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Pure Blonde Apple Cider

Latest review: Why did you change to organic? It would have been fine if you hadn't killed the taste of it as well! The new taste is awful. I won't be buying it

D Cider Apple Cider

Latest review: I first came up with this blend at the Southern Highlands food and wine show. It was great not too sweet or too dry a great balance with a nice fresh apple smell and taste. The only negative is, its

Little Creatures Pipsqueak

Latest review: Little creatures is my local brewery and I just love all of their beers. Can't bet a locally brewed beer with a steak and chips on the side. If you're local or just in town for a visit I highly

Strongbow Sweet

Latest review: I love this drink. It is has a light and refreshing taste and is full of flavour. It is well priced. Definitely worth a try Inexpensive, great

Cape Cyan Natural Blonde

Latest review: I have tried this beer for last 3 4 times. Very easy going without bloating and no or very less hangover. This is my new favorite beer.

Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry & Lime

Latest review: The Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime Cider is super delicious, and has the sweet taste of - you guessed it - strawberry and lime! The bottles are a really nice size, which is a bonus (especially

Strongbow Clear

Latest review: I like cider. Strongbow is without a doubt a world leader in its production. My poor review of this drink is due to: 1. The amount of preservatives will promise a hangover/headache from only

Le Chat Noir Cidre de Normandie

Latest review: A unique cider, full of complex tones and well bodied flavours, very rich upon the tongue. I have enjoyed this cider many times and bought the last case in the country when our distributor stopped

Tooheys Extra Dry 5 Seeds

Latest review: I really like the 5 seeds cider, not too heavy or gassy , lovely on a hot day especially! i prefer this over a Magners or Bulmers any day, they have left me feeling bloated and disgusting (after a

Bulmers Original Cider

Latest review: I'm a fan of cider, but I can't stand sickly sweet....Bulmers really hits that spot, once you get it open and get all that silly paper off it. I drink cider straight out of the bottle....not this

Coldstream Cider

Latest review: Tastes like cheep carbonated goon. Nothing like cider at all. Will not buy again. I don't recommend this unless your into that 80s cheap