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Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo

X61.II, X61.I, X76.I and X76.II
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badly designed

I bought this PURELY for my dogs and to commute to work and I thought to save money on petrol as smaller engine. because of this I now miss the things I loved about my previous Car which had multiple cup holders and cruise control and outside temp and a clock where I could see it!
Sadly this Kangoo has one just one cup holder. In a van, meant for tradies..... this small hole does not fit any keep-cups, the so called “holder” is also so shallow if you break heavily your drink goes flying out of the hole spilling everywhere and even more dangerously the bottle/cup flies onto your feet and pedals (?!)
Nowhere to put a phone holder other than buying a special holder and attaching to windscreen. The air vents are curved and I would not trust them to hold an aftermarket cup holder. The window mounted after market cup holders also do not fit as the window ledge is too wide...
The huge curved slab of plastic in front of you housing console, small middle storage hole (hard to reach when driving) and tiny speakers is fairly useless and the middle console has no clock in it or any other useful holes. No overhead storage.
The hand brake is badly positioned so another possible and only safe place for a cup to sit is inaccessible.
Stereo has one USB outlet. Cigarette lighter charging point is again awkwardly under the handbrake and faaaaarrrrr away from windscreen.
The fuel tank is small and although you fill it to absolute fullest, as soon as you drive off from petrol station one bar disappears from display? Only accepts 95 or 98 octane.

The doors slide rough after lots of use.
It gets me to work and back as a nurse. Has fitted into all car parks even with roof racks on.
As the model I got has no window in the left sliding rear door- attempting to cross and turn right across 3 lanes and stop in middle then merge with traffic is terrifying. You have NO visibility of oncoming traffic your are attempting to merge turn into.
Not serviced yet so will see what surprises are there. I note some serious major faults found and fixed under warranty with previous owner. Renault also added an extra year warranty for previous owner which covered me for a month after purchasing 2nd hand. If you want creature comforts buy a newer model with better features.

Purchased in July 2019 for $9,500.00.

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ABS Issue on 2016 Renault Kangoo Maxi , Service performance very questionable

Hi there,
I like to write about an ABS issue on my 2016 Renault Kangoo....
Its eye opening in regards to custoumer care by Renault on Warranty issues.
In Jan 2018 my car developed an ABS fault. ABS, ESC, TC , Hill holder, Eco gear shift indicator ( all connected to ABS system ) not working any more.
I was living in Jinderbyne at the time , so I tooke the car to the Renault Dealer in Albury.
Fault code was Left Rear Wheel Spreed Sensor Circuit malfunction.
They checked the left rear WSS and found it demaged by stones or debris ( On the rear wheels they are very badly protected ... have a look yourself... I fitted mudflaps behind the frontwheels now and deflectores in front of the rear Wheels. I also covered the openings in the " sensor - magnetic pole ring housing".)
Sensors had to come from France, 4 or 5 weeks later installed.... same fault reading.
Then they had the car for two days for more diagnostic.... could not find anything.
Tech department of Renault Australia ( Melbourne ) adviced to order a new ABS module.
It had to come from France. It had not arrived, when I moved back to the Blue Mountain Region on May 15.
It was talked over with the Service Manager there and Service manager at the Service Centre in Sydney that the ordered module would be sent to Sydney Dealership .
I left the Car with the Renault Service Centre in Sydney ( the Dealer I had purchased the car from in 9/16.) on the 15.of June 1918 and went onto a 12 weeks Europe trip).
Expecting the car to be fixed on my return early Sept.
But it was not : By Renault regulation the Sydney Service Centre was not permitted to take over the ABS unit.
Actually they started from the beginning. Changing WSS again then consulting Tech Dep Melbourne... comming to the conclusion that the ABS module should be changed..!! So they ordered one. It had to come fro France. When it arrived some 5 weeks later they realised it was the wrong one. A new one had to come from France.
When this finally was installed the Fault reading was still the same : Left rear WSS circuit
The situation was now : ABS and everything would work for some km , then fail , but reset itself after the car being switched off for about 2 hours .
I had observed that by light touching the brakes that there was some kind of a crunching noise from
the brakes or ABS Modulator...
That became worse by longer downhill drives and braking... eventually the ABS system shutting down, ABS/ESC light in dash iluminated..... after that the braking was perfectly ok, nonof this crunching noise.

