the programs scheduled for 7Two have not been transferred to 7Mate?
Strike 1 Foxtel did not operate on Friday for an unknown reason, Technician came Saturday but it was fine by then.

Strike 2 Went to watch the Rugby on 7Two on Saturday afternoon and it was gone.

Strike 3 Rang Technical difficulties to find out what was going on. Firstly it took about 5-10 minutes to get the person to understand I was talking about the channel 7Two, not 72. He could not see an explanation for 7Two not being available. Asked a Supervisor and came back with the answer that 7Two programs had been merged with those on the 7Mate channel.

Strike 4 Asked to speak to the Supervisor, was told he was on another call. Said I would wait. Was told they could ring back in about an hour. Unfortunately said okay to that. It is now Thursday and we still haven't heard back from Optus.

Strike 5 Checked the programming schedule for 7Two and 7Mate online and there were both channels with completely different programming schedules for the week ahead. I do not like to be lied to.

Strike 6 There has been NO correspondence advising the removal of a channel from our package. Does that mean we will receive a reduction on our paytv charge?

Fantasic timing Foxtel I don't think

What an idiotic decision it is that you have stopped broadcasting club rugby when the semifinals are on this weekend

Appauling coverage

Keeps freezing, bad quality, I may aswell not even have epl as the coverage is ridiculous. I'm actually quite disappointed as I was looking forward to this, something needs to be done.

Horrible do not get it

Its the worst service ever received and worst customer care from optus
I wouldnt recommend optus fetch to anyone it freezes is extremely slow and have had nothing but problems since leaving telstra and foxtel.
Optus wont respond to my complaints email wont call me back when i call them its the same crap over and over they jst seem not to give a crap about whats happening only care about us when signing us up once they locked us in its like we didn't matter im beyond angry that no one is willing to help yet i still pay my bills on time but the service is not worth it at all its as if its from 1999 thats how crappy it is shame on u optus all my mobiles r with u as soon as my contract is done we are out
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Totally Incompetent

Don't deserve any stars. Ordered foxtel 3 weeks ago. No contact no response no nothing. Finally called them through 6 people and still no result. over 40 minutes on the phone and then it cut out. website is useless to find anything, phone prompts as well.

Don't waste your money

Honestly, the only reason we got this was because our business pays for our broadband subscription and this TV service was packaged in. One of the biggest problems being, Optus broadband is useless so the shows constantly cut out during peak times (morning and night) or just turn off completely and the channel will not have any internet signal. We are constantly rebooting our internet service (this applies not just to FETCH TV but to my home broadband service also!) and overall it's just rubbish. The only saving grace is that we do not actually pay for the service, if we were paying for it ourselves I would be complaining big time (and I will still be complaining and cancelling the service). Honestly - if you have good broadband service that is not affected by peak demand, then perhaps your service will work. The TV stations are pretty basic however have the few kids channels we wanted but just don't work during the times we need them - if I had my time again I would not bother! It causes more headache when the service you are watching cuts out right in the middle. and we watch minimal TV anyway!

Fed up

I've had Optus Foxtel for about 3yrs..in that time optus technicians have been out
over a dozen times to fix signal drop out and it's still doing the same thing.. biggest joke ever
waste of money...yet they still charge $50 a month for a service that does not work...


My father had an account with Optus Vision that I paid for each month via direct debit (first mistake). I rang and cancelled the subscription early January 2016 (before the January debit was taken) and after spending 1hr23 minutes on the phone the service was cancelled. As per the customer service representative, the service would be cancelled with effect of 31/1/16. The customer service representative was fully correct it was cancelled on this date. A satchel was to be mailed out within 1-2 weeks so that we could send box, cables & remote back. To date (more than one month) still not received. Then lo & behold once service has been cancelled, my account was again debited for a service that no longer is being provided. As I was not expecting this, I didn't have enough funds in my account and got hit for $9.00 dishonour fee and worse still my credit history is now effected. Rang Optus yesterday, and after speaking with a completely incompetent service representative I asked to be put to a manager. They both agree Optus made a mistake but they don't issue refunds - hows that ? Its only the opposite of what you have done and you have all my details. All we can offer you is a credit towards your service. I don't have any services with Optus. I stood up for my rights and requested a cheque as I rightly pointed out that you are not allowed to charge a person money for a service that is not being received. I guarantee that the promised 7 day turnaround for the receipt of the cheque will pass by and that my next update will be to confirm that they are still THIEVES>

Cannot search categories

I want to list all the upcoming movies or documentaries, on TV in the next week . I could choose which to record. Nope. Can't do that - you have to plough through the EPG. I don't think you can store recorded programs in categories (drama , comedy, etc) either. Only earlier models of Humax could do lots of clever cataloguing.
With 1TB of storage many programs can be stored. How do you sort them? Just wait till you trying looking through all the randomly stored progs. You can only sort by date and Channel. I don't see the point. Not as bad as Humax though - who are all tricks.
Note: Not Wireless. cable only.

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