Don't Bother - Did Not Contact Me

Telephoned Savvy Thursday, [name removed] said he would send an application form but I have not received this.
Received text message Saturday said he tried calling which he had not, and if I did not send in the application within 72 hours it would be withdrawn
I have tried calling on 2 numbers left by [name removed] but no response
It is now late Monday afternoon and I have received NO application or telephone calls.
So looks like my application will be withdrawn without being able to apply.

Don’t bother with this company.

Spoke to Kevin.
He got me pre-approved for a loan, but failed to set expectations, kept me hanging on for the 2 weeks it took him to go to 2 lenders that they have - then came back with a 195 p/week option, when I told him that 125 was my maximum and a 25% interest rate.
He wouldn’t pass along any details through the whole process and kept me out of the loop.

When I said no, he called me and left a lengthy voice message for him and a colleague talking about my situation and the colleague was more worried that I was going to another company and they were only going to undercut by a little bit and that they would convince me and they loose out.

Super unprofessional - Took way too long and a waste of time going through this company.

Not helpful

Just got of the phone with Savvy customer service. I was only ringing to enquire (NOT APPLY) on behalf of my son to see what options, rates, repayments etc would be in his current position only just turning 21, casual employment for almost 2yrs and only finance commitments is boarding and mobile phone plan. No credit history. Looking at $6000- $8000 lending capacity.
No attempt what so ever to give any information because I am not the person looking at applying. Tone of voice verified that he was uninterested in speaking to me. Potentially a possible new customer lost.

I wouldn’t bother

I’ll try my loan with someone else
Applied online. Their web links crashed.
They have been ringing me 6 times a day unfortunately I’m busy sometimes and miss the call. But others I’ve answered and no ones on the other end. You look the number up and other people have issues with them doing the same.
They can’t even leave a simple message. A regular lender would.
This doesn’t set a good example for their customer service and concerns me they can’t even get this right.
I’ll be using someone else I am a customer with perfect credit rating haven’t even managed to get past the first step of talking to someone. Poor.

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Thanks for taking the time to review your experience with Savvy. I apologise if you had issues with your application online. In terms of the call issues, I am not sure why you have had problems calling us back. We will investigate both issues - thanks for raising this with us.

Poor Customer services unable to meet deadline -care factor zero

Never have I have being treated so poorly for such a small loan, income extreme high, debt low credit card rating very high, gave a time line to have the finance sorted for a $6000 loan and was messed around by Savvy finance consultant. Gave him repeated emails over multiple days to sort out what was needed to happen after pre approval and yet waits until the last minute to get his act together, blames the lender...no no no he had days to have this sorted not on the final 1hr of the last day before I start my jouney of flights....no care factor for the client, response time poor until I got angry, no "let me contact the lender and see what I can do", just hand balls the problem over and says its out of my hands and you can redraw the loan and pay it with cash if you like.....unprofessional and left a bad taste in my mouth with this company...will warn others regarding there unprofession act.....

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Thanks for taking the time to review the experience with Savvy. You have sent us an email about this and we have responded to you. Your approval with the lender was granted on the same day as you sent us documentation. Whilst we acknowledge that the remaining process took a long time, it was because the vendor took a week from the initial request to provide all the information we needed. The issue was the fact that he didn’t have current registration papers available. The loan documents could not be prepared until we received this. Our consultant did not say to “withdraw the loan and pay it with cash”. You sent an email saying that you were going to pay the bike with cash. Its regrettable that the loan took a long time to get to the end stage but we cant accept misrepresentation of the facts

Worthless- Lost me my new car

Worst finance company I have ever dealt with.
After repeatedly asking for information that I already had provided over a period of a week and a half, they finally offered me a loan, 27% interest!, $3800 in fees including $1000 upfront.
I have impeccable credit history and earn over $100K and they tried throwing a low doc loan at me.
I told the seller after all this and even he had enough and returned my deposit and sold the car elsewhere.
Avoid avoid avoid

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Hi Eric, there were certain reasons as to why the lender quoted this repayment which we can go through in further detail in a private session if you like, we were expecting a rate of around 6-7% with minimal fees, the loan progressed quickly without a Team Leader reviewing the file, so we apologise for this, when it did come to our attention what interest rate was offered we proposed switching to another lender that would of achieved a rate better suited to your profile however you indicated you had already been approved with a rate of 9% from your bank and didn’t want to proceed. We apologise for the experience you had, we have also lost a customer. We were quite disappointed with the lenders offer and if you provided us with a little more time to seek out other options I am sure in the end we would of delivered you a rate that matched your profile. For the record though, it was never a low-doc loan that was offered.

Very poor.

Tried to get a loan for a car they said i didn't earn enough money i think 90 grand a year is more than enough very poor service didn't seem to care about helping me out. Hopeless.

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Hi Bob, Thanks for taking the time to write this review. Our lenders will assess your capacity to repay and they assess based on income and expenses. The expenses are based on marital status, number of dependents (including spouse etc). Lenders are very strict on this now. However i would be happy to review your file if you can send me your details via private message. Regards Phil philg@savvy.com.au

Enquire thoroughly - lots of hidden costs and charges

Last year got a loan through savvy. They got me a decent rate on my car loan. A year later I requested a payout figure and was informed it would cost me $600 in penalty charges!!! That's more than any other service I have used before. So advice to all is to carefully review your charges before signing up with them.

