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Not ever again


Worst I've tasted and can't be hidden with mix as other reviews say. Who produces it? Nobody admits on label only bottled in Australia.

Bach Of Psych

Bach Of PsychMacktown

  • 2 reviews

Cheap, tastes like crap, but after a while it does the job! Drinking it right now


Petrolska, keeps the belly warm and gets the job done! Cheapest in the bottle-o, suits the needs of a uni student!

Petrovaska vodka Worst vodka I have ever tasted


Smells like methylated spirits and the taste is just horrible. I want my money back thank you... crap will never buy it ever again!!!!


Moped269South East Queensland, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Worse Vodka Ever... so far


Awful vodka... tastes like methanol! Not filtered or cleaned up at all. Can't even mix it... with any mixer to hide the flavour and the chemical headache is a killer and after only 2 weak drinks! Better for to use as fuel additive... E10 would taste better! Poured it down the drain! NEVER AGAIN!!!



  • 2 reviews

Real bad stuff


Worse vodka ever. Stinks like crap and tastes awful. Never again. No wonder they do two for one. God its truly awful even with a mixer. Vomit. Com



What a waste of money. It takedlike Metho and smelt like it too. Stay away from it if you plan to buy Vodka. Best to stick to the brand you know. I tipped it down the sink - I think that it cleaned the sink a bit like Draino does.



  • 6 reviews

Not that bad.


I think people get it in their heads that a vodka or spirit is automatically bad if it's cheap.

While that can hold true for a lot of things I think people forget there's only so many ways you can influence the taste of vodka. It's a neutral spirit - Filter it 3 times and it tastes just about the same as everything else.

That being said, It does have a different taste to say Smirnoff but definitely doesn't belong in the drain.

On a budget or looking to save, $30 for the 700ml bottle, why not.



Bought a recommended bottle of this vodka for a yachting trip. Wife had one drink and was vomiting for 2 days. I tried it to see what the problem was and agree it should be used as toilet and drain cleaner. Drank some crap in my life but this takes the cake. Never again.



Tasted like Metho


This is the most terrible tasting vodka I have ever had the displeasure of tasting. The smell was overpowering and I seriously thought someone had put Metho in my glass. This is going down the sink - might even clear the drains.



The woman at the counter highly recommended this vodka... she must of been drunk, how you could possibly recommend this is beyond me. Was the worst tasting vodka (if you can call it that) i've ever had in my life. Had one sip and chucked the lot down the sink. Smells like paint stripper. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it tasted like death

home brew


I've had cheap vodka before but this 1 takes the cake, yuk yuk yuk why was I so cheap on my own birthday. Bottle was still pretty much full in the morning, Thank god for the glass skulls vodka. Petrovska is made in Australia ?? An old man in the neighbourhood makes his own and its on par with that, but you get 1lt for $15.00. Don't burn your gut out!!
could start a bush fire yuk

metho in a vodka bottle


Was absolutely disgusting smells n tastes like metho... Have drank some diff brands in my time but this was the absolute worst it really does smell n t a s t e l I I k e m e t h o n t a s t e s h o r r I b l e...
Was absolutely disgusting smells n tastes like metho

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