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Ritter 07RT679

Ritter 07RT679

4.6 from 5 reviews

Good slicer but guide to knife short

This is a very practical and compact slicer. It packs up nice and small so you can place in cupboard. Slices bread really well and provides variety of width for the bread. However, the guide that stops the handle from going into the knife is too short so you accidentially have the guide going into the knife. This has happended to me on too many occasions. Once this happens the guide is sliced and the knife is bent.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Love it!

Compact slicer. Doesn't take up much room unlike others I looked at. Light weight. Easily lifted. But robust enough to carve all our Christmas ham. We slice bread 2 or 3 times per week. Carves corned beef beautifull. Can shave meat finely and can slice bread from sandwich thickness to toast thickness. You have to hold the thickness adjuster while slicing (otherwise is gets gradually thicker) but I think that is a safety feature. For thick cuts of meat you MUST allow the unit to go at its own speed.....don't force it. Has protective shield to protect fingers. Unit comes completely apart for cleaning. Don't expect it to be like a delicatessen slicer but it certainly does the job at home. I give it 5 stars for a home meat slicer. A little more expensive than Sunbeam (not very good reviews) but German engineering sold it for me.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Happy So Far

Bought this to have even slices of roast meat and bread. Can slice reasonably thick slices of bread from bread making machine. I don't use the measurement on knob but just use my eye for judging thickness. Needs to be thoroughly cleaned after slicing meat. Comes completely apart but I always have trouble putting it back together. Have only had it a month so will probably get the hang of it eventually! Conveniently folds up for storage.


I bought this because, although I make very nice, sourdough bread, my husband doesn't like the way I slice it. Apparently, it isn't even enough for his taste, so I bought this for him. Now he slices the bread perfectly and I don't have to do it anymore. Seriously though, it is a beautiful, little machine, compact , easy to keep, store and a very reasonable price.

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Well, three years on and this little machine is still working very well. Would thoroughly recommend this product.

Great Value for Money

Bought this to slice bread, which it does perfectly. After years of struggling to evenly slice bread maker loaves, the Ritter does the job with ease. I haven't tried slicing cold meat with it yet but expect that it will be good at that also. I just wanted to write this review because I am more than happy with this purchase. Only $145 for a German made machine is pretty good.

Questions & Answers

I'm looking for a slicer to cut handmade bacon rashers from pork belly. Would this slicer slicer be up for the job? All the images show it cutting sausage shaped meats.
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Hello, I have only sliced sourdough with this machine . It's robust and the blade is razor-sharp. I don't think there will be any issues with your bacon rashers. It has a guide to keep things straight and folds away neatly.

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