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Tommee Tippee Latex Super Soft Comforters

Tommee Tippee Latex Super Soft Comforters

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Tear Size change

These are the only dummies my son wi’ll use, i have struggled for ages to get new ones, I now find out there is a new design out, I finally found what i thought was the elusive dummy, only to find out the teat is smaller! He won’t take them. He has had the same one now for way too long and it really needs replacing. PLEEEEEEEASEEE tell me you have some old stock packed away somewhere I can purchase!!

Old style was better

These dummies changed style about a year ago after my daughter got use to the old style. These dummies have a smaller teat and they wrap around bubs mouth more snug and my daughter feels restricted and wont take to them anymore. I know many people have complained about the new style and i dont blame them

My bubs love it❤❤

I bought lot of dummies from several brands even tomee tippee but different type with animal printed. My baby doesnt like it, she take it out from her mouth straight away. When my friend bought this tomee tippee soft latex, she use it and seems like she likes it. So its good for me


The smell of the rubber is unbearably stinky you can smell it everywhere. Can't understand how they make sales have tried everything to get rid of smell. If the smell was not there the dummies would be ok but I personally can't overlook the smell. Waste of money! Do not buy


My twins like them but the teat had semi ripped off if my children were sucking on it in their sleep they could have choked plus they deflate really quick and I'm always buying new ones because I'm paranoid they are a danger once they are flat but this one was not deflated yet so it was a new one I had recently bought

Deflated after 24 hours

The store was out of stock for the Nuk dummies so I bought a 3 pack of these. Complete waste of money. After 24 hours 2 of the 3 have been deflated and - there are no signs that they have been chewed or holes. Now my 20 month old rejects them completely. In my opinion they were a complete waste of money.
They were cheap compared to the ones I had bought previously.
Didn't maintain their cherry ball shape after 1 nights use.

Great dummies

Both of my sons would only take these cherry shaped dummies. They were a great size and very well priced for the 3 packs so I didn't mind replacing them often. They have good colours and sit well on their face and don't seem to cover their nose too much which is good.
Colours, shape, price

couldnt get through the day

the tommee tippee cherry soother is the only dummy that my son can keep in his mouth without having so keep a suction hold constantly. its large very round end helps it to sit up in his gums without being overly big its also got a long stem so he can get it into the back of his mouth and keep it more easily while sleeping. I have spent too much money other dummies orthodontic and cherry of all brands none would do so i had to go back to these. I really wish they were made out of the clear odourless silicone though as the brown rubber smells funky.
big round teat easily held in mouth without having to keep a suction on it
funky smelling rubber teat makes his breath funky but he likes it

I love these

My daughter had silent refulx she would not take any other dummy apart from this one she is now 28 mths and still got the dummy


Bought an orthopaedic pacifier for my son when he was born, and he wouldn't take to it, so bought him a pack of these and has been using them ever since. Have had no problems. Comes in handy having three in a pack as we are forever losing them. Only con is that they are about $5 a pack, but if we weren't so forgetful then we wouldn't need to buy them as often as we do! Great for teething as well. Highly recommend.
- Cherry teat
- Easy to clean/sterilize
- Comes in all sizes from newborn upwards
- Comes in 3 packs
- Cost

They are so Inexpensive!

I love these dummies and my baby wont have any other type! they are available at the supermarket and are very inexpensive for a pack of 3! My baby has never popped one and one has never had to been thrown out due to safety reasons! A very reliable brand
inexpensive and hardy!

The only one to stay in!

Great dummy I have tried many and this is the only one my son manages to keep in. Cherry dummy all the way
Stays in

Only one my son will keep in!

Inexpensive and well enjoyed by this fussy dummy baby! He had trouble keeping Avent and Tommee Tippee cherub teat dummies in, tried the cherry teat super soft dummies and there was no going back! Who would have guessed the best were so cheap? Meet all safety standards so no worries there.
Inexpensive, cute colours, easy to keep in mouth. Wasn't a big deal to replace them regularly as they are inexpensive and come in a pack of 3.

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completely agree have tried to buy other types including the nuk starlight and heinz baby basics cherry soother my son hates the nuk orthodontic and the cherry on the others is too skinny he cants keep a hold of it when i give him back the tommee tippee cherry he just loves it i just wish they were made out of clear silicone as the brown rubber smells funky.


Do not use these dummies, they are dangerous! When my son was 15 months old he tripped and fell on his face with the dummy in his mouth, and because of the shape of the hard plastic it pushed his top front teeth in. We raced him down to the dentist and showed her the dummy and she couldn't believe they would put out a design like this. You are much better off with something that has a flat plastic front where the latex attaches.
It works like any other dummy. They seemed to be long lasting and have a cover.
The design has a flaw, where the latex nipple connects to the plastic the hard plastic is raised. They are fairly expensive. The plastic is not BPA free, you don't want your kids sucking on that all day.


i have just brought our 3 week old daughter her first dummy, these are cherry shaped and soft teat making it gentle on our little ones gums, however our daughter found the round teat difficult to suck.
affordable come in packets of 3 i paid $4.95, colorful and baby toned purple, blues and pinks. comes with protective cover which keeps dummy clean when not in use. various sizes according to childs age and super soft teat ensuring is gentle on tiny mouths
our newborn had trouble sucking these and easily kept spitting it out due to the rounded shape teat

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have given my son this soother since we had feeding troubles after birth the other brands and types he just couldnt get a suck on as the cherry was too skinny and they kept falling out of his mouth as soon as he fell asleep which would make him wake up and cry and i would have to start the settling all over again.


These dummies are super afforable. I am forever replacing lost dummies and these come in a pack of three for about $5, so I don't cringe at the cost (unlike some other brands).

Bub loves sucking on them. They have different sizes to suit bub's age.


I am so happy a friend of mine bought me these dummies! I tried all the fancy orthodontic ones thinking they were better, but in fact his dummy has been the best!
The teat is fantastic. I have found that out of all the dummies we've tried (and we've tried many) that this is dummy stays in at night. This means I don't have to get up as often :) It realy well priced and you can get them in a pack of three. They come in 3 sizes too, so my bub has been accomodated throughout!

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Latex Super Soft Comforters
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