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Nuk Soother
Latest review: I struggled settling baby for sleep time. Thought I’d give the Nuk dummy a go after doing some research and my newborn (4 weeks) took to it great for the first time but also settled and slept within m

Tommee Tippee Latex Super Soft Comforters
Latest review: These are the only dummies my son wi’ll use, i have struggled for ages to get new ones, I now find out there is a new design out, I finally found what i thought was the elusive dummy, only to find o

Philips Avent Classic
Latest review: No problems with the dummy. Certainly a huge help during teething time as my baby is soothed by the dummy. She goes to sleep with it. Even when chewing the dummy during teething, there haven't been

Jollypop Pacifiers
Latest review: We used these for our first baby who was 9 weeks premature. The first one was given to us by the hospital. While they are quite hard to find in shops, you can find them online and they now stock them

Dr Brown's Dummie
Latest review: I'd tried multiple dummies and I'd almost given up.. especially when I saw the weird shape of these dummies .. but my now 4 month old baby loves them !!! def worth a try if you've got a dummy fussy

Difrax Pacifier
Latest review: Can’t say enough positive things about these dummies. I order them online because there aren’t many stockists in Australia. They fit perfectly on my babies mouth. Wouldn’t use any other brand. Beaut

Mam Perfect
Latest review: My little girl would stop crying with this soother put on her mouth. It's super soft and natural as real nipple so she loves it so much. Highly

Eco Viking Natural Rubber Pacifier
Latest review: These are made from natural rubber and are very healthy and clean as they do not contain any BPA, plastic or other toxins or chemicals. They are the good old fashioned type of soother and are

MAM Night
Latest review: These dummies are an absolute god send! We switched from avent to these as my son was shoving the entire avent dummy in his mouth I have since tried different dummies to see how he goes... He refuses

RazBaby Raz Berry
Latest review: baby loves it which is all that matters when it comes to teething. I love that the whole this is silicone so he can just chew on the whole thing and all the different parts have different textures.

Heinz Baby Basics Pacifier Bib
Latest review: A friend first had this bib and I just had to get one! It's the Best bib I've ever used, it's handy, absorbent and looks so so so cute on either a boy or a girl! The pacifier never falls on the floor

Mam Pearl
Latest review: I am a huge fan of the MAM Pearl Soother range! The sea animal theme is so adorable, and I love that you can purchase boy, girl, and neutral packs in 0-4m and 4-24m. I initially had 2 of the MAM

Love U Babee Dummy Bucket
Latest review: I love the Dummy Bucket - its durable BPA plastic, a quality product, Australian made and so handy to sterilise and store our Dummies for our kids. We always know where they are now. Good quality,

Nûby Paci-Flers
Latest review: My kids have been rather picky when it comes to their pacifiers. The amount of money wasted trying out so many different brands and shapes. Then finally we tried these one and what a winner we had!!

Pigeon Oral Development Dummies
Latest review: On our way to dinner and LO decides that she's not a very happy camper, and of course I forget a dummy. Popped into a chemist told them that she's premmie and they recommended these. She loved it in

Nûby Natural Touch SoftFlex
Latest review: My youngest daughter has had these dummies from day 1 she loves them, I actually cant get her to take any other dummies. With my first daughter I used Avent and those dummies were expensive but

RazBaby Keep-it-Kleen
Latest review: I love the idea behind these however, my baby has chubby cheeks and I found the part that closes around the nipple left marks on his cheeks. stays clean longer due to the fact it closes up when not

Thumbs Out
Latest review: Firstly I want to mention something. I have read through the reviews of this product and clearly they are not all about the Thumbs Out thumbguard. The Tguard is not a Thumbs Out thumb guard. As

Mam Relax
Latest review: I picked up this dummy from the clearance table at the local chemist and wanted to give it ago as it is usually a more pricey brand however my son struggles to retain this particular dummy in his

MAM Active Silicone Ortho

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