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Reolink RLC 410

Reolink RLC 410

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Reolink RLC-410WS Very Satisfied with Product & Service

Just wanted simple and basic WiFi camera around $100. Purchased it online.
Set up was easy. Android App is working no problem. Recorded picture is clear.
So overall very happy with this Security camera.
On top of that the support system was excellent too.
Once I had a issue with the connection, I contacted the support center via email and response was very quick! (Even at Xmas period)
They guided me step by step for the trouble shooting and suggested if it’s still not working, it’ll be sure covered under warranty.
After all it was nothing wrong and just our internet issue after the storm.

Good CCTV easy install

The Reolink Cameras were called some of worlds first power over the internet. POE. it means you dont need a separate cord for power and one for internet, you can simply plug an ethernet cord into the camera ,then to a box thats it . Very simple.

Good picture , good audio. Perfect for home use this model. If you want a bigger focus from over 15 metres away i would go with a more expensive camera from Reolink. This one is quite cheap.
the 4 Mega pixel image proves the old 1 mega pixel cameras to be dinosaurs in comparison.
You can catch people and view them very clearly. Also good to scare off criminals living near you and the hundreds of potential theives and rapists ,child nappers roaming the streets that look for an easy target.

The Reolink mobile phone app lets you control and monitor your cameras and recordings from anywhere in the world, so you can watch your home or buisness. Also the NVR bought separately can record onto a HDD 24 hours with motion sensors activating the recording or you can just record continuously.

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Hi White Snake. Where did you buy your Reolink camera(s) from and how was support if used?
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