I reported that and my suspicion of Brake Heat effect on the sensor or gap ( twice after carwash it had reset itself straight away ...) to the Service Centre in Sydney and Renault Melbourne ( tech Dep.)
I also asked if they would not hook up a scope and drive until the fault occures , watchinfg the WSS
output. I had told them , its not showing on a standard 5km testderive around the block.
They did not do any of this , because by then the Sydney Service Centre had been adviced by Rebnault Melbourne to replace the 3 ABS relevant elec. looms.... ( a very big job).
Looms had to come from France... And in Mid Febr 19 over 5 days installed ( stripping half of the car )..
And ... with no pos. result.... Still left rear WSS Circuit fault.
In total the car had now been at Cervice Centres 12 or 13 days , plus the 3 months.
In between I was driving the car , but for one year with a malfunctioning ABS.

Fair Trading got involved... Renault received a Rectification Order to fix the car within 30 days... 2 weeks for figuring out what to do , 2 weeks for the car to be in the workshop.
A gentleman from the Tech Dep. Renault Australia / Melbourne came up..... and together with the Mechanic they did eventually that long test drive with an diagnostic tool attached.
they noticed that after some time the speed reading of the left rear WSS dropped sligtly, and they noticed that slight noise/ action from the modulator... and then the shut down.....It was all fixed within 2 days...

Now , if you are techn. interested...: Guess what it came down to..
THE SENSOR GAP on the left rear WSS.
It was just a fraction out..... it is assumed that the stone which damaged the sensor in Feb 18 , also slightly changed the Position of the "clip in holder " of the sensor..

Now , I do not get any Response from Renault Australia Customer Service any more.
as they have neclected to read or response to my letters and observations over the one year nightmare.

Renault Customer Care gets half a star out of 5 from me......

The Kangoo itself.... Well , I have confidence again in the ABS system... It was a simple thing.
Otherwise : 58 000 on the clock , runns very well , consumption 5.6 l / 100 km ( its the 1.5 turbo diesel 6 speed manual ), Perfect handling , Driver compartment/ dash not to bad, lots of storage,
non of those advanced safety things, but rear parking sensors.

A few hours after I had written this Review, I get the long awaited answer by Renault Australia about the extendet warranty,
They have increased the roadside assistance now to 5 years matching the car warranty.
They did not have to do this...I see it as positive gesture by Renault Australia as a little compensation (more emotionally ) for the 1 year ABS nightmare.

Happy Motoring
Regards from Guenther Horst

Purchased in September 2016.


Why did you bother!

Given van version by insurer after accident,thanks ! Firstly it is like driving a dustcart it is much too "muscular" ie Chelsea tractor mould, around town is a constant nightmare of threading the needle in traffic. Next is the lack of engineering finesse, it bumps steers like no tomorrow, meaning any corner above 25 mph you may be 4" over frome entry combined with first problem......! Then usability it fails massively, you think you have a decent load space butt the doors conspire against you and there is a real hook in the profile of the door frame which beat the back of my head into submission to the point of entertaining in a genuflecting manner. Then there is the brakes,touch your foot against the pedal,nothing,drop a feather on your foot Emergency stop!! I've just been rear ended and they give me this! Again poor quality nothing to do with setup, it means feathering the brakes on approach to hazards to prevent rear car ingress .Plus points, I'm returning it when my VW gets better, thankfully I didn't have to pay to find this out!

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Engine Size1.2L
Date PurchasedSep 2018

Renault Kangoo - an impressive small van.

The Renault Kangoo - a joyfully French take on a small commercial vehicle.
The Kangoo is a likeable, economical and car-like van with character.
There is a range of options and accessories available to tailor the design as you wish.
At home in urban areas, the Kangoo is also excellent on highway trips.

