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Ryobi EBS800 / EBS800V Belt

Ryobi EBS800 / EBS800V Belt

EBS800V and EBS800
1.8 from 23 reviews

Ryobi made me hate belt sanders

I bought the Ryobi EBS800 several years ago. I bought it to replace a old fashioned unit made largely from metal. I've hated it since day one. I used it to sand Jarrah flooring. Anyone who knows anything about Jarrah is that old jarrah is incredibly hard. These floorboards are about 80 years old and they are hard as nails. So in context, I was probably using a boy sander to do a man's job. The Ryobi didnt fare any better on easier jobs.

Some problems with it? Well the steel plate doesn't sit flat. I just bought a Makita cheapie and it does a lot better with sitting flat on the wood.

Also, the motor screams. I know that I could wear ear muffs but it sounds like bearings are grinding. I'm not sure if this cheapie has any bearings anyway, but the moment I switch it on, I want to turn it off.... fast.

Sanding is dirty, noisy, tough work. Often the operator is down on their knees if they are doing floors. You need all the help you can get from the machine and the Ryobi is a better anchor than a sander.

If you're thinking of buying a cheap belt sander like this one, get a random orbital

Purchased in January 2008.

Absolute Disaster!

Not Fit for Purpose!
This Idiot machine has Idiot Picture instructions & no matter how you set it up the belts wind off & chew the rollers.
They might make some good products but this is not one of them.
I now agree with other 1 star reviews, Not Worth the $$$
Update 28/9/18, So I went back to Bunnings & showed The Toolshop guy my issue, He asked what I was doing, I said trying to Dress a forest slab of Bloodwood. He said Oh! you need the Makita 9924DB but its $400 and he has one 40 years old!! I bought it See my Review

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Sandpaper continually slips

Awful product. I have nearly all the other Ryobi tools and they've been brilliant. This however is shocking. The paper continually slips and the tray for collecting sawdust is useless. This is only after one use. Also tried to return it to b&q and they wouldn't take it. Asked me if I was sure I knew how to use it!!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Not worth the money

Well if some of you got a week out of it you did well. 2 hours is all I managed to get out of mine, the damn thing got s hot that the front roller just melted and that was it. Yes the sanding sheet moves sideways and it doesn't matter how often you adjust it , it just keeps moving. Overall its useless to undo anything

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Not even capable of domestic use

I bought one to sand the old paint off the weatherboard of my own house. The sandbelt moves sideways and had to put it back every 5 min. The motor started to smoke after 1 week and that was in winter! Got one exchange from bunnings, motor smoke again after 1 week!

Warning every potential buyer roybi is a joke!! If you buy it with your trade card you dont have any warranty and it will die 10 out of 10! You don't expect to use these cheapie in commercial you don't use them at home either, unless every of your job only last 5 min it may have a chance to survive.....

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Died after about 20 hrs use

I bought this sander for a large jarrah bar top. It went ok but then started to smell like it was burning out and sounded like it was struggling. I used it in around 3-4 hr sessions so didn't over work it too much because I new it was a cheapy. Eventually after about 20 hrs of use the drive wheel seized up. I tried cleaning it out and lubing it up be it was stuck and the motor wouldn't spin it.
I don't like to buy cheapish tools but couldn't warrant spending an extra $100 on the next best...I wish I had of.
You can't afford to but cheap crap.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

18 Volt Belt Sander Gem !!

Robust 18 volt Belt Sander easy to manage with ergonomic handles.
Battery life is exceptional, it goes forever !!
Replacing belts are easy, with great adjustments for belt tracking.
Reasonable weight even with the bigger 18 volt battery.
Has plenty of 'grunt" to cover the bigger jobs, but can also be used for a light finish.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Total disappointment

Bought my Sander today with the intention to speed up my project of sanding my table tops. Within half an hour of use I found the paper sliding to one side, thought i had fitted the paper wrongly. I refitted two more sheets and it kept happening then realized that it was a fault of the machine by then i had already ruined three 3 sheets and stalled my project. Immediately too it back to Bunnings. The guy at the tool shop was very cooperative he opened up a brand new piece of the shelf and it did something similar..so happily got a refund

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Good value for money spent

Bought the Ryobi as it was not the cheapest but had some great features. Used it for 2 x 5 hour days, stripping paint off merbau decking. The belt tracked well and was easy to adjust, and stayed on track. Changed three belts.
The detachable frame was great for keeping the timber flat. The dust collector does a great job, making site clean up a whole lot better.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

I thought it was me.

My old WORX sander died yesterday after quite a lot of hard work, I never had a moment of worry with it, but the brushes appear to be burnt out now. I thought the Ryobi would be a better option, rather than a cheaper unit. I have sanded one side of a 1800 x400 slab of hardwood, and used 5 sanding sheets. The sheets wander from side to side and tear themselves apart on the frame. It would be nice to have the thing fail completely so I can take it back. I'm not sure how I'd go asking for my money back on the grounds it's not fit for service.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Belt slippage.

I bought a 3x18" belt sander for my daughter's hobby enterprise & while the tool does a good job sanding, the belt slips left or right on the rollers, requiring frequent repositioning. Being a carpenter contractor whose tools are typically too heavy for most women, the lack of a tension-dial doesn't tighten the rollers against the belt to prevent slippage, something my heavy duty Skil & Black-Decker tools do.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

A good performer and value for money

The sander is easy to use and works well. The detachable frame model stays flat and never digs in. I sanded several floors, well beyond "reasonable use". The dust collector sometimes fell off if I was careless. Something has now worn out inside. I have certainly had my money's worth!

