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Ozito Push Reel Lawn Mower LMP-301

Ozito Push Reel Lawn Mower LMP-301

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Great way to get fit

i bought the mower 2nd hand, previously it was used for a small lawn. I have a big lawn, the only bug bear I have is the lawn needs to be clean before you start, meaning removing all twigs as it just locks up.
Positives, it cuts at a good height leaving the lawn looking healthy instead of to the ground, I cant get round in one hit so I do it over stages, but I also use a whipper snipper around the edges, its better for the environment

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Best manual Lawn mover for rough garden

Best manual Lawn mover for rough garden. I can use it without the need of any long cable. It resolved my distance problem as well from the power point. Blade of this mover is great which cu the grass in good cut.
Grass cutting is also perfect. Quality of blade is superb which cuts in an angle and make smooth finishing on the lawn. i do not need to push so hard to make working for me. I recommend this manual lawn mover for all

Date PurchasedJul 2018

it is a good little mower but you need a flat grass area i found it very hard mowing my lawn as it i

good little mower its quite difficult to mow the lawn you need to have a level yard which I don't have. its quite difficult to move over the lawn and it doesn't get close enough to the edges so you need to use a whipper snipper. so I gave up using the mower and use the whipper snipper

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Good for small lawn

I bought this one in December last year from local bunnings. It was the cheapest option when you get a push mower. It comes with no lawn catcher. You have to buy it separately which cost you extra. It works fine especially when you have a small lawn to work on. However, it is still need lots of physical work involved when you mow the grass. Works okay but not prefect.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect for a small lawn

As the title says, this lawnmower is perfect for a small lawn. It's great because it's environmentally friendly and you'll never find yourself out of fuel when you need to mow the lawn.

If this is the only lawn mower you own, you'll need to regularly mow your lawn - as when the grass gets too long this mower becomes more difficult to use.

I would highly recommend this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Works ok

It is enviromentally friendly and this is what I love about it ... this product though is made for grass and struggles with weeds. which is fair enough since it is for grass so I cant complain too much I think it works great on grass but yeah it is up to you to make sure its cutting just that grass and not weeds.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good for small patches

I've never had owned a push reel mower - usually opted for 4 stroke petrol lawn mowers. But for small patches around 20 to 30 square meters, a mower of that size is overkill. I'm not exactly sure how long I should expect the cutting blade to stay sharp, but I think this came with a 3 year replacement warranty, which is satisfying enough.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Perfect for small lawn.

This mower cuts really well. Bought it as I have a rental with a tiny lawn and don't need to spend the money on a proper petrol or electric mower. It is relatively easy to move this around the yard. It does tend to get a bit stuck if there is too much grass sitting between the blades, but this can be easily fixed by pushing it through.
Not much maintenance needed.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Fine for small spaces.

It's enough if you have 50sqm or less lawn area. Works better if the grass is only 5-7 cm high. If the grass is higher than this then it takes a lot of effort or move the blade high. It's very easy to clean and can work forever if it's dry and is sprayed with WD40 after each use. Due to the small size, it can be used in tight corners.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

A very basic mower, but good for emergencies

Hmmm. We use this for trims only. It does save fuel and polution, but the grass comes up again quickly. The cutting width is thin and it can jam easily on small sticks etc. We losr a bolt out of the handle within a couole of weeks of buying it. It is worh buying, but doesn't suit big lawns overly well, but could get you through a real estate inspection. We are glad we have it.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

For small and lawn without weed only.

I have bot petrol and this I only use this to finish-cut.
not for big lawns . the worst part is the catcher with is not but just a catcher.

I fell your money will be well spent on a cheep electric or petrol mower if you even have an average lawn.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Fantastic and smooth

I only have a small l-shaped strip of back garden and while I originally considered a cordless, or electric mower I instead went with this Ozito manual push mower. It does the job perfectly and is light enough to lift and carry around as needed. Even when the lawn is a little longer than it recommends it still runs very smoothly (might need to go over it twice), and requires no more effort that pushing the vacuum cleaner.

Clean up is super easy, and being a manual mower there are so few parts to it that it's a quick fix at home if anything goes wrong, providing you know the right end of a screwdriver.

I got the catcher to go with this (separate purchase) and it's not the greatest, tends to bounce around a bit and fling some cuttings out, but I would say it catches about 75% of the cuttings. You will need to stop and empty it frequently, but, it's all good for the compost!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Just the ducks nuts.

The best money of spent is so easy to push .Cuts really great for someone who's had a small stroke I found this so easy to put together my 14 year old granddaughter did it for me in 15 minutes same with all real mowing don't let e grass get to long or wet thanks Ozito you are 5star +

Date PurchasedDec 2017

It works if the grass isn't too long!

