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Renovator Paint Runner Pro

Renovator Paint Runner Pro

1.9 from 250 reviews

Disappointed what a wast of money!!!!!!

I had High expectations of using this product the extension pieces are not strong enough to hold a roller full of emulsion/paint after about 3 minutes of using the roller on my kitchen ceiling the the cap that holds the emulsion in popped out and the spillage of emulsion covered my kitchen floor spent 2 hours cleaning the mess up i could not trust this roller any further this item has been dispatched to the rubbish bin where it belongs would definitely not recommend anyone else to waste there money.

Actually a great tool

Bought it and was more than sceptical. Fill it with paint. Rolled it continuously until paint completed soaked through. Rolled it in the walls and it was brilliant, with absolutely no drips!!! Probably people who can’t follow instructsions don’t like it!!

Piece of cheap junk

Read the instructions even watered down paint was still trying to finish one small wall (which looked a mess with p r pro ) when my wife who said I was an idiot for believing the advert finished the other 3 wall with cheap b&q roller what a con

Like every one else i wish i had read the review's first

Like most reviews that have been posted i had high expectations of this product, i didnt even get to use it before it started falling to pieces, the extention pole is to weak to hold a roller full of paint, and when i emptied it after abandoning the job the cap that holds the paint in broke of,some one needs to make a superior version of this product it could be great

Excellent Product

Bought this from Argos last week and used it today to paint a bedroom. After reading some of the reviews I decided to put down painting sheets but as it turned out I could have saved myself the bother. Not a drop of paint was lost, I had bought 7.5lt of paint to do the room but only used about 3? This paint roller was super for the job and the little cutting in roller was also pretty good. The corner tool was no better than using a brush but overall a very good product. The washing out was nearly as long as the painting and the quote of paint a room in 20 minutes I think must be on a modern square boxed house.

Are You Kidding Me!

Far and away the WORST painting product I have ever bought. I spent an hour painting a wall and another hour cleaning all the dripped paint from the floor - the legacy of this "dripless" roller.
And as for being seamless - my wall looked the shunting yard of a major train station. I had to redo the wall with a conventional roller.
This product has since been dispatched to where it belongs - the rubbish bin.

Awful piece of equipment

Paint will not come through, hard to use and roll. does anyone have the address for company please? Brought this as a xmas present was a waste of money completely

I love it

If I was to read and listen to all the negative reviews I would never have discovered such a wonderful piece of kit.
The large roller atkes about 1 litre of paint. IT took a little wqhile to prime but once it had then it flowed through nice and evenly. The paint layer on the wall is much more even and was ready for the second coat by the time I had the all the wall done with first coat.
Beautiful smooth finish as well.
The cutting in tool I mhave to admit I didn't enjoy as much and just used a brush... maybe need to have another go at that.
It has cut my painting time by more than a half - its gives a lovely finish and I would highly recommend it.
I agree with previous reviewers - you need to be able to paint to get the best out of it. Its not going to make a non painter into a professional.

Don"t bother. a big con.

Absolute rubbish, unless you have thin trade paint, it will not work, the stress levels trying to get it to work properly is unbelievable. Should have a heatlh warning on it.

Fell Apart

bought this from high street TV and it fell apart first time I tried to use it £30 straight in the bin. Not worth the money doesn't work at all

Waste of money and time

The roller handle broke after one use. When using, paint comes out thicker at the edges, Smaller roller kept falling off handle. Cheap plastic and a mess to clean up, Even filling is messy and takes several fills for a floor. Lucky it was used for a floor. I cannot imagine using it for wall or ceiling.

Great Tool

Used it today for the 1st time & being a builder I was a bit sceptical! But it was great ( if you read the instructions) make sure the paint is not too thick ( water down) & your away , you can’t paint a average room in 20 mins

Terrible waste of time

The handle kept falling off the gadget to cut in and so paint everywhere. Took ages for any paint to come through the sponge then dried all patchy. Terrible to try to clean... the whole product a waste of £30 !

Not a good product to get

Paint runner pro yep i have it took me 3 hours to try and cover 3 walls i used the edger the head came of while i was cutting in the side's. So i had emulsion all over even tried tapping in the handle still came off. So i had to clean the mess up again. Ended up using a good old fashioned paint brush to cut the edging in . The roller it took for ever for emulsion to came through walls are all patchy so this morning i have to go over the walls with my trusty hand roller

December 20th 2018 Update: This product is rubbish

I bought this paint runner pro and wished i never did. When i contacted them about a refund they told me to water my emulsion down . So i got i touch with them for a secound time for a refund because the edger head will not stop on and i should not have to water my emulsion down. After trying it again still did not cover the walls 3 walls 3 hours still pachy so when i tried to contact them for the 3rd time. I could not get through i believe they have blocked me after i told them my problems with paint runner pro i have had this product for ten day so i have now put it in the bin £29.99 yep it's in the bin i will not buy anything from high street tv ever again.

What a waste of money.

Loads of paint wasted, saturated in the roller sponge, patchy allocation, it also keeps falling apart whilst using, the end stopper keeps popping off. Rubbish product, so advice is save your money and don't purchase this product.

absolute crap

Don`t buy it, couldn`t get either one to prime properly then the handle broke on the big one.
Even ordering was a joke because i had to chase them up to send it. But they was quick to take the money.
Absolute crap


It took a long time for the paint to finally work its way through the roller and on to the wall-painted patchy at first. When I went to clean it- it completely fell apart- the fabric came away from the roller, so even if I did want to use it again, I could not- and now I cannot get a hold of the company to get my money back-
BUYER BEWARE- not worth the money


I had to give this 1 star as 0 was not an option. Thought this may be better than using normal roller. Started off OK, followed instructions to the letter. Then bits of flock started coming off on wall and then whole thing came away from frame completely, and paint started pouring out and just about managed to stop the paint from covering the floor. Fortunately it was only an undercoat so no real damage done to surface of the wall. Biggest waste of money ever. Will be going back to good old fashioned roller and tray at least I know that works. May be a little more time consuming but if you want my opinion don't bother with the Paint Runner Pro. Not worth the risk or the money.

No good

Dripped paint - roller material gave poor finish - went straigh to landfill + my true comments would not get published so buyer beware - good quality roller far superior in my view.

Total waste of money!

Left the wall very patchy and leaked more paint than it put on the wall.The side fell of after doing maybe 3 metre square.I don't normally do reviews but save your money instead of making someone rich from a dodgy informertial!

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Questions & Answers

How do you change the pad?
No answers

How long does it for paint to absorb on sponge
2 answers
I didn’t dilute the paint I pour it straight in. It does take a few minutes I just keep rolling it until it starts to come through. Maybe 5 minutes.Waited and waited nothing happened now its leaking all over

How much water do you mix with 5ltr for paint runner
1 answer
I didn’t dilute it at all I just put it straight in and rolled it until it soaked through