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Really bad

I'm not sure if I got something from a bad batch but after going through the other reviews here, it seems this product was just poorly made. First of all, the blades are really dull. They can't cut anything. Instead, they just crush the vegetables / fruits and create a mess all over the counter table. I really regret getting this.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Just another TV product

I picked up one of these slicers after being impressed by its TV ad. Aside from its poorly constructed design, it doesn't work properly. It either just mashes the vegetables or gets stuck while trying to slice.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Very Poor Quality

I bought mine because they were selling it on a discount. I always work with chopping boards and knife but I saw this on TV and just like everyone else, I was sold. When I used it for the first time, I can hardly even get it to work. It would slice a few, then the veg get stuck in it. You have to disassemble again and fix. Its just taking too much time. I thought it would make slicing veg easier and look nicer...

It's a rip off

This machine doesn't do what they say. Complete waste of money. I wish I had read reviews before buying. It should be removed from the market. I will not recommend this machine to anyone infact I'm angry with myself for falling for this. Please don't buy it even for a dollar not worth it.

Everything, creates more work instead of making things easier.

This is the worst slicer I have ever bought.

I will tell all my friends not to buye a slice o matic as they do not work the add you have on tv is false advertising, cheep and nasty is what it is very disappointing .I bought is to help me slice veg and things as I can,t hold a knife what a wast of money.

Useless Hopeless Doesn't work at all

This piece of plastic is utterly useless. Does not cut anything. Complete waste of money. just mushed up the vegies and got stuck - even on something simple like a cucumber! It is cheap plastic - not the slightest bit strong and very badly made. get a food processor instead if you don't like using a knife!

Does not cut anything

i agree slice some potato's as seen on tv and the pull down handle broke off wast of money Thanks for changing my mind guys, much appreciated :)

Terrible, creating more work

Useless, chopped carrot into bits. It created more work than saving work time. It was given as a gift. The web link to instructions did not work... all pictures were marked with an "X" and it seemed to be a promo site for product sales. Definitely not recommended for use. A chopping board and sharp knife are more efficient!
It was given to me as a freeby.
Inefficient design

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i disagree really good exept all of it. when i put my cucumber in it got stuck the th ehandle broke off but after i put back on with help of repair man i that cost 25 dollars and when i cut up potato then it the container filled up but i tried one more and on the 4th last slice the container broke and all the potato went everywhere really diapointed dont get sucked in


My son gave me a slicer after he got 2 at a discount deal. He gave one to me with a disappointed look and said " I could'nt get mine to work maybe you can get yours to work". Well I had one go and knew it was useless, made mince meat out of an onion, the concept is there, thats about all!
didn't work

What a waste of money and time

The product is an absolute waste of money. The chopping board and knife is far better at the end of the day . The slice-0-matic is a poor product design. It does not do the job it is supposed to do. Infact the machine ruines vegetables. And it's an absolute waste of time. My husband bought it for me thinking it will cut down the chopping time. The pices get stuck everywhere and I had to spend the next ten to fifteen minutes pulling the pieces out. I need my money back.

The product ruines vegitables. An utter waste of time. The pieces get stuck in the spaces .


Mother-in-law bought one and gave me her second as she wanted me to show her how to use it. What a disappointment tomatoes sqashed and stuck, zucchini stuck, capsicum stuck, onions stuck. Resorted back to my old method of chopping and cutting. Now I have to find a place to store it!
Look ok not too big
Does not do effectively what its supposed to

A complete waist of money

I received my Slice-O-Matic the other day I was looking forward to use it as I was planning to make a nice minestrone soup, well I peeled my vegetables I decided to cut my carrots thru the sliceomatic the carrot got stuck anyway I spent the next 5 minutes dislodge it
I thougth the untit would work well with tomatoes but no it just sqashed it !
anyway I had a 3rd trying to use the julienne blade to slice my potaotes & again it got stuck
frankly save you money time & sanity & dont bother with this item
Im a big fan when it comes to kitchen innovations I like to make my meals with ease & simplicity but this tool is complete waist .

everything cheap blades cheap material & doesnt work !

Got our slice-o-matic today and put it to the test, what a waste of time and veges ,wouldn't julienne and jammed up all the time . Should've got on the net first.Got a slice - o -matic use it on cuting vegies all the vegie got stuck spent a lot of wasted time clearing it i can do better with my sharp knife just a $2 piece of junk from china how can they charge big $$$ for a piece of plastic junk It's USELESS, I threw mine away after trying to use it twice. Wouldn't even bother trying to sell it as used goods as I'd be embarrassed to be associated with such a rubbish utensil.


my review is the same as one of the others. veggies got caught in and took ten minutes to get out. they were zuccininis on the julianne blade. thenI tried the slicing. .just as bad..unless you have veggies
that are the exact size of the shute, you have not got a hope in hell ! now I have two of them and was going to give one to my friend for xmas..no way! I want my $80 back!,

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i got my money back - the store were not surprised!

Great Slicer

After looking at reviews on the internet I was a bit skeptical on using this product, I managed to find one in the newspaper as someone was selling the second one that came in their order. I'm glad I ended up buying it, although it does get a little stuck on some of the harder vegies(i.e. Potatoes etc) if there is to much pressure placed on the press in the chute. It slices through most things with ease for me, it only took a couple of minutes to slice through enough potatoes, mushrooms and onions to make a delicious meal that would have taken a lot longer to prepare by hand!
Quick and easy to use, Easy to clean.
Blade can get stuck on tough vegies

Yes, I have decided not to buy it.I'll pass now too after reading everybody's comments. I have a V Slicer so I'll stick with that. It is awesome but you have to be very careful not to slice your fingers or nails as the blades are very sharp. It was only a little more than the price of this cheap nasty one too.got mine the other day tried to slice a potato and the handle Broke came off wast of money i am afraid

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Will the slice a matic slice coleslaw?
2 answers
To be honest I don't think this slice-o-matic can slice anything. If I were you I would look somewhere else and don't bother with this machine.Thank you i wont waste my money.

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