It cuts but not all the way to the bottom like fuel lawn mowers. It's great for a small lawn and it's definitely great exercise and environmentally friendly. DON'T tighten the blades though as they'll make a loud sound as they start to swipe each other. It also doesn't cut the grass well after this. After getting a replacement cos we made this mistake, we've been using this new one for 6 months and the blades don't require tightening. Tighten the rest of the screws regularly though.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

The Grass Catcher

This review is for the grass catcher I bought separately. It cost $20.80, but it seems to be worth $2. I cannot fathom the claim of having 18-liter capacity; seems more like 2 maximum. The sides aren't high enough to catch the grass--some of it flies over. It's extremely lightweight, not like the good old canvas-and-steel catchers. Definitely needs a redesign--higher sides; a hook instead of the strap, and an upturned lip at the front to keep more of the grass from bouncing out.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great for small courtyard lawns

I bought the Ozito push mower because it was smaller than the other push mowers on the market. I don't have a garden shed so didn't want a bulky push mower, this one fits perfectly into my outdoor storage box. I only have a small courtyard lawn 3 meters by two meters, so this mower is brilliant for me. The handle was easy to assemble & I bought the grass catcher to go with it which is great. It feels sturdy & well constructed. I learned that you have to give it a good push & go fast to get the best cutting action. My lawn was done in no time & it cut it really well, far better than I thought it would, looks like a lawn mower has mowed it. I wish my lawn was a bit bigger because I enjoyed using it. Would be great exercise on a bigger strip of lawn.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good for enviro but you must be strong

It is simple to use but you need to be strong enough to use it. The longer the grass the harder it is to use so regular trims work better. Doesn't come with grass storage bag at the back which I recommend to get unless you want to rake up after you mow. Packs away very easy as it's so small. Perfect for small areas

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Good for small yards

The cutting results are good
Great for a small yard but wouldn't recommend it for large areas
Easy to use as you just push it over the grass you want cut
Is good for building strenght in your arms and light exercise
Good manuverberability
Easy to store away in garage or garden shed

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Keeps the kids occupied.

Now before you rant on and say "OMG!! What a bad parent! They're so dangerous!" Etc... Let me just stop you and say, that my kids are always supervised and this is no exception. My youngest has a rather big dose of ADHD, and struggles to focus, or sit still. This my friends is AMAZING for combining his love of rotating objects and running around. Perfect! The yard eventually gets mowed over the course of 2 or so days, but if I don't have to do it then that's a win!

Sure the mow quality isn't perfect and he has to repeat a few times. And it struggles in the thicker or longer tufts. So what, haha! It keeps him busy :)

I have owned it 3 months and it has probably mowed more lawns than any other lawns on this review site and it still cuts. If it broke tomorrow, I would buy another one because it keeps the kid amused.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Great when there is no petrol smelle

Found lawn mower easy to maneuver but not as easy as it looks. Requires some effort unlike a normal mower would push it self basically only using on small space not even 6 metre square and doesn't now down or over thicker pads of grass, gets stuck easy and potential danger when I have to remove acorn nuts from the blades that have fallen from tree, jamming in the blades. I think It would be ideal if lawn was already maintained and extremely short grass or it struggles, even with brand new blades. Handle not strong so needed securing, with tape, as bolt fell out, after three metres. Bolt not ln line with grooves and could be made with more secure handle. OK for price paid.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

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Questions & Answers

We're in brisbane can i buy parts for my lmp 301 push reel mower?
No answers

Inside your main wheels you have a yellow drive cog, which has a key way in it, can you tell me if there is a spring or anything else as my wheel fell off.and where in brisbane could i get the parts? Thank you Bob Email. boblux56@gmail.com
1 answer
No idea Bob, my mower was intact when I bought it 2nd hand, so cant help. However if you go onlihttp://cdn3.blocksassets.com/assets/ozito/ozito-product-manuals/evVTwSzkJ0Ipcmp/LMP-301.pdfne & download the manual there should be something in there

Have you got a manual for the lawnmover as I lost mine?
2 answers
Sorry noYes but i googled it and here is your link http://cdn3.blocksassets.com/assets/ozito/ozito-product-manuals/evVTwSzkJ0Ipcmp/LMP-301.pdf


Push Reel Lawn Mower LMP-301
Price (RRP)59
Power SourceManual
Cutting Width250
Maximum Cutting Height42
Minimum Cutting Height15
Mulching CapabilityNo
Release dateJun 2007

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