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Subaru Levorg

Subaru Levorg

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Completely different experience to the ones that have complained.

I have found the Levorg STi Sport (not a real STi) that I picked up last week to be a complete and refined vehicle. It seems those complaining did not take one for a proper test drive as all these things would have been obvious when test driving.

The Bluetooth works perfectly for me. No issues with connectivity or sound quality. Even in the middle of a call when I walk up to the car, get in, start, it switches over to hands free perfectly. Complaining about a one-step process to shut down but a two-step process to open seems funny to me.

It's correct that you have to retract the external mirrors manually, however, if you switch off the engine before you do this it's actually very simple to turn on the accessories to move the mirrors. In any case I retract the mirrors just 1% of the time if that. You do not need to start the car to move the mirrors.

If I need to open all doors I press the fob twice and it opens all doors always. It's not that hard. Even without using the fob, if you press the passenger door handle it opens all doors which is perfect to throw stuff in the front and assist my three year old getting in the car.

On the weekend I went for a blast on the Old Pacific Hwy. For those familiar with this stretch of road, it has a combination of fast and slow bends, long and short straights, some smooth sections, some rough sections and a number of bumps and dips throughout. Not once did the suspension crash, hit the bump stops, or skittle across corrugated sections. It only inspired more confidence the more I pushed. 19 years ago I owned a Version 6 STi so I know what a car with similar DNA should be able to achieve at pace on that piece of road.

I agree that it has some excellent intelligent drive features, I also enjoy the various camera positions available, it has excellent performance and the CVT is what all other CVTs should be. I took it for a thorough test drive prior to purchase and I am a very happy new owner.

Purchased in February 2019.

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Further, if you're after an SUV with SUV suspension so that you don't need to slow down for speed humps, then the Levorg is not the car for you. The Levorg has firm suspension which has been tuned for handling.

Unfinished design - extremely disappointed

I expect Subaru to make completely finished and refined vehicles. The Liberty Wagon of 2005-2009 era was one of the best cars they produced when it came to luxury, comfort and drive. After destroying this category with the ex-IGA, I was excited when they released the Levorg. I came back to the brand after a long absence. During the test drive, I was impressed with the intelligent drive system, the luxury of the interior and the responsiveness of the engine. I placed my order and waited 5 months for the build and delivery from Japan.

The Levorg is a beautiful car, however, Subaru have failed to deliver on the most BASIC of driver convenience features!

Complete Fails:

BLUETOOTH - easily the worst bluetooth system of any car I have come across! It barely passes the most basic test. Every person on the other end complains that they cannot hear me, there is significant background noise, that the line is very poor and that they can only make out every few words. This is regardless of whether I am parked, driving or idling. It is completely useless for use when driving. For the record, my phone carrier is Telstra and I often have full signal so the issue is with the bluetooth system. The voice command part of this system is also atrocious and rarely if ever works. It also takes about 10 mins to initialise.

Push Button Start/stop - when turning off the engine, using the "Stop Engine" button, the car completely shuts down! This means that if you are on a phone call, the bluetooth system shuts down. If the windscreen wipers are on, they stop immediately (even if they are in the middle of the windscreen! Whatever happened to a two step process to shut down the car (like every other car on the market)??

Retracting side mirrors - can only be used when the car is ON. So if you park and turn off the engine, you can't use them. You have to start the car (or at least TRY to put it in accessory mode) press the retract button - wait until they fully retract - because if the car is turned off in the middle of this process they will stop whenever they are in the retraction process - and then turn the car off. This is so frustrating that you will never use this feature.

Two Step Locking System - This is by far the most frustrating non working feature of this car. Unlock the car by pressing the remote button once and it opens the driver side door only. Press it 17,659 more times to unlock the rest of the car. Oh but wait! We have keyless entry! The "smart" door handle on the driver's side door allows you to unlock your door, and your door only, by touching it (when the key is nearby - i.e. in your pocket). If you want to open the rest of the doors (Subaru assume that their drivers are rarely with other passengers) you have to manually unlock their doors using the unlock button on the inside of the driver's door. Unlike most other cars in the market that you simply, press the drivers door handle twice to unlock the passengers doors.

No Android Auto/car Play Connectivity - almost every car has this feature nowadays. Subaru has its own MIRRORLINK system (which isn't available/supported in Australia) but good news! It comes pre-installed with Pandora!! Oh, yeah, right! Pandora hasn't existed in Australia since 2017. NB - I was delivered the car in April 2018. The only connectivity is via bluetooth (see Bluetooth section for how well this system works)!

