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Strongbow Clear

Strongbow Clear

3.8 from 4 reviews

Low quality, still has plenty of carbs..heaps of preservatives

I like cider. Strongbow is without a doubt a world leader in its production.

My poor review of this drink is due to:

1. The amount of preservatives will promise a hangover/headache from only light consumption.
2. The reduction in carbs is only minor when compared to full label.
3. The apples used to make this cider come from massive farms in China (not that Chinese apples would be inferior). These are generally, waste product from their better product and sit for lengthy periods of time before turning into product.

Very Nice

Great to find a good Cider that has low carbs! Great tasting crisp cider that is nice in a glass over ice on a warm day!

I love it but !

It has been my staple drink for years but it has been harder to get hold of at my local BWS. This has prompted me to do some research. Yes it is low carb compared to other ciders but compared to my favourite lager (Lowenbrau), it is over twice as many carbs and unfortunately easy to drink faster. I have decided to go back to the lager and buy the occasional Clear when I can find it, sometimes doing a 50/50 mix for a nice heady drink. It appears that BWS is squeezing out the low end ciders to push the boutique higher priced brands. I find some nice but as a staple drink to sweet. Will just buy clears where ever they turn up.fantastic mixed 50/50 with lager. Traditionally called a snake bite (sometimes mixed also with Pernod I seem to remember) Be warned it does have a kick.
Light, Crisp, Great when well chilled on a hot day and not overly sweet, fantastic mixed 50/50 with lager.
Compared to my lager choice still very high calorie count of 142

Very refreshing

Tried the cider clear because of the low sugar and carbs. Have been a wine drinker for years and have been looking for an alternative alcoholic drink. Well I think I have found it. Very refreshing and I really enjoyed the taste. Live up in the tropics and enjoyed it poured in a glass of ice.
Taste, low carbs and low suger.

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