Engine Size1.2L Turbo
Date PurchasedJun 2017

Excellent choice of work vehicle

My perfect work van,120K trouble free. Comfortable/Quite ride for long rural to short city driving. Great access to your cargo or tools of trade. Useful clearance for underground car parking even with roof racks fitted. Aftermarket rear air suspension easily fitted at low cost. Running expenses low stick to original Continental tyres as good for 50k +. Will definitely trade in for same again.

P.S. Speed limiter ideally suited for inner city 40K zones

Engine Size1.5L Turbo
Date PurchasedApr 2014

Terrible experience and big mistake on buying this van

Our company decided to purchase this Van last 20th Nov 2015 and Thought that the market price of this van was great but NO!!! Worse mistake on purchasing this one.

Our Renaul Kangoo Van started to have problem with the CLUTCH.

Our truck has only done 28000 km and the clutch on pick up has not been as good as the others and been to the fact that it was only small millage and only been driven around Melbourne CBD.
We are so disappointed with the quality of this Van and took it for SEVICE believing it will be UNDER WARRANTY!!

But to our dismay this Sales Manager at Essendon wanting us to pay and bill it for us and refuse to fix under warranty!

All of our trucks HINO, 2 x FUSO, HYUNDAI has never had a clutch problem and well looked after and been serviced on time.
Millage has only reached 28000km and this RENAULT was a big joke and let down to our business

Please do not buy from this manufacturer and look somewhere else with a good service warranty and can really look after not only the Truck/Van/Car but their customer too!!!! Customer Service are awful and don’t know how to look after their clients and very unprofessional.

Renault are your worst night mare

Engine Sizexxxxxxx
Date PurchasedNov 2015

Cooling system

Hi there,
The cooling system as we generally know it consists of a engine core circuit, a radiator circuit and a heater circuit.
Usually the heater circuit is an extension of the radiator circuit, and usually you can get warm air into the cabin after engine operating temperature is reached and the thermostate opens.
(Some Renaults have heater elements inside the heater circuit in order to deliver already warm air to the cabin for comfort and demister before opeeatin temp. is reached.
The 2016 Kangoo Maxi 1.5 diesel does not seem to have those heater elements.

However it already deliveres warm air to the cabin, when you switch the heater fan on ,before the thermostate opens at 84 celcius.

In this car the heater circuit seems to be independent from the thermostate.
The pipe of the heatercircuit comes from the block, goes to the heaterbox (which therefore always has the temp of the engine), from the heaterbox the pipe goes to the thermostate on the BLOCK SIDE.

The sideeffect of this is that the coolant temp / engine temp.
drops as far down as 55 Celcius (in the colder months) when you switch the heater fan on to full blast, and there is not much load on the car, like cruising on flat highway or downhill or idling.
Going up a long hill the temp. Will go up again,
eventually reaching thermostate opening temp.
Being on level ground again, the tenp. goes far down again.
Switching the heater off ..eveything goes back to normal... thermostate holds operating temp between 84 and about 80 Celcius regardless of load on engine.
So, we are looking at a total temp. range of 30 Celcius.
Renault is reluctant to comprehensively explain to me how the ECU and other car control mechanism can make the engine run to specification and efficiently over that 30 Celcius range.
All what they tell me : the engines are temprature efficient...
( but first the mastermechanic diagnosed a open stuck thermostate.....
And had told them ,that there are otherr Renault models doing the same.
It took them 4 weeks to get a new thermostate from Frace....and of course it did not change anything.
After that they came up with : its designed like this....)
And it is, but is it a design fault...?

Has anyone knowledge how exactly this cooling system works ,and do I need to worry about wear on parts / engine oel , exhaust particel filter, consumption ,when car is running so low on temperature. ( as it will when I live in Tassi ).

Any input would help.


March 21st 2018 Update: Service

My 2016 Ranault Kangoo Maxi has an ABS malfunction after 27000 km.
Also tracktion controll and ESC and Hill Start is out...
Some littele stones got into the rear wheel speed sensor set up and damaged the sensors...
This car has no flaps behind the front wheels and only little deflectors on the rear suspension... obviously not effective.

