Great Experience Highly Recommend Troy!

It has been just over around 8months of dealing with Troy from the Mount Barker branch and I can honestly say that even though being a lengthy process (not on their behalf) it has been a great experience and I don’t think I could have trusted anyone else in helping us to get our first home loan.
Troy was helpful in every way and never made us feel like we were not wanted. He had great communication with us and I felt like we were being taken care of the whole time. I would highly him recommend to anyone!
Thanks again Troy for all of your help :)

Old school

Would not recommend. Pulled all my savings out of here as I had a recurring debit coming out and inquired with them whom it was. Their response was "a debit you've authorized". After explaining I wasnt aware of it could they tell me the account name they said no. I asked them to block it and it was so difficult i just pulled all my money out. He just closed it for me no worries without trying to save me as a customer.

Awful communication and lack of clarity

I can’t think of a more enfuriating process in my life than applying for a RAMS home loan. I started my application in late Jan this year with a very pleasant visit to a branch, however as I write this in early March I am yet to receive communication that my loan has been processed past pre-approval. I have bent over backwards to provide documentation, alternate documentation, even verbal confirmations of previously submitted written documents and our reward has been to be constantly told to “just get an extension on payment of your deposit, these things take time”. This has resulted in nearly losing our grip on our first home. Eventually I went to another bank who unconditionally approved my home loan application in under 7 days through 2 phone calls. Compare this to the 5 weeks and probably 150 emails I have exchanged with RAMS for absolutely no result! I am not one bit clearer to knowing whether my application has progressed or will be successful than when I walked in 6 weeks ago.

I will go out of my way to warn people off using RAMS and my family, solicitor, estate agent and vendor would definitely agree. What started as a dream quickly turned into a nightmare.


Six weeks after applying, numerous calls enquiring what was happening, requests for documents already supplied, delays, excuses, justifications for delays... The icing on the cake...Rams don’t lend for any property In the area we wanted - six weeks they wasted our time and money. We will never deal with Rams, Leon or Charles at Rams Toowoomba again.

Oh, and a complaint about Rams Toowoomba has been lodged with the Banking Ombudsman. Don’t just complain on a review page, take it further. That’s what makes a difference to these companies practices.An update...in exasperation we went to another lender. I won’t mention the name as I don’t want this to appear like an ad, but it is one of the big 4. Here’s a comparison: Rams approval time: 6 weeks, other lender 4 days. Rams interest rate: couldn’t be pinned down but “around 4.2%, could be more but we’ll see how things go”, other lender 3.8%. Rams mortgage insurance fee $6,000, other lender nil. Rams required so many documents with requests for more throughout the 6 weeks, other lender an over the phone application and bank statements. We had to follow Rams up with absolutely everything, other lender contacted us daily with updates. Rams would give a maximum 15 year loan, other lender what we asked for - 30 years. The experience with Rams was, quite frankly, humiliating, other lender a pleasure. Don’t fall for the old “brokers provide competition” con. From our experience, go to the bank direct and save yourself money, time, mental health, and your self-respect.


Rams now asking for credit enquiries from over 15 years ago. Lead along for over 4 weeks now. I have given Rams so much information. This is crazy. I was told so many times this is all we need. But they just make thing up as they go along.

Cant get online with safari after upgrade

When will this broker issue be fixed as I don't like having to re start my computer and use another server. I joined rams as it was easy now it is not. feb 2019

In the past 3 months I have had duplicate transactions and missing transaction

At the end of 2018 after they 'upgraded' their web site I had lots and lots of duplicate transactions I identified which I brought to their attention and then they were then fixed. In early 2019 I noticed a missing transaction (my salary - who doesn't miss that!). The balance appears to have been correct the whole time but not the transactions. For example in December I would see two credits of $5 for the same thing but my bank balance went up correctly by $5 for one of them and didn't increase for the other one. When transactions were missing in early 2019 I could see the balance changing by more than the transaction. When they reset my account I could see that in fact three transactions were missing over the past week. I am told it's a known issue they are working on but can't advise when it will be fixed. I have never not been able to rely on a statement for a bank account. The first time I called the guy suggested leaving a message at the end to record the issue to maximise Rams being aware of the issue. I tried to do that and got a message that the mailbox was full. The people you speak do try and be helpful but the technology needs fixing ASAP. You don't know if people have paid you, it's impossible to budget properly etc.

Amazing Experience on Buying Our First Home

I found RAMS online 2 years ago and from the day I called them until we moved in to our new home, Jim from RAMS was the best support and knowledge that made the whole experience less scarier. We were never left to feel as we didn't matter. Even the smallest details were taken care for us. Jim spoke to us with the truth and helped as get approved for our loan fast and within our budget. Highly recommend !

Poor customer service

i apply for Refinance for RAMS and it was all good at the first process to get you in and sounds promising then after all the application is done it took four weeks to get the results. In between there was some follow up but just all promising but at the end it did not go through. It was basically a waste of time...


