It's short and snug, too short, too snug.

This bag is warm, no doubt. Slept in 1degree with light thermal layers and was super toasty, under the bits that were covered.
I would suggest it's a youth or women's model, not made for large Aussies, or even regular size ones. There is no way someone 185 cm would be able to use this bag.
This bag gives you the 'cold shoulder' if you're over about 5'6".
I'm 5'10" 178 cm and couldn't snuggle down in this bag to get the edge right up to my chin where it absolutely should be for a cold weather bag. The top edge just barely covered my shoulder. The hood section was completely unusable due to the shortness, leaving me further exposed.
The bag also felt very constrictive right from the feet up to the shoulders. I'm used to mummy type bags so find this quite surprising, the overall internal girth is very small.
As an 'alpine' rated bag it literally comes up short.

Perfect for the task it was purchased for.

Firstly, great sleeping bag for the price; excellent value.
I added this bag to my collection for the fact it is synthetic and not down filled. I used this bag when it was wet with gusty winds and it kept me warm even though it was wet near the feet, all in temps around freezing. i camped under a tarp only.
So, this bag is perfect for cold, humid/wet conditions and certainly just as good as a down bag for temperature control.
It packs up to a good size thanks to a compression stuff stack and is a reasonable weight also.
I honestly had a fantastic sleep and was very comfortable all night and wasn't aware the bag was wet at all until I started to air it before packing up. It didn't hold much water weight and dried fairly quickly in the morning sunshine before the weather turned again.
If you are looking for an affordable bag that is comfortable down to 0°C (a little subjective but the rating is -5°C rated), then I would recommend this bag, and I highly recommend this bag if there is a chance it would get wet!

Specs incorrect

I bought a Palm Lite Ultra sleeping bag to use in warmer weather with an ultralight setup... quoted weight is 700g (inc sack), it's even stamped on the bag itself... in reality it's almost exactly on 800g.. might not seem like a big deal, but when you're trying to trade off warmth vs weight, 800g starts to make this bag look like a pretty poor choice... 1kg gets you something much, much warmer. I have hiking gear from many brands and nothing else has anywhere near this amount of inaccuracy in specs.

Good value - Strikes good balance between warmth and compressibility!

I've spent many nights outside, in a range of bags. The Palm Passport is pretty good value. I was comfortable down to -1c. I was camped on the snow in a double wall tent, only wearing a thin baselayer, thin socks and a beanie. To be warm with this bag at -5c you would probably need mid-weight layers - but you'd need this for most similarly rated bags at that temp anyway. The bag is relatively lightweight as synthetic bags go, and it is probably one of the most compressible synthetic bags on the market. For these reasons, including lower price - it gets a thumbs up from me!

Roman Palm - it might keep the palms of your hands warm.....but it will leave the rest of you cold..

Totally false temperature rating.
I bought this sleeping bag, ironically after having been warned by the retailer that sold it to me to be wary of temp rating claims as they were often false. I had explained that I need to sleep out in potentially -3ish temperatures and be comfortable. This bag was not the cheapest by a long shot, and was the recommended product by the retailer.
In reality however, this sleeping bag is FAR too lightweight to cope with anything approaching about +5 degrees C, at which point it becomes (for me) ineffective and sleep is impossible - however hypothermia would have been a distinct likelihood had I not had other options to stay warm.
Don't waste your time or your money, if you need to sleep out in anything below 10 degrees, spend a bit more and buy a heavier bag as this one won't cut it. You certainly won't get a good sleep.
Seemed to be a decent build quality, packs down very small. OK for down to 10 degrees C comfortable.
Cold at +5 degrees C, freezing by backside off at 0 degrees. Manufacturer should be ashamed of themselves for attempting to claim -5 deg C.

Feedback from manufacturer

After reading these reviews I was a bit concerned about buying a roman palm bag so thought I'd send an email to roman for their feedback. They replied the same day with the following which other ppl may find useful. In the end I bought the zero degree palm which for the price seems pretty good. Will be trying it this weekend. One thing, we've got to keep this in perspective. I've got a -5 sleeping bag that weighs only 500grams but it cost about $300. For $100 or less the Romans seem like good value.

Email reply from roman:

Hi Christopher,
We have recently upgraded all our Palms to the new Palms.
All the new Palms are EN tested which means they have been laboratory tested to European Standards. We are one of the only companies in Australia that EN test their bags. Look on our website www.roman.com.au.
Also all technical bags are tapered. The reason for this is the areas one feels the cold is the feet and face. No technical bag will be rectangular. Also technical bags are designed to be more snug than family camping bags which are usually rectangular and wider. If you are very big then rather buy a different bag to the Palm because it is designed to be snug.
Regarding the zips, again all technical bags are designed with a full zip down the side and a zip at the bottom. The reason why the zips are separated and not just one full zip going right around is if you want to open it at the bottom you can.
Joining two bags together is the same for any two bags whether it is the Palms or any other bag from any brand, whether they are technical or rectangular. The difference is that because they are tapered the space obviously will be narrower at the bottom.
I hope I have answered your questions.
[name removed]

Palm IV - Good idea, poor design!