Repair is going to be done under warranty. ...however, those Speedsensors, mostlikely being the same in other Renault Imports are not on shelf in Australia, need to come from France.

Renaults Spare part policy is just ridiculous.


March 25th 2018 Update: Service

Hi there,
My 2016 Renault Kangoo is a Maxi 1.5 Turbo Diesel Manual, 6 speed manual.
I am happy about road performance, handling in particular. I have an actual fuel consumption of 6 L , with about 300kg above tara weight in the car, driving without aircon in the High Country...I consider this as good...Average in the Lowlands and more open road : about 5.6 L/ 100 km.

I am not happy with the spare part situation.
A wrongly open stuck diagnosed Thermostate had to come from France.
Now after about 28000 km ( about 1 to 5 % on 2WD gravel roads.) the rear wheel speed sensors are damaged by little stones getting into the assembly. Without those sensors there is no ABS, ESC, Hill holder..
Since the diagnosis, 3 weeks have past without an information about when it will be fixed.

My recommendation : if you are in the market for a new car... do not only check Specs and gadgets.... get as much info as possible about known problems with a particular car , check Service references and in particular spare part policies of the company...
Also check response of the main customer service of that manufacturer.

Safe motering
Guenther ( Horst )

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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This is Guenther. (Horst) I am adding some more info I was given by Renault Melbourne. The X61.11 ( 2013-17) Kangoo Maxi 1.5 L diesel manual : The heater circuit is independent of the thermostate. It is not an extension of the Radiator circuit, but is an extension of the engine core cooling circuit (my comment). The engines are made to produce little heat. ( heat is wast energy). The engine might under certain low load situations ( idling, long down hill) produce less heat than the heater fan will take away to heat the cabin, when set high. This will result in a dropping engine operating temp. Which is (otherwise) controlled by the therostate between 84 and high 70 ties Celsius. Renault calls full heater setting and long low load " unusual operation" One can agree with this. One does not need to leave the heater full on, position 4.. But also on a 3/4 heater/fan setting and low load, the engine temp drops below usual operating temp. to about 70 C. Now Renault tells me ( there is no proof given ), that the engine will run to spec. at that lower temp. The wrong diagnosis at first ( open stuck thermostate ); then later they said : the way the system operates is consistent with other models, so its ok ; then their reluctance to answer comprehensivly ... I am still suspicious. One also has to keep in mind that by connecting the heater circuit to the engine core cooling circuit ,there is now approx. the double amount of coolant to be heated up to get the engine to operating temp. In my opinion that cannot be good. How bad it is for the engine and other parts I do not know. Renault did not answer that. General Review: The positives of the car: Very good handling, good turbo set up. I like the dash lay out , there is also sufficiant storage on the Maxi (also overhead storage). It has cruise controll ,speed limiter, traction controll , hill start assistance, reverse sensors, blue tooth, steeing controlls, good size mirrors, head light adjustment. Good overal performance. 15000 km service interval +\- manual gear box is smooth and dynamic. I would have liked the first gear to go lower down on speed. 10 km is minimum, which is more than double walking speed.. In stop go, slow traffic, one uses the clutch a lot. Also reverse is too fast for my taste. Brakes: they certainly stop the car fast. But they need to get used to. They can be inconsistent when using in short sequences. By the second applying the brakes might come in harder. Negative: After sales service from Renault Melbourne, and McCarrolls Artarmon dealership. Spare part situation. The thermostate which was needlessly exchanged had to come from France. Took 3.5 weeks. Car has rust on cast iron parts. (Engine , suspension ,diveshafts, brakes.) Which has been declared as superficial.. I still think that a new car should not have rust. But all the new Renault, I have checked, they have. Whilst legal , the "new" car I bought had been standing around in Australia for 9 months. An advice: do the testdrive with the actual car you purchase, check everything , also underneath, check manufacture and compliance plate. Happy motoring Guenther

Not highly recommended

Nice car to drive but not a driver friendly inside, the handbrake is an obstacle under the gearbox stick, The door side pocket unusable while driving except for a drink bottle. I find it very noisy even when in neutral as if it's a Diff or bearing noise. for a small van I took it back to the dealer workshop and they blamed the type of Tyres. although all over the van is ok I will NOT buy a Kangoo ever again I will go back to the Citroen Berlingo which I drove for 10 years without any issue. I forgot the worst Bluetooth ever, every one I talk to say they can't hear me and ask if I can get off it. It's going back to the dealer workshop for hopefully repair. The navigation system I put is too far to reach, I need to undo my seatbelt to change direction.