SUSPENSION - other reviewers have mentioned this so I won't add more but simply echo their complaints. The suspension is sub par for Australian roads.

In short, Subaru have delivered an aesthetically beautiful car, with very intelligent drive features (Adaptive cruise control, lane assist, safety cameras...etc but they neglected to give the driver the most basic of convenience features. The Levorg is certainly NOT "All for the Driver".

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Luxury, Sporty... in a Wagon!!

The car is incredible to drive, for a wagon. The handling is fantastic and has many similarities to that of its predecessor (liberty wagon/wrx wagon). The turbocharged engine has plenty of oomph, however with the additional weight they could have made the STI the same 221kw motor as the WRX. The stock tyres are quite noisy and are not great in corners. The motor is quiet and all safety features are quite easy to use. The interior is luxurious. The seats are comfortable and quite adjustable. The dash and instruments are neat and easy to use, however the steering wheel is overcrowded with buttons.
The running costs are reasonable having to run minimum 95, but on highways can get up 700km a tank with ease. Town driving is around 450km a tank

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Horrendous Suspension...

Took delivery of one of the first GTS spec B Levorgs that arrived in Aus mid June 2016. Wife and i were excited about taking delivery after waiting some 9 months for car to be released and to arrive. Almost immediately noticed the poor suspension setup, particularly front. Way too soft and continually bottomed out on its internal bump stops on even the most minor bumps and road undulations.Hit a big bump and look out! Rear end also way too soft and wallowed around significantly. Dangeous & terrible to drive.
Reported to Subaru Australia on numerous occassions whom continually denied there was a problem with vehicles suspension system knowing full well that there was an issue also being alerted to it by many owners. (A long story in itself although had a win of sorts with them eventually).
Could not continue to drive the vehicle with the factory fitted Bilstein system as it was just too dangerous. Ended up replacing the vehicles entire suspension system only a few months after vehicles purchase with a far superior after market system albeit at our own cost which we were not happy about after paying so much money for a brand new car. Nobody should have to do this with a brand new car... Very dissapointed with Subaru Australia.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Excellent vehicle with one major issue

Overall i love this vehicle, ample power from the 2.0L turbo, ok fuel economy, spacious for my family and looks great. Only issue i have is the suspension which is not good enough. Driving in country areas where the roads are not flat at times the car feels like its about to bottom out. There has been times drinks have spilt due to how bumpy it gets. subaru australia has given me the usual response and no real help.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

The Borg after 4 months

I have the base GT version (in Australia) and it is just like a wagon version of a WRX. Great handling and the ride is as expected... that is not soft, but it is not hard. Saying that though, the ride height is too low for rough dirt roads, othewise it's ok. Driving position is good and the seats are better for me than in the Forester.

The front and rear overhang has to be consideredwhen negotiating gutters and vehicle ferries. Haven't run up enough kms yet to consider pushing the car, but even on moderate throttle, it goes as expected.

The CVT is great and when using manual mode, the ratios are fixed for each gear (8 speeds in S# mode which is great, but usually use I mode around town. Hardly ever use manual mode in town, but do use the paddles which forces manual mode for a short time. Little engine braking when selecting lower gears.

The interior is Subaru standard, which is good, unusually I have an intermittent buzzing in the dash on the left when its been in the such for a while (or on a 34C day) - leaving it until next service. Good sized boot area (but it wouldn't fit a 100 litre wheelbarrow already assembled! What's the world coming to.

Definitely do not like the 6 months service period is Australia.... certainly a rip off, when everywhere else it is 12 months. ie: 6 months or 12500km intervals.

The adaptive cruise control is great, but not as good as my 2014 Forester. It does not slow down the vehicle as much when going downhill as the Forester. However combined with the auto, the cruise control is just great for everyday driving, especially on the highway. Leave it at 100 and let the car in front slow you down (but back off if it doesn't). It's saved my licence a couple of times....reduces the urge to go just that little bit over.

One thing I do notice is that the software seems to be running slower than the Forester. You put your hand inside the door handle pause and then pull to open the door. On the Forester there is just no delay.

Great space inside for the size of the vehicle and for those who criticize the number of controls on the steering wheel, they are great and convenient so get over it. I like the adjustable steering for both distance and height. I definitely do not miss having a gps inbuilt. They are too expensive to update, when a phone or tablet do the same job at no cost. (I have found that Here We Go (android) is the best where there is no phone signal).

