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Ronson Meat Slicer

Ronson Meat Slicer

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RONSON BRAND........and after sales service OR lack OF....

I got one of these years ago and the screw holding the blade on snapped, so the slicer is now useless, I sent an email to the company twice and they said a rep would contact me, (twice) I'm still waiting......
I recommend if you are having any problems with any RONSON products throw them in the bin and get a better brand next time. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND.

Date PurchasedDec 2007

Still going strong!!!

Oh I guess we have probably had our for 30 years?? Not really sure but it is still going strong ... I was just using it and thought ... I wonder if I can get a replacement blade??

Date PurchasedApr 1997

Excellent slicer, but the design needs work!

I notice that while this is classed as a meat slicer, most of the positive reviews have come from people slicing bread. I haven’t tried it for that, but I do use it to cut up roast meat. Positive: it cuts extremely easily, evenly and neatly, and is a joy to use. Negative: it is, as one reviewer wrote, impossible to clean properly. If you cut bread, I suppose crumbs are the biggest of your worries, but I’m talking about meat juices with gravy. There are numerous parts to this slicer, and all of the removable ones seem to have been designed for people with dishwashers. I’m the dishwasher here, and I am frustrated with the little nooks and crannies that are hard to clean and impossible to dry. Then there’s the main unit - I can’t put it into water, of course, so I try to clean tiny little smears and fragments with cotton buds, corners of sponges etc - and still the thing’s not clean. I can’t believe that it’s not possible to make something that is easier to clean. I use mine probably four or five times a year - and I love it, then I get frustrated at it. Five stars for cutting; one star for cleaning, so I’ll average it out at three stars.

Best all rounder slicer around for years .

We bought it to slice our home made bread about 1998 we have used it to slice ham and almost any thing that we need portioned into not wasted bits cheese is the only thing it has difficulty getting through the blade has never been sharpened and it still is cutting well
It will cut up meat to keep up with the family budget no waste
Not made of stainless steel.

very happy user

I have used one for 13 or more years and am so satisfied with it that I am now looking for another one as the plastic is aging and I don't know where to get the blade sharpened. I bake my own bread and only use it for that. I makes a large loaf. I recently tried another brand but had to return it as it was only suitable for a square loaf.
Very easy to use and clean

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i don't suppose you would still have the manual,i was given one but i don't know how to put it together or how to use it

Reliable Ronson Meat Slicer

I used this for over 10 years and it only needs to be cleaned properly. If you do not remove all the easily removable panels food will spoil and smell. However this is easily done. I can not think of a food processing product on the world market that does not need proper cleaning. So am mystified at the other poor review here. Recommend this to anyone who needs a compact slicer. We use it for bread and calculated I have baked over 6 tonnes and sliced all the loaves with the Ronson.
Simple easily cleaned removing the panels
I would have liked a guard, I broke it mishandling and needed to glue it to repair. It still works well.

Wish I never bought it

I own this product for a decade and although it is rubbish I kept it for occasional meat and ham slicing. Now it started to smell from inside where motor and other parts are located. There are six screws holding main cover plate covered by plastic bungs which I destroyed in order to get on heads. Done that and there is seventh screw where cutting blade fits and head of that screw is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is split in middle by pin so normal screwdriwer won't fit. I understand about concern being electrocuted to stop unauthorised person meddle with it but this is carried to extreme. Now unless I find proper tool which I already decided not to left me to throw it into rubbish where it belongs.I also plan to inform all my friends about true state of your product. Why did I bother at all is really past now and make sure this will not happen to anybody else.I am from Europe and I know other slicers. They may not be perfect but when it is time to get rid of them doesn't leave you with rage as your product did.It was cheap but even cheapness could be better handled.
This is greatest rubbish product I have ever came across

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I used this model slicer for over 10 years with no issues, easy to clean and reliable. We used it daily with bread baking, 14 loaves per week and meat slicing. Reading the other review the person makes no sense to me unless they failed to clean behind the blade housing. Can't blame the product for stupidity.

Questions & Answers

are the Ronson Meat Slicer available, if yes, please send me dealers in Western Australia? Contact details, my e-mail address is as follows. muffy_pedro4u@iinet.net.au thank you Peter
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Hi. I am also looking for assembly instructions please !Any help?
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Hi. I'll put in what I sent to someone else who wanted some instructions. If none of this makes sense, your model is different from mine!  Blade:  It’s VERY SHARP.  To remove, switch off at wall, unplug slicer.  Blade can be removed by gripping grey coloured centre of blade, and turning it 90° clockwise.  Blade can then be removed for cleaning (and for cleaning behind the blade).  To replace blade, put it into position, and turn it 90° anticlockwise. Width of cut:  Adjustable on my model by turning the large knob on the opposite side of the machine to the cutter blade.  Width of cut is shown on the top of the machine. Operation:  There is a safety switch that requires two things to be held at once.  Press grey button on the end in, and grey button on the top down at the same time.  This is a left hand job; the right hand will be pushing the meat or whatever past the blade. Cleaning:  Obviously, never put main body of the thing in water - never put any electrical thing in water!  That was my main complaint with the cutter - there are little corners on the main body that are very hard to clean out - cotton buds, tissues etc may be helpful. It’s a bit of a hassle getting all the bits put together. I guess it’s easier to clean with the thing disassembled, but unless you assemble it regularly, it’s easy to forget where the bits go.  The main one I have trouble with is the sliding bit that the meat or whatever sits on - it has to be placed on the bottom tray in a very precise place or it won’t slot in.  The correct place on mine is found when two little grey arrows, one on the bottom tray and one on the sliding tray, line up. As I said, if I can help further, let me know. And if you need some photos showing the thing disassembled, and partly assembled, let me know.Thank you Peter. I've just bought a 2nd hand as-new slice but no manual. Thank you for your post which is VERY USEFUL! Cheers.

can I get an Instruction Manual for the Ronson meat slicer pictured at top of page. Have just inherited it, but can't work it out. ANY help would be most gratefully appreciated, There is no info on the Machine nor on your picture which makes life difficult. Please e-mail polengaus@gmail.com, with any help. NOTE I write with hope, but won't hold my breath. Thank You, In anticipation. p.s. it is the electric, cord wrapped around, off white, 3.6 from 5 reviews one.
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Hi Kay - as this product has been discontinued for some time, unfortunately we do not have an instruction manual for this product. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. For any other product enquiries, please contact the Ronson customer care team on 1300 139 798 during business hours or e-mail askus@ronson.com.au.Have you managed to figure out how to use your slicer yet? May be helpful if you identify the main problem. Is it how to assemble the parts, operation, cleaning??? Have had mine for years & love it so would be happy to advise but need to know where your issues are.

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