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Philips DTB297/10

Philips DTB297/10

3.3 from 6 reviews

I love it and it has great sound qualty for such a small device

It has a excellent design making it light and easy to use the audio in is not useful unless you buy an extra cord to go with it making it just that bit more expensive to own
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I wish it told me it had an app for only iOS cause I have android with a lighting flash mod

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Hi Ben, Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. We're more than happy to hear that this Docking Station works so well for you. We'd also like to thank you for sharing your feedback with us. There's always room for improvement. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

What's the point of an alarm clock radio that doesn't work as an alarm clock?

I bought this five days ago, but have yet to successfully set the alarm.
Ran through all the steps, but thankfully, set up a back up on my iPad.
I read your Philips official reply that the alarm clock is an incidental extra.
you should put that on the box and save me a trip back to the store for a refund.

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Hi there. Sorry to hear what happened, while setting up the alarm on the docking station. Feel free to reach out to our colleagues at 1300 363 391, if you still have any questions regarding this.

its ok for 1 Year or so but failure will begin after the warranty ends

its a good valued device Bluetooth, DAB+ radio, FM, dual alarm system, Ipod and Ipad dock system with added AUX headphone input make this system choco block full of features, the sound is nice. Better in features to the Clock alarm and dock system they use at Novotel's and Mercure hotels the IHOME which only has Ipad 30pin connectors and FM it also has better sound. But the iHOME dock compared to the Philips DTB297 is that its more robust, it feels robust as opposed to the Philips which is more scratch able, the clock LCD display is much brighter than the Philips. for the first year of my usage has been good now into my 2nd and 3rd year where random issues begin whilst I have my ipad mini on the dock the volume down button if pressed too many times turns off the Philips dock quiet annoying, the Alarm 1 button key some times will work or not it depends on how many times your press the button. The clock display is very dull and washes out during the day so its useless as a clock can't even see what Audio input I want. the battery backup of 2 AA batteries is rubbish doesn't last long, that is why I will not be wasting my hard earn money on replacing this device and waiting for the iHOME people to come out with a lightning version of their lovely clock radio if not already I don't even care about the Bluetooth or DAB features of the Philips anymore which by the way Bluetooth pairing with the device is a hit and miss and searching DAB radio on this device is not the best maybe due to its lack of buttons that are on the Philips dock that makes this dock not the best. I think the Philips quality of old from 1990's 2000's is well and truly gone since the takeover, the product doesn't feel like Philips quality and sure doesn't last as long, this clock radio ipad dock I got is soon destined for the rubbish tip as no one is repairing these devices anymore they are "throwaways" they don't even have spare parts for these devices in Australia.

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Hey there, Thank you for writing down such an elaborated review. We really appreciate it that you took the time to share your experiences with us and the visitors of this website, because it helps us improving our products. We have contacted the product team regarding your review to see if we can be of any assistance for you. However, the relevant team thinks that the unit has had a lot of use and that might be the cause of the issues. One of our service centers would repair the unit for you, but it would probably cost more than the unit or a replacement unit is worth. Please know that the product team now is aware of your feedback and will use it to improve the quality of the products. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Great sound, looks great BUT....

We do like this product especially Bluetooth connection from iPod is great and very good sound. However, tuning instructions and doing presets is annoying and difficult to say the very least!! Extremely frustrating as instructions are NOT clear at all as it puts a presumption there that it will do these presets for you on auto. no it doesn't and have to manually do each one. Trying to do it manually requires a masters degree as it does not automatically move along to next empty preset so have to move past the already preset stations before hitting OK button. Had to ring Phillips for tech help and even then they weren't sure why it wasn't setting properly. After about a total of several hours over 3 weeks I believe finally figured it out!! So basically to select a DAB station DONT use the auto tune to do presets but manually press Tunning +/- button to get that station you like. Then press scan/prog button for 2 secs, then press the Preset +/- button to get empty slot and then press OK and it will come up STORED for Empty 1 preset. Now to do the second preset etc by repeating the steps BUT make sure you press the preset button to go past stored DAB stations that are displayed on screen Otherwise you'll keep storing on the first preset! Once you find the next EMPTY preset, then press OK to show STORED and your fav station you are LISTENING to at the time. It does not automatically store the station your on, you have to sift through the other stations! To stupid of a set up and NEARLY was about to take back and get refund!! Also why are we paying $229 for this when they are selling as little as $69 overseas??!! Feel ripped off and typical of all things sold in Australia....disgusting really and not on!