Recently purchased the roman palm iv due to it's small size when packed. Turns out it's very narrow at the bottom so you need to turn with the bag, but can't due to large hood (a pro in really low temps, i'm sure). Double zips at the bottom make undoing and doing up difficult and don't, i repeat don't buy these as a zip together pair. Absolutely shocking design which has the zip in the centre so you can't get in or out without disturbing the other person and someone always ends up laying on the zip, which is really really uncomfortable. Love the Roman camping mats, but would never buy another sleeping bag after this one!
Small size when packed
Badly made, poor zip design for single and when paired

Palm 1 review

Easy to pack in stuff bag and very compact when compression straps are used.
Rated for 10 degrees plus which is a fair assesment. A nice comfortable bag for warm weather. Can go to 5 degrees but not recommended. I regret not getting the better rated palm IV instead (rated to 5 degrees) which would have been much more versalitle.
Compact, lightweight. Side and bottom zips work well, hood works well
Really only good for summer camping or caravan use.


Despite being in a protected enviroment (Hiking hut), sleeping on a 4 season themal mat, on an evening where the minimum did get below +5C (typical metro west australian mild late spring evening), 3 hikers using Roman Palm Passport all complained of getting cold. So far the supplier doesn't want to know. I'm still waiting for comments from the manufactor, however I've been warned to not expect much.
Lite, Well priced, Full lenght
Failed its season rating - '3-4 seasons' (bags marked -5C)
Given the very mild conditions in which it failed its difficult to rely on the product. You don't what to get caught out cold.

Wish I had of read these reviews before buying the -5 rated Palm. In about 6 degree conditions I froze! Not happy, I guess you get what you pay for, but don't bloody advertise a rating if it's worth nothing!yes, we have to agree that you can't be comfortably warm when the night temp drops to 0 or below. It does actually compress to the size of something you can hold in your palm, only you have to compress it yourself after stuffing it into the sack. We owned it for a year before we worked that one out!!! LOL. First you stuff it into the bag provided, then you use the four outside straps to compress all the air out of it down to the size shown in the pictures - hence the name palm vista, as it can fit onto the palm of your hand. You always compromise thickness and lower degree temp rating for size. But you are expected to wear thermal underwear when you sleep, so by doing this, you can sleep in relative comfort after all at 0 degrees, or even -5 if you add a sleeping bag insert that increases the warmth of your bag. This is at extra expense, though! Plenty of them around, from silk ones to really warm ones, and only weigh a few grams. They are a good idea anyway as they keep your sleeping bag clean.

Dont trust the rating!!!!

Bought a -5 rated bag as I knew we would be in cool open conditions. Temp when I got it the bag was about 13 degrees and it was comfortable. Temp dropped to 6 degree overnight and I froze. Had the hood pulled over and drawstring done all the way up leaving about a tennis ball sized hole to breath through, bag just isn't warm enough. This is really disappointing, if you cant trust ratings what hope is there apart from reviews like this.
Given two stars as the bag would still be okay for mild nights, stuff bag is okay and zips and drawstrings all appear to be reasonable. Someone complained of the size, the picture shown to advertise is the summer bag, the bags get bigger according to the rating. It's still a reasonably small size compared to some cheaper bags.
Cheap, stuff bag, zips and drawstring
Doesnt meet it's own -5 rating

Save Your Money!

Sure it's cheap, but you get what you pay or....I don't know where they get their ratings from but I'm sure the are not checked by any authority!

Save your money! Cheap [censored word removed] made in China! Over-rated Temperature!
Initially the price!
Just about evcerything but the price...

1 comment
My Dad had a camping shop 30 years ago. When I asked him if he knows anything about sleeping bags, he said that back then, Roman was a good brand, and made in Sydney. I went into a known camping store and they stock it. The salesman said it was a good brand, but a cheap option compared to others. I looked up a Roman sleeping bag on Ebay, and they said "beware of other companies that lie about the temperature rating and give you an extreme rating". Thanks to these two reviews, I see the bad in Roman!

Roman Sleeping Bags Are NOT good quality....

I bought a Roman Palm Sleeping bag and it fell apart after only a few uses!!The zipper just fell to pieces...It's not as warm as they say it is..and as for the size...I ordered it online..the picture was of a hand holding the sleeping bag...I was shocked when I received the bag....it was so much bigger than what they advertise it to be!!
It was cheap.
Eveything! see above!

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