Impeccable Service

Well I can write a story on recent service provided by Anthony Lengo. He is a gem of a professional to deal with.
Up to date communication and following up on my case were dealt so efficiently by anthony.
I really want to thank Anthony for his hard work and determination in providing an excellent customer service.

Great service Savvy.

Just contacted Savvy on the net and inquired about a loan the agent got back to me sent the details and i applied for the loan was approved very quickly by just following the guild, The agent was very helpfull and paticent .
It made the whol;e process very easy - Thanks Savvy and Reece the agent.

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Thanks for your review. We appreciate your business!

No help and they really dont care

Tried getting in contact with the person im dealing with no answer rang office spoke to another person he tried seeing what loan he could give me i said I've already applied and he just brushed me off and said he get her to ring me

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Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you couldn't get hold of the person you were dealing with in the first instance. I hope that the person called you back - your review doesn't indicate this. We really do care and i would like to follow this up for you. I will private message you to contact me directly. Thanks again.

Worst service ever

Biggest Waste of time, they never get back to you. I had to always contact them and see what happend with my application.
Will definitely not recommended them to anyone.

Hi, As we cannot identify you, can you please send your details to billt@savvy.com.au so that we can respond to your complaint.Yes sure ask Anthony Lindo he will know, he has my email address

Savvy Sucks!!

We had [name removed] from savvy finance, was the worst experience, [name removed] was constantly late on dead lines, didn't reply to emails or return phone calls, not only that he was extremely rude and condescending. I will do not being doing business with this company in the future.

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Hi Koz, As we cannot identify you, can you please send your details to billt@savvy.com.au so that we can respond to your complaint.

Great, Efficient Service From Michael Raine! Competitive Rates!

Savvy was the only finance company that I contacted that was willing to listen to what I had to work with in getting a car loan and did not hide any information from me.

I had one month of my probation left but Michael Raine was able to find a lender that could work with that. I also had a deadline as to when I wanted the process to be completed and Michael worked hard to meet it. I received constant updates along the way!

Great, speedy and very efficient service! I would recommend Savvy for their great rates they give and the exceptional customer service from Michael Raine in particular.

Excellent, Speedy Service, Thank you!

Savvy Finance did our car loan, it was handled by Kaylan and he was very professional and kept us up to date, the loan was approved fast. They do charge the borrower a fee and many people I think overlook this at the start because it is not clearly mentioned on their website. We borrowed $23,000 and paid a $1,400 fee for the service, but we don't mind because the service was amazing! It is worthwhile.

Worst service ever

The worst service ever I experienced, very complicated process and there own charges are high on the top of high interest rate

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Thanks for reviewing Savvy. I am sorry our service didn't meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on providing good customer service so please contact me to let me to let me know about your experience. Interest rates are based on a client's profile. For example someone with a poor credit history will pay a higher rate than someone with a clean credit record. I would encourage to make contact with me so i can review your file. thanks again for your feedback. philg@savvy.com.au

Quick, Efficient, Professional but Personal approach to finance

My Finance Consultant was Daniel Cannella, and highly recommend him and the team at Savvy. We had a camper trailer written off from a storm event and after being mucked around by the vendor finance, we turned to Savvy. Timeframes were tight, we wanted the trailer within 4 days as we had a camping trip planned. Daniel rang within 2 hours of submitting my application online, he went through everything and I told him the interest rate I wanted, I received an email within minutes from the phone call. I filled out the application and received another call that afternoon saying it was sent out to lenders.

Next day Daniel had the pre-approval at the interest rate I wanted, however I ran into issues with my vendor for the new trailer, after 2 days of mucking around trying to get a correct invoice from the vendor, which Daniel hounded the guy too, I ended up finding a new vendor and Daniel processed all the changes needed to switch and increase the finance for the new trailer. Erin from the Settlment team sent through the contracts, called to advise she had sent them and followed up immediately once I had sent them back and the vendor settled within 24 hours.

Overall the communication was amazing and the end result was what I wanted. Thanks Savvy, I would definitely use your service again.

Not happy

I applied last week and they said I’ll get an answer by Monday which is today! I’ve emailed the guy twice but never replied!

harry paganis and savvy is a big waste of time

i apply 2 weeks ago and still no nothing i sended everything need it and they still taking this long to say yes or no i try ringing and while i was talking they just hand up on me never deal with this company again and i would not

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Hi, As we cannot identify you, can you please send your details to billt@savvy.com.au so that we can respond to your complaint.

Average service

Wasn't bad service, loan was higher interest rate than promised (told me 4.8%, got 14%) and there were fees I only noticed on the contracts that they didn't tell me about (risk fee and application fee) but they weren't too bad otherwise.

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Questions & Answers

Is there any money involve,do i need to pay Savvy for services?
3 answers
From my experience the charges are added to your finance charges. Get a quote from them but do a comparison with your local bank as well. Dont look at interest but your all inclusive monthly payment. Or even better the total amount you would have paid including fees. In my case in 3 years on a 25k vehicle it would have cost thousands more through savvy.Hi Antonstella, Yes there is an application fee which is paid to savvy, this fee is usually incorporated into the loan and your monthly repayment. Even with this application fee, we find that our repayments are usually more competitive then the repayment that our customers have received elsewhere.Savvy's fees are really expensive I would be looking elsewhere. Sadly, I learnt this from experience.