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Orgone Energy Generator Geoclense

Orgone Energy Generator Geoclense

3.3 from 23 reviews

Hand pain gone!

I was skeptical at first, as like others say it's resin in a power socket.... but have found that my hand pain in the bones due to radiation has gone!
I haven't noticed anything else yet but it's early days.

Purchased in April 2019 for $140.00.

I tried it and it worked for me.

Once mobiles and internet became a common part of our lives, I noticed that I was feeling more tired and scattered. I started looking around for different ways to start reducing EMFs. Tried a few things but always sceptical about them. I’ve learnt that everyone is different and sometimes you just have to try things to find out if they work for you. I bought the GEocleanse and found that I was sleeping better and that I started to gain more energy. I work at a computer in an office and have bought the portable dome which I leave in the office or take with me when I do air travel. It works for me.

Wonderful and definitely effective!

3 years of in house and car use has proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that Geoclense makes a difference.
If you put health before money this product is a must have! In the car no more drowsiness and foggy headiness when all the mobile devices are on! In the house peace and harmony reign. Visitor comment on the beautiful peaceful harmony experienced in our home! Thankyou Orgone Australia.

Excellent Service!

Online shopping can be hit and miss, thus I was so happy to find Orgone Effects to be one who gives excellent customer service. They kindly rectified a mistake on my part on the order and responded to my queries quickly. I found them caring and reliable. I ordered a pendant for my sister, which she loves and I also ordered one for myself and trying it out. This technology, I feel, will be more utilised and appreciated in the future when knowledge on the manipulation of energy advances.


i finally found someone who was informative and caring, Julie didn't push any of her products to me but, i am so glad that i did purchase them and can feel the huge impact that it has on my home.
I would highly recommend her products, and Julie.
Thank you!

Amazing Product and fantastic service

A dear friend recommended that I purchase a orgone geocleanse home harmoniser for my home
I find this product amazing it has helped my home and family so much. I think that anyone who complains about this product doesn’t understand energy at all.
The energy in my home has improved greatly and we can all feel it
Julie from pure energy solutions is so helpful and gives great customer service. I could not be happier.
I have sinced purchased another couple of home harmonisers for my family members and they are also really impressed
Thank you so much Julie


Unfortunately my sleep and headaches have not improved and I do not feel this product has any credit..

I am still looking for a product that will actually work, which will negate the EMF radiation while using wifi... Any comments would be appreciated.. Thank you.

Orgone Energy Generator

I first heard about the Geo Harmonizer from a close friend, when I commented on the calm and restorative feeling of her home. Since having my own home harmonizer I am sleeping better and wake up rested, this has had such a positive effect on my energy levels and well-being. I did some research and purchased my home harmonizer from www.pureenergysolutions.com.au The customer service was exceptional ( helpful in answering my questions promptly and fast delivery ) I have since purchased further products for family members and will continue to do so.

Thank you

Thank you so much. I have loved using your product for helping reduce the effects of wi-fi, and I am looking forward to getting one for my children too! Highly recommend.


The most amazing thing about this product is that all of the positive reviews are all written by marketing professionals!

It's literally a block of resin with a DETA (the cheapest you can buy) extension plug end cut off and set inside it. It does nothing.

Amazing product!

I have been using one of these for many years and would never be without it.
It is far superior to any similar type of product on the market!
There is a definite improvement in the energy of the space when using the Geoclense. I know many others who have similar experience and have received their feedback first hand.
Anyone posting negative feedback either has no energy sensitivity or knowledge of how energy frequency works and affects the human body in either a positive or negative way, or they have a hidden agenda or connection.
Thank you so much to the inventor of this product who has done years of research to improve & advance this product to its current level.

Changed my life

I have been living with emf stress, chemical sensitivity, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance & too many other symptoms to list for nearly 10 years. I'm 40 yrs old & trying my heart out to find what's going on but during this time I have been painstakingly trying to cure my illness. I have tried a hole host of supplements, herbs, clean diet etc & have been helpful but the biggest relief for me has been the Geoclense & their Harmoniser which has made me been able to sleep well, & reduced my stress considerably. I was skeptical before I bought it but I was truly desperate & thank God it works. I later spoke to Julie from Pureenergysolutions.com.au to. Thank her & she even tried helping me find out what's going on with me. She sounded very genuine & understanding. I hardly ever do reviews but this made a major difference for my health & wellbeing.

Amazing plug

Hi my elderly grandmother was duped into buying one of these. I borrowed it just for laughs and since I plugged it in, my postman has been very late. Most of my parcels have gone missing. This may be due to changes in the earths magnetic fields caused by this piece of resin. I disagree with the person whose postman has been early.

Just add imagination . . .

A fascinating ornament sculpted from a lump of resin in the shape of a rectangle with handy pins on the back to mount on a wall for display purposes. The day after plugging it in I noticed the postman delivered our mail 10 minutes earlier which is one of few claims not listed by the manufacturer and should definitely be added. It also manages to make money disappear but then if you bought one you already know that . . . .

Scam: useless (literally)

This product is simply and electrical plug. That is all it is, there are no components/circuitry inside. The only thing this could possibly do is electrocute you if it fails.

Don't buy, it's a scam.

Ladies & Gentleman. Biggest scam today

Please please please! Do not waste your hard earned money on these.

It is nothing but an epoxy that has a plug socket molded into it. There's nothing connected into it. No way of absorbing anything. For the gentleman that says it helped with his smart meter is utter garbage. Do you have a mobile phone? Do you have wifi at home? At work? Well this won't help with any of that.

If anything, it gives people a placebo effect which may make them feel like its doing something because they are conned into thinking it does.

I hope the sellers, and makers of this garbage get their day for ripping off innocent people.

Solved my issues

I found that the geoclense was the perfect tool for eliminating problems from my smart meter. I was fianlly able to sleep after plugging it in. I found that my home had a lighter air about it and that people started to comment. I knew that this was because of the geoclense. Everything in my home has such a better feeling from electric blanket, microwaved foods, sitting in front of the TV. I know this as I am sensitive to energies. I have tried many products but this is the only one that seems to completely work.

Electronic Snakeoil

One of these was recently tested by a qualified electrician who found no connectivity whatsoever between the plug contacts.
it's a cheap 3 pin plug cast into a solid block of polyurethane resin, it does nothing whatsoever, it is capable of doing nothing whatsoever.
if you really have to have one, you can buy the plug for about $3 and the resin for about $25... make it yourself and save yourself over $100
Any effect people claim from this "device" is purely placebo or wishful thinking.

This is a scam.

You know, a HPM plug end with no conductors attached to it isn't going to do anything. Your block of whatever is not going to do a single thing. To get rid of the fields, you have to turn the power off. So... turn the power off. Or just leave it on like a normal person. Don't waste money on this garbage.


I bought my Geoclense Plug on the advice of a friend as had called out a person to defuse the negative ley lines in my home and paid $150 for that service, then a year later ($150) I needed this person to turn up again as "knew" the problem had returned. Around the same time a friend rang and spoke about the Geoclense plug as she'd bought 5 others for friends. I followed suit as she had good reports and had many energy changes within my house and without. The person in charge at Geoclense was very generous with his time speaking with me about the product and the application and I bought one for myself and one for my daughter. Both of us have had the energy within our homes rebalanced. Thank you Geoclense.

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What does the machine do? And on which principle?
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Literally does nothing. No proof that it does anything at all. It is just a plug end glued onto a mold and thats all. If anything gives a placebo affect.