BadgeRenault Kangoo
Engine Size1.6L
Date PurchasedOct 2016

Maxi Crew is excellent

This is the perfect mini van for my business needs as sometimes I carry things and other times people. The manual is better as you have more control. I love this car. It has all the modern comforts but not the hassle of a big van. I can park in shopping centres.......van owners you know what I mean.

Engine Size1.5L Turbo
Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great little van.

Recently traded in my 2014 Renault Traffic van for a 2016 kangoo maxi van.Fantastic around city compared to a bigger van.Just like driving a go cart.I work as a courier around Sydney and the more manoeuverable(spelling?) kangoo is great.Very car like in its handling.Ive only had it for around a mth but its good.It does whats its meant to do I suppose.Can fit a pallet in the rear doors.Fairly cheap to run,but its not giving me the same klms out of a tank that I got from the much bigger trafic,considering the trafic had a 2ltr engine and was auto.This van is a 1.5ltr and manual.At the moment I'm getting about 900klms out of a tank.The trafic gave me around 1150..Maybe after its first service it might be better so I'm told.Maybe its tuned to run a little on the rich side until its run in.? But I'm fairly happy with it.The only things I could fault with it are probably only little annoying things like the drivers seat belt latch.With the seat extended to its max height,i smack my knuckles on the console nearly every time I push the seat belt back in because the stalk isn't long enough with the seat in high position.Maybe I have big feet but I'm constantly crashing feet when braking or using the clutch.The pedels I feel are just a fraction too close together.The only other thing I would say is I miss having the left side window in the sliding door in the back.Sometimes its only guess work when reversing or turning out of some streets.I could get one fitted but not sure what that would cost but will see how I go with it.I got both my vans from Brian Hilton Renault in Gosford and both times I got a great deal and certainly they bent over backwards to get things done for me. I suggest if your up that way and are looking for a Renault,track down Lindsay Brown in the new car showroom.If anyone can get you into a new car he can.Nothing is too much trouble..

Engine Size1.5L Turbo
Date PurchasedAug 2016

Too complex to maintain

Any Renault with a al4or dpo transmission, this unit suffers from debris from the friction clutches with the steel spacers pumping the debris around the unit causing damage to valve body/solinoids/seals/bearings/bushings /torque converter, the fluid for these units HAS TO BE FULLY SYNTHETIC, not dextron 2 or 3 or semi synthetic, these units run hot and have poor cooling and I'm in the UK, the unit has a condition sensor that measures heat/viscosity and will flag the computer to limp mode,lock out if the fluid gets thin, another fault probably caused by debris is the converter lock up not locking up between shifting this causes the engine rev up because the converter can't lock the drive to to the diff/wheels and it thuds in it can flag limp/lockout,

Basically this unit has been designed to make millions for Renault dealerships, even if you replace the emv valves/solinoids you need to upgrade the software, if you think you can reset the gearbox computer with an after market diagnostic unit think again because the Renault clip software is only used by transmission shops and Renault,
There is a counter in the computer that has to reset after fluid is added, our Renault modus does not have a drain plug but did manage to get 2 ltrs out via the condition sensor at the bottom of the box, I did not have the engine running at the time but will try that one later .

Right diggers that's my take on the Renault automatic al4 /dpo as fitted a lot of Renaults
Hope it helps !