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Hi there. We would like to thank you for submitting this elaborate review on the DTB297. Think this might be valuable for other customers as well! Glad that it worked out in the end, although we agree that this might be something for the tech team to know! So we consider this to be useful feedback. If yhou have any further question, don't hesitate to contact us again.

Attractive and easy to read white display but difficult to set up and use

I bought this mainly to use as a clock radio and for the fast iPhone lightning charger. I've found it very hard to set and still haven't worked out how to turn the alarm OFF automatically each day. The quick start guide and downloaded manuals are not particularly helpful or user friendly. I'm seriously considering using this as an iPhone dock/clock and re-instating the simple 18 year old Bose Wave clock radio/alarm (with remote control) it replaced.

The Philips DTB297 needs a remote control, especially to control the alarm. Has Philips considered that people may not want an electrical appliance within an arms length or get out of bed to use the snooze button or operate the radio/dock/alarm?

Hello Quanda, the DTB297 is designed as an iPhone/iPod docking station to charge the iDevice and play music from it’s memory, the alarm & clock functions are added design features, not the main feature and the clock needs an iDevice connected to synchronise with for the time accuracy. The alarm function to turn off, you have to push the alarm button manually. Thanks for the confirmation. The alarm function isn't reliable anyway so it's back to the Bose for us.It's regrettable to hear that you decided this, Quanda. Still we would like to thank you for taking the time to write this review. If you need additional assistance, do let us know.

A bit of a dissapoinment

Maybe I am unlucky but I have found this radio quite hard to 'program' ie to select the stations that you want to add to the 20 memory channels. Using the Errata information that modifies the sequence of actions required to add a chosen channel to a chosen memory, storing the channel is Very hit or miss. One of the problems is that the right hand button (labelled preset / tuning) is very intermittent, if you are lucky, you will store the radio program you want on the memory that you want, more often though, this wont happen !
This Radio is going back to John Lewis.
Nice styling, useful Ipod dock ( but not for model 4, only works with Ipod model 5 )
Hard to program a radio channel to a memory position. It is too expensive also.

Questions & Answers

How do i set tuner for alarm so it works. I have selected tuner as source for alarm but no volume comes out when alarm is triggered and yes i have the volume set to 15.
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Hi there, Thank you for the question! We'd like to check this with our designated team to give you a precise answer - could you please give our colleagues a call at 08 8338 5540 (Monday to Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST), or contact us on social media (Facebook or Twitter @PhilipsCare), so we can help you further? Thank you! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi My dock has stopped charging the phones that are plugged into it, what can be done about this?
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That's strange, Paul! Would you mind reaching out to us by phone? Then we can look for solutions. If you're in Australia, kindly call us on 1300 850 633. For New Zealand, you can reach out to 0800 639 953. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Help! I need a replacement AC/DC switching adaptor for this unit. Please advise how I can obtain one? Anthony
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Gday Anthony a wise word on this device I tried to get similar thing replaced as the led of the clock Is weak it was told to me by the repair man that this device is unrepairable so till this day it’s still working but with weak led display it seems to me buyer beaware of these alarm clock docking stations they are what they are rubbish I replaced with a iHome alarm and IPhone docking station from Amazon America, Novotel hotels use these fine docks in their hotel rooms very reliable.


Philips DTB297/10
Price (RRP)$269
Tablet (iPad) CompatibleYes
Connection TypeLightning

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