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St. Agnes Three Star Brandy

St. Agnes Three Star Brandy

3.0 from 3 reviews

Don't drink alchohol

eighbours behaviour unacceptable to any sane person but OK with police, mental health authorities and his landlord so I became homeless. Thanks a lot St Agnes.

A beautiful mixing Brand

As a confirmed Brandy & Dry drinker, this has been my staple for the last 10 years or so. Occasionally I'll stray and try another, but it's always straight back to St Agnes to assuage the disappointment. The beautiful smooth brandy flavor comes through the dry magnificently giving a mixer that I don't get tired of.
Beautiful smooth brandy for mixing. Reasonably inexpensive and reliable.
Not on "decent" special often enough.


We purchase this brand all the time. I love the price, and its still smooth not rough. I love it in hot chocolate at the end of a busy day! My frineds drink it straight, and say its good.
well priced and tastes fine. widely available and fits into my budget.
none- except I keep running out!!!!

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