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Engine Size1.6L
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ok me again i took the bull by the horns drained the transmission ,undid the drain plug put an 8mm allen key up there and took out the level tube ,with one wheel off the ground started the engine and put it through all the gears ,switched off left in neutral to drain ,after it drained i put the drain plug back in leaving out the level tube poured 4ltrs of white spirit in the fill plug and started the engine putting it through all the gears with the tiptronic and the and then again with it in automatic ,drained it all out started the engine once again put it through the gears then let drain ,put the level tube back in started the engine left the gears in neutral and poured the new fluid in until it started to run out the level plug put the plug back in went for a drive bought it up to temp then kicked its RS down the carriageway it was strange because it shifted as smooth as silk i had to keep checking what gear it was in with the tiptronic ,it drives like a dream ,now i have to do is take it down to the transmission shop and get the counter reset to zero in the computer . RENAULT,S /PEUGEOT,S/CITROEN,S all used this gearbox for years ,even if you dont want to flush the box CHANGE THE FLUID AT 30,000 MILES !

Not for tall drivers.

I've done 12,000km on my Kangoo PHII petrol, so far so good.

Clock's accurate, plenty of torque, no problem hauling a load of tools, roof rack, will easily do 100km/h even with a 600kg enclosed trailer in tow.

Manual gearbox shifts very well, handles well on the street, rides great (in fact best riding car I've ever owned!), fairly quite on the open road.

Best tank to date of 6.0l/100km in all city use, around 8 with the trailer in the city.

Problems? I'm 6'0" tall and really can't drive the thing for more than an hour, If I do I can barely walk when I get out. The seat height adjuster is useless because it also moves the seat forward, and the seat is already all the way back on it's runners. At a guess, I'd suggest a long test drive if you're any taller than 5'6".

Electric steering is too light, brakes are also too light and inconsistent (sometimes just feathering the pedal will stand the van on it's nose).

MP3 stereo doesn't like some files (you try finding the possibly one offending file among 8GB or more).

Sliding doors 'rock' when closed - not a problem so far - but you wouldn't get that with a VW.

Stupid central locking design derived from passenger cars. Again see VW on how to do it for a working vehicle.

Above all, don't pay for the 'factory fit' floor mats (or any other 'dealer' option). My dealer bought some ribbed rubber mat from Bunnings ($10/metre - I checked) and cut them with a box cutter. Only charged me $250 for them.

As such, I won't be going to Renault for anything other than warranty work. I'm worried they might fill my engine with vegetable oil and use coffee filters for the oil filter.

I didn't buy a Caddy as my Transporter has had/ still needs $32K worth of work at 40K km. No car is perfect but VW AU are the biggest jokers.

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Engine Size1.6L


I used the van for work from new to 30,000km. By 5000km one of the drive shaft mounts had come loose/worn out and I was told not to drive it anymore (by Renault) until a replacement had been sourced from France. This took 3 weeks. From new the dash would occasionally not work, this was replaced twice. The clock has never kept accurate time, it would lose 5 minutes every two weeks. Renault had 4 attempts at fixing this with no result. I got tired of taking it in so I gave up. How hard is it to make a clock show reasonable accurate time? my microwave has been doing it for years...
The gearbox (automatic). yuck...the ratios were obviously used because they had them laying around, not because they were suited to the engine/vehicle.

When it changes from 1st to 2nd, you could feel it slipping for the first 3 or 4 seconds before it would finally engage the gear correctly, this was very annoying. It would constantly try to go into 4th gear, to the point where it would sound like it was pinging when moving slowly. The transmission has a 'manual' mode, I'm unsure of the point of this as it would force up/down changes anyway, nor would it let you select a gear it thought was wrong, which meant any form of engine braking could not be done.

The engine (petrol) has very little torque, combined with the gearbox design it was always out of breath, or way below its peak torque, which seemed to be 4500-5000rpm.
I had the van full of tools and ladders on the roof. This meant it was basically limited to 100kmh unless going down hill. Forget trying to overtake slower cars, it cannot be done. The road noise is very loud while on the highway, making the handsfree pretty useless. It would average 13L/100km, meaning it had to be filled up...a lot!
Renault service is terrible. It first service I was told was so cheap ($350), was because 'we didn't do anything'.
Another fun thing I found was that if you have a flat tyre, the design of the jack handle hits the ground while it is at it lowest point. Luckily I was on gravel and could dig a hole to allow it to turn and wind the jack up.

