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Strongbow Sweet

Strongbow Sweet

4.5 from 2 reviews

Strongbow cider

I love this drink. It is has a light and refreshing taste and is full of flavour. It is well priced. Definitely worth a try
Inexpensive, great taste


As an individual who hates the taste of beer, I really enjoy Strongbow sweet.
Served refridgerated, it is very refreshing, perfect after a long, hot day of work. Does not have the bitter taste of many Alcoholic drinks, but not as sickly sweet as Vodka premixes.
Definately my preferred drink.
Great taste- a little sweet, a little of the acidity of apples to give it a bit more depth
Alcoholic beverage suitable for sweet tooths or individuals who don't drink on a regular basis
Sweet taste can encourage quick drinking, so the alcohol can go to your head quite quickly

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