Darren at southern vales was recommend to us and was very helpful in organising my wife and I in what information to be provided for our home loan and refinancing. Thank you have recommended you to others. Chris and Sonya

Fantastic service and down to earth

Matt was so much help. My first home and first discussions around finance for it, he helped me collate information and armed me with questions to ask and things I should be aware of (even when I said I would be shopping around at other place)... at no point did I feel like I was dealing with a salesman.

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Hi Jack M, Congratulations on settling your new RAMS Home Loan and thank you for taking the time to post your feedback. We appreciate this as it assists in our continuous efforts to improve the service we provide to all of our valued customers. In order to pass this onto the relevant people involved, we would appreciate if you could provide us with Matt’s last name as well as the branch that you attended. Thank you again, Raymond

An informative and welcoming environment

My partner and I are beginning the process of building our first home. We met with Joe Delis in Adelaide and he was very thorough, gave us insightful information and we felt really comfortable with him; he walked us through the process and was also lovely to talk to aswell.

Worst ever home loan.

Very very disappointing. Promised call back after call back never happened. My home loan was is debit I kid not $2.48c and I received a demand notice that was referring to further notices that were never received! I even phoned the contact centre who basically told me to pay it immediately or risk losing my house! The kicker is that on I’m a direct debit that they take out at the end of the month. There was a computer clutch one moth that resulted in them taking less. I spoke to so many people re this but still it took them 3 months to correct. I have other issues with them as well we we asked for a parental leave application but was told we cannot have this and need to do financial hardship (even though we weren’t t behind) then when we called the person was so rude condescending and arrogant think his name was Andrew and still have not sorted out anything. we are changing ASAP.

Poor online platform and App

I opened this online account to receive a higher interest on our savings. Their online banking and App are terrible and do not compare with other online accounts. Closed after 3 months.

Lie after lie

Was stuffed around for over 2 months and lied to multiple times. They were all hard to deal. Ended up going with different broker and everything went through in 4 days. Useless waste of time going through rams.

It would be less painful to cut one of your own fingers off then to deal with RAMS

I dealt with RAMS Northern Adelaide ([name removed] from the Gawler store), and it was the most painful experiences of my life. Refinanced an existing home loan with them and then wanted another home loan (investment) to build. Was all going well, until the refinancing went through, and then once I had signed over, things changed. Never returned my calls, would say they would email stuff through in the next 24 hours.... 48 hours later still nothing, was constantly chasing them, had no interest in me at all. By dealing with them, and their tardiness, it delayed the building of my investment home by 3 months. Absolutely appalled. And every time i queried what was taking so long, i would only hear pathetic excuses, like admin girl was sick and we couldn't find your paperwork, and just pathetic stuff like that. Avoid RAMS at all costs. Once the pre-approval for the build was finally received, after over 100 days..... it was actually for $30k less than what it should have been, then took another 3 weeks to get the right amount. Their attention to detail was atrocious.

Poor customer service

Needed a simple account statement, Couldn't get from the online system, emailed customer service. Not helpful. You have to call them and queue on their waiting list for such a basic requirement.


Great follow up until you sign on the dotted line.
Then you can only expect poor follow up on promises such as interest rate decrease.
Took 6 months & several calls to change my address (even though the new address was for the new owner occupier home loan acquired with Rams??).
Everything is a mission with Rams compared to other banks.
Stay away if you can, not worth the time or hassles you have to endure to do very simple things.
Have you running around and making too many calls back to resolve any issues.
They are always sorry but each & everytime something happens...until the next time

Stay from RAMS!

We have just settled the home loan with RAMS. Always got problems. And their customer service is so poor and rude. We have repaid the monthly payment then 6 days later did another withdraw which the amount less the available fund. But Rams said we over withdrawed as the available fund showed in the internet banking doesn’t mean it real available! What a joke! As they said the loan repayments still processing... for 6 days still processing, seriously!!! You will never understand how they do the calculations...

Amazing service, guidance and ease from start to finish

We have just purchased our first home through RAMS and have nothing but great words to say about them. We had the pleasure of working with Matt McLean, Adelaide, who gave us outstanding customer service. From advising and guiding right through to completion and follow up, Matt was an absolute super star. We are now in our new home and loving it - thanks again Matt, we will keep you posted for house number 2 :)

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Questions & Answers

How can I get a discharge form from RAMs, I have been called couple time to 13 RAMs, feel so bad.
No answers

If Rams is owned by Westpac do they shop around to other lenders or do they just go through Westpac?
3 answers
They can only use westpac / st George products so very limitedDon't trust Rams, they sell people's houses without their consentThere’s no competition with Rams. From my experience they say they shop around but only go through Westpac as they are owned by Westpac.

My husband and I are going tho rams at the moment and are a bit stressed out that will not get approved as we been to see a lawyer and all ??
1 answer
Hi Kwhitby, I am sorry that you are stressed about your application and we would love to assist in hopefully relieving that stress. Can I suggest that you either ring your franchise to discuss your concerns or contact our service solutions department on 1300 858 772 . They can hopefully assist in this matter. Regards RAMS