The only good point I can think of is it handled quite well.

I was a good day when I swapped it for a slightly older Renault Trafic, in the short time I have driven the Trafic, it appears to be built for a purpose, not a price tag.

A VW caddy is more expensive simply because it is a far far far superior van. I would never personally buy any Renault after having the Kangoo

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Engine Size1.6L

A Little Different But A Nice Experience

It is easy to get to like this vehicle, once you find the car jack that is "hidden" inside the spare wheel and the handle for the jack under the bonnet. It is also full of screws and bolts that have a star head with six points, not a phillips head but a torx head. The model of van I am talking about has the two vertical doors at the rear, one wide, one narrow. Incidentally the doors can be detached from their swing limiters so they can fold right back and improve the view for doing reversing tricks, like floating a boat. I am enjoying the good car-like ride on my new Bridgestone CAT radials. I have bought the car new, so part of the confidence I have is about the car being under warranty. All of the good things that are said about this vehicle are fairly true,however,it is only a two seater and it is unclear if the third seat conversion in the cargo bay is available for australian vehicles but for me it is the perfect car.
I have the 2008 1.5 diesel version and I like it very much. Important to me is:The air conditioner provides a lot of cool air without sapping strength from the engine.The passenger seat folds down flat so I can easily move belongings to the next rented apartment.The engine is not designed for spinning the wheels at the traffic lights but it will easily pull a 15ft dingy up a boat ramp. The sliding door at the drivers side (rear) is great for loading groceries. It is cheap to run.
The car is a little expensive. There were some after sales warranty issues like, It needed some anti rattle tape in the cargo bay panels,the plastic covering on the ignition key was defective and some metric star head screws had to be imported to fix the sunvisor. When driving the vehicle the blinker and wiper controls are opposite to other vehicles and the passenger side rear door needs a glass window to fix a blind spot.

Engine Size1.5L Turbo
I have an 08 and so far have had 3 new engine mounts ,all on the same side, a new fuel pump,have rear windows put in on both sides as backing is a problem,lost all power and was towed away,never told what that was! very poor after sales and warenty expire service especially if you live in the country,thats a tow truck ride over $150.00 every time.back door sticks and jams.all round very poorLove the car hate the service. Listen to this, my Kangoo started losing coolant so I took it to Renault to get it repaired. I explained that I believed it to be a head gasket issue having had the head gasket replaced twice already in 60000 klms. No they in their wisdom replaced the pressure bottle and cap, the water pump and had the radiator pressure tested. Then finally they pulled the head off only to discover that it was warped. Now the long wait for parts, special tools and available mechanic began. So far it has been sitting at Essendon Renault for 3 MONTHS and still waiting. Considering I rely on this van to run my business it is extremely frustrating. Fortunately the van is still under warranty and after 2.5 months they have loaned me another van but I can't believe how inefficient Renault service is. A couple of years down the track, my excellent little Kangoo has some unusual electrical problems. At 40000km the instrument panel needs replacing, fortunately under warranty, but at 60000km and out of warranty the aircon fan wont switch off, even when the ignition is off. The replacement of a resistor costs $400. These are faults that I have never seen in my life, in any of my cars. It makes me wonder, what country my electrical components were made.

Renault Kangoo Lemon

Beware: do not buy this car. I purchased a 2009 model and I used it in my cleaning business. It's done only 40,000 km but in that time I have changed a cylinder, starter motor, the entire air con system and all out of warranty. Roughly $6K of work. Now this week I am told the computer is broken which is another $2-3K. I bought it because it was the only auto van in market and was good price. Worse mistake ever and to rub salt into the wound Renault Australia that is run under Nissan could not give a toss about my concerns. French are good at wine, cheese and running away from wars. Cars. No. Disgrace.
Cyclinder broken. Starter motor. Air con system.