Date PurchasedSep 2013


My first one went up in smoke after light use. Thought it was just bad luck so replaced it with another and it went poof too after light use. I think the dust collector pushes dust into the motor when it fills up.
Just do not buy this rubbish, you have been warned.

It's bad itself

When buying the cheapest there was on the shelf, we expect low quality. But this is like below the belt low. The belt doesn't sit right so it cut the metal frame, which fell off pretty much. Hence the machine crippled itself. Often ripped the belt too. Then it smoked, and then it died.
Green poop.

A crap machine

This is crap. The sand paper constantly slides. Have to constantly adjust, the slightest bit of pressure and slides again. It doesn't sand evenly it's just crap. Do not buy one. Buy a different brand. I have used a lot of sanders and will never buy another Ryobi.

piece of s*****!

first use of this piece of rubbish was hopeless. its a bad design, difficult to use and in no way worth buying . I wanted a decent belt sander for a spruce up of my front deck and after battling with the ryobi resorted to using my makita orbital sander which was more effective and friendly to use. i have used other ryobi products but this belt sander is very poor and not to be recommended

dreadful uneven sanding

This is my 2nd Ryobi sander in 13months, the first one had a tilted sanding plate, this one seemed ok but only just got around to using it on a big project - a coffee table. The uneven sanding looks terrible and I may have to sand by hand before I can finish the table top.I will be taking it back to bunnings tomorrow. I bought it because it was lighter than the Makita I use in my woodwork group. I wont be using it on the other two tables I have to restore. Not happy at all and been using them for about 15 years

Great Fire Starter if that's what your after

I have brought a lot of Ryobi's tools, this one wasn't so good. I brought it to sand down my box trailer, getting ready to give it a fresh coat of paint.. Well, not even one side done and I heard a pop, then smoke came out of the unit. I ended up finishing that side with my ryobi One+ cordless sander, but then took the belt sander, and the Ryobi One+ Grinder that also had issues, back to bunnings for a refund. Spoke with the hardware guy in the tool section, he recommended I try the AEC unit, as they didn't have any of the larger Makita units left. Will see how we go...


I just got back from bunnings after returning this product. I started to sand a small room to bring the floor back up to par. This was the worst tool for the job. Sure I could have hired the proper tool but I thought "I'll buy this ryobi so I can use it in the future also"... worst thought I've ever had.
This tool is garbage. Prior to using a belt sander I had no clue about what would make one good or one bad. I now know the bad. This tool.
The weight of the unit is so lopsided that you have to correct it by trying to put even pressure down as you sand. It really only sands near the motor wheel and a small area near the front wheel. The rest is a dead spot. Even if you put lots of down pressure the dead spot is still there. I don't know whether a spider monkey or an orangutan designed this thing but seriously this unit should be recalled. Just go to bunnings and see for yourself. You barely need to touch it on the opposite side of the motor and the unit falls over... meaning all the weight is on one side.
All the decent looking units appear to have the weight evenly distributed and above the belt so that the weight of the machine really does the work for you. As it should be with all power tools. One shouldn't have to apply heavy pressure on the thing in order for it to sand evenly. It's garbage. Ryobi clearly made this crap simply to enter the belt sander market but gave no thought whatsoever on what would make a good belt sander.
Cheap garbage! I'd rather glue sandpaper sheets to my rear end and drag my self around the room like a dog with itchy aggots. It would get a better finish!

Does an OK job

Borrowed one from a friend and loaded it with 40 and 80 grit paper to take off old varnish and stain from a table top. The rolling drums aren't properly round so vibrate, rumble and dig into the work. It doesn't sand a flat surface no matter how little pressure is applied! Requires correction with a random orbital sander afterwards creating more work.

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Questions & Answers

What is the sanding frame for?
No answers

The drive to the sanding belt slips. At no load, the sanding belt rotates, but as soon as I apply the tool to the work, the sanding belt ceases to rotate - the electric motor continues to run normally with no change in sound. Is there a clutch or a drive plate between the motor and the sanding belt which can wear or slip? Can it be replaced? Can you point me to an online tutorial that explains how this can be done?
1 answer
You need the correct belt, once you release the tension lever it takes up the tension on the belt

Worked great for 20 mins, now won't go round or will only spin slowly so that as soon as you touch the wood it stops spinning- if we leave it to cool down it works for 1 or 2 minutes before stopping again. Can we fix this somehow? Ryobi ebs 800
3 answers
I've had a similar problem infact I spent a lot more on buying several more sanding belts as it would curl up to one side and double up bringing the machine to a halt.It also has a problem with the lever that tightens the belt, heating is an ongoing issue.I was so frustrated that I ended up sanding by job by hand There seems to be a manufacturing defect. I could'nt see this getting any better so I took mine back to Bunnings and got he sales guy to open up a new box of exactly the same model and Yes, it behaved in the same manner. I got a refund. He made a complaint to Ryobi but obviously they dont seem keen to re-design or pull it off the shelves. To answer your question, I dont think you can fix this problemNot a problem I encountered, but as stated in the other response, return it. Whether it's a design or a production fault, it's unfit for purpose.Karalee, If you have checked the belt alignment (belt running straight) & your battery is fully charged, it seems like you have possibly got a defective unit. One other thing I have thought of, is the filter bag empty ? if not, disengage the bag & empty out & try operating again. Very disappointing to hear of your problem, but manufacturer should be able to help, if you are still not satisfied.

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