I reckon the led lights around the headlights are a much too dim and so I always run with the lights on. Don't like the space saver spare, especially when driving long distances. Will replace it with a full size wheel and tyre before going any long trip. Can't imagine having to drive a few hundred km at slow speed. I would like HID or LED high beam, but it's ok for normal driving.

As for reliability, I have never had anything go wrong with any of my Subarus period (well anything that wasn't caused by me) and that includes a lot of driving outback and in the centre.

I am considering a rear HD sway bar just because I have always installed them. Certainly has made a difference in the past, but the handling for ordinary driving so far has me wondering whether I should bother.

The fuel consumption so far has been 11.9 l/100km overall, but that is only around town and short trips under 25km. On the flat at 100km/h it's usually doing about 10.5 (according to the readout).

Overall.... great!

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Why have SUV, if you can have bigger boot at near perfect ride height

Took my time before biting the bullet and got myself a true all round performer. Family car when they are in it and performance when not. Best of both worlds for me. Has most of the high tech goodies, which still lets me drive the way I want to and not baby me. I can get plenty of heads turning for its good looks. My pearl white the pick of colours, truly highlighting each of the edgy muscular lines along the body. Fuel wise I am looking at around 10-11l/100kms. Push it hard and you might see it go up to 14l. Suspensions are bit bouncy for my like, coming from a corolla. Audio/speaker system demands an upgrade, rest very happy with the purchase. Lets see how it goes over the next 5 year warranty period.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Wagons are back baby.

This Levorg is a super wagon. On the track or winding roads you’ll begin to feel like you are wearing it rather than driving it – so good is the connection between the road, car and driver. A wagon with better boot space and towing capacity than many small SUVs and a billion times more fun to drive

TransmissionCVT Transmission
Date PurchasedDec 2016

Nice quality build, plenty of space without going SUV.

I have been driving my new Levorg for a month now. I left a Mercedes A200 CDI due to lack of space and guts for my needs. The Levorg has both these attributes - so tick! The interior is stylishly put together (although no ergonomic soft shapes here) and the exterior is a bit like the face on Kryten from Red Dwarf.....where a smooth round out would do, we throw in another angle. Overall the exterior is easy on the eye, bonnet scoop could have been omitted.
Anyway, the Subaru dealership did not have samples of interior colours to choose from - nor exterior colours! Therefore, my Pearl interior should have been described as silver, not off-white. It is silver. As in shiny silver. real leather though - not the Mercedes pleather.
It handles well in flooded suburban roads, tows the trailer to the tip - fine; lights and wipers turn off and on automatically (gratefully) BUT no rear sensors for reverse. The 'eye' system will warn for cars approaching from left or right of your rear end (good for parking in shopping centres) but won't see the post directly behind you.
The GPS is far superior to the Mercedes Harmon Kardon.
Big downside: the audio. I don't know if the penchant for treble known in Asian cultures is the problem, (total lack of midi and bass) or the speaker position or both.The weak volume control (do I really need to go full revolutions to get it up??) or just poor hardware? Changing the sound to preset 'Jazz' 'Pop' etc doesn't help. I think it is stuck in 'Library'.

June 5th 2018 Update: Getting interesting

I have had my Levorg for 18 months now.
I have had to have the battery replaced, which kooked up the windows, so back we went. The windows were re-configured (why didn't they do that when they changed the battery?) and I left with the total audio/visual system crashed out. I returned today to have the system replaced (I have the bluetooth, GPS, radio all back now) but it leaves me wondering if the warranty is going to run out before the problems end.
Pathetic sound system. GPS updates require a trip to the dealer. The only door (most inconveniently) that doesn't unlock by the sensor is the driver side rear door. The very door I go to all the time to put my bag in, and every time I'm annoyed that I have to either find the remote, or open the driver's door to flip the unlock button. Yeah - I know - first world problem. But yep, I live in the first world, and I paid a lot of money for this car.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Questions & Answers

How do i do better fuel economy?
1 answer
You get better fuel economy by not planting the foot on the accelerator! The Levorg goes pretty quick when you ask it - but watch the fuel gauge go down with it! I have found when traveling long distances on the most expensive fuel, I can get down to 6.8 litres per 100k, using cruise control.

Is this GT or the GT-S model? I have heard mixed reports about the GT-S being a little firm for day to day driving. I found the GT fine upon test but yet to try the GT-s
1 answer
Yes. GT-S has firmer shock absorber than the GT. It is firmer in ride.

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