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Engine Size1.6L

Cheapest option in class

Let's put this in to perspective, if you need a small automatic van, you really only have 2 real options, that being the VW Caddy or the Renault Kangoo. When I compared similar aged/ Km's / spec the Kangoo was considerable cheaper. We purchased a 2008 Kangoo with 40,000km and a full Renault service history. The van has many different drivers and needed to be full-proof, which it has been. Three years latter the car has 80,000km and a few mechanical issues. I made the mistake of servicing the vehicle through a non Renault dealer, thinking I was saving money. Instead small mechanical issues became bigger and when I finally went to the experts in Kangoos, Renault, they fixed the problems straight away and proactively fixed other small probs. Ok it cost over a thousand dollars to fix the engine mounts, air con pulley, service and other alignments, but now lesson learnt to service regularly through a Renault dealer. I wonder how many others have gone down the same path??? As a final note I have placed an order for a brand new Kangoo, with a 5 year warranty. I could tailer the order to exactly what I wanted and about 10 k cheaper then the VW Caddy!
Best value in class. Easy to drive
Needs to be well looked after at a Renault dealer

Engine Size1.6L
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Great van, just lacking some more seats

I've owned a Kangoo since new, picking it up on April Fools Day, 2006. Since then, the van's reliability has been nothing short of remarkable: apart from the coil packs. Every single one factory installed has failed, and within 3 years. The replacements haven't missed a beat. It's also a pity there has never been additional seating offered, as can be found in Europe.

As a car, it drives better than any other small van, apart from VW Caddys. Blows my old Combo out of the water. I can fit anything I want into it, the dog has a nice space to sit in, and the ride is comfortable enough to drive to Queensland and back with ease. (done this 4 times) Even the wife enjoys sitting in it!

Great car.
Cheap to run, reliable as all get out.
Coil packs failed, servicing can be expensive...

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Engine Size1.6L
Date PurchasedApr 2006
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I have had the exact same experience as Andy. looking forward to my next Kangoo. just love it. Baden.

Absolute load of rubbish

Rides as rough as guts Very noisy The automatic transmission is very poor with falling back to second gear at free way speeds engine light comes on and you have to shut the engine down and restart Replaced gearbox now its worse Had a Combo before this it wasn't great but at 200k km it drove better and more quietly than the Kangoo Eurotrash
It moved
Eurotrash enough said

Engine Size1.6L
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Rotor's experience is scarily similar to mine. Done over 200k in my work vehicle and am trying to nurse it till new car arrives. Dropping back in gear unexpectedly when at full freeway speed can be a real fright for the driver, and be a real safety concern as well. Agree with idea re engine shutdown and restart when engine light appears. My experience is that car needs warm up at first start-up for day and needs to be taken through gears very gently along quiet roads for 10-15 mins to avoid above problem. Then it seems to drive problem-free for rest of day.

unreliable, costly, total regret buying this car

2006 Kangoo Renault - bought brand new. I have replaced the alternator twice, fuel pump, starter motor and now the transmission. Also the paint is fading badly particulary on the roof and bonnet. It is very unreliable. Parts are difficult to source in Australia. No after sales service!!!!!!!! A nightmare to own
originally purchased as it was converted for a wheelchair car
Major mechanical problems.

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Engine Size1.6L


compact practical and comfortable. Great work horse. Zippy engine and all the creature comforts of most passenger cars. More pricey than Combo but combo has no features, cheaper than Caddy and more eye catching. Great billboard for any business
car like drive, dual side loading dorrs 2 airbags ABS a/c as standard
diesel option would be a winner. 1.5 Dci is top unit

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Engine Size1.5L Turbo

Questions & Answers

Where is the transmission dip stick on a Renault kangoo 1.6L 2013 Thank you
1 answer
Mine is with a manual 6 speed gear box... Only the dip stick for the engine oil there. A hint here. On some engines the engine oil settles down much slower than the usual 10 minutes given in the User Manual. If you top up on such an engine to max mark after 10 min , you will see its much above max mark next morning... And this is bad.... Guenther

My Kangoo has a leak that seems to becoming down the inside of the dash and pooling on the passenger side floor? any ideas where the leak could be as I cannot find it.
No answers

Do I need to take out the radiator in order to remove the automatic gearbox to change the solinodes?
No answers


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