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Oztrail Outback Comfort

Oztrail Outback Comfort

4.8 from 5 reviews

Incredibly comfortable and warm!

When you buy a sleeping bag you can really only rely on reviews. It's not like you can try them out first, so there is always some apprehension as to whether they perform to your expectations. Well, we gave ours a shakedown trial in a Hunter Valley mid winter, waking up to a heavy frost over the tent and the car. We slept warm and comfortably all night, so we are stoked with our choice. We bought a fleece liner for it, just in case we needed to give it a boost, but we didn't need it, and the temp was clearly below zero in the wee hours. We have also used it in warmer conditions, low teens, and it was just as comfortable. I've had sleeping bags that get unbearably hot when used at temps much above their rating, but not this one. We have been pleasantly surprised by its all-round versatility, and so glad we chose this one. We love that it has "pockets" that slip over your Queen mattress so that its locked in place all night long. It also comes with a nice storage bag and packs away easily too. If you have a blow up mattress, all you need is a woollen blanket between the sleeping bag and the mattress for that extra bit of isolation and you're good. Fantastic sleeping bag this!

Pretty good but not outstanding-Hi Country Compact Sleeping bag

I recently purchased this product to go a work funded camping trip. It worked fairly well, but I did start to feel the cold at around 3.00am in the morning. I had to put another blanket on top, and then I was okay. For the price I paid ($39.95) i expect that i got what i paid for. I would not recommend for sleeping where the temperature drops below 5 degrees as that is about the limit of this product.

Great Queen size Sleeping Bag for two

Take the comfort of home with room for two easily. Fits well and is a perfect match for the Dune Premium Queen self inflating mattress, as it has slip over fitment top and bottom to secure.
For camping it's ideal, with a nice loft which is breathable and a soft feel with the cotton.
Lined with an oversized queen doona cover makes for easy cleaning for extended stays away...

Great. Cosy and Warm

Used this on a recent camping trip. Got to 4 degrees overnight and we were very warm in this sleeping bag. Combined well with a queen size self inflating mattress.

Comfortable and roomy.

I hate sleeping bags, l always felt trapped and unable to move and cold. We had a trip organised to go across the Simpson Desert, so l thought l'd suck it up and just buy a double sleeping bag for hubby & l. It was perfect and l never felt like l was in a sleeping bag. Soft flannel like material inside, and if the temperatures cold you can pull up over your head for extra warmth. Trialed without any other blankets, as its supposed to go to minus 5 (? not sure if l've got that right ) and we found we were warm enough.... BUT decided to also take thermals with us to sleep in, and then some nights we actually did throw another themal cotton blanket over the top as it was quite cold. (your not supposed to as that causes the warmth being trapped between layers to not be as effective. But we found it was warmer with extra blanket) We also had this on top of a self inflating foam mattress. Very comfortable.
Roomy. Soft. Comfortable. Easy to get back into bag.
One zip was a little loose, kept unzipping. Did need extra blanket for temperatures down near 0.

Would this fit on a normal queen size mattress? Or only fit camping mattress? ThanksOur foam mattress must have been slightly larger than queen size, as we couldn't get all four corners of sleeping bag on. Just recently we took the sleeping bag in a caravan and the queen size mattress in that was a good fit. So there was some variation in the sizes obviously.

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Is there a zipper for each side of the sleeping bag?
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We have a double swag and are wanting to buy a double sleeping bag, is the Oztrail double too big for us and if so what can you recommend?
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Hi, we have a Dune Queen mattress and the Oztrail is ideal. Check sizes, better to be too big. It's a cosy sleeping bag though, but it breathes well too. I'd get a woollen underlay with a fitted sheet for warmer nights with just a sheet or nothing on top. Should be fine. Hope this helpsRos. E , we also have a double swag, did you end up buying this sleeping bag?