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Just purchased a used 2009 Prius but was told as I drove off to make sure i top up the oil really regularly, like every month as it uses heaps! Anyone able to elaborate what might be going on here, i will get it serviced asap but wonder if i've bought a very expensive lemon?
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All engines use some oil, even when new. We’ve got the same car, it will go from full on the didpstick to halfway down the dipstick between services, which is more than I’m used to but certainly not an issue on a car with some kilometres on it. Just make sure to check the oil level every weekIt is always good to check your oil level on every car. The Prius makes no difference. If you are not sure your nearest Toyota service department is only too happy to help you. If you have purchased your car from a private seller, that is always of a great risk as you do not have any guaranty on the car. It looks like the guaranty has just run out as there is a 10-year guaranty on the battery system of the Prius. Ask your Toyota service to get an extended guaranty agreement for a further 5 years as it is cheaper and gives you peace of mind. I have no association with Toyota or Lexus, but I am a devoted Toyota friend as to the quality and reliability of the cars. I drove a top of the range Lexus since 1992 and had three of them over the years and changed over to a Prius. This was a good decision as to the environmental and financial value of the car. Happy motoring. I do it for 68 years.Thank you for you advise, taken on board.

Is it possible to change touch screen to English from Japanese on a Japanese import?
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Thinking about buying a used Prius. How old should it be? (Any other advice?)
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What should I choose between 2nd gen Prius iTech and 3rd gen base grade? The differences between 2nd and 3rd gen? Thanks
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I never drove a Gen 3. I hear they use sightly less fuel. My Gen 2 high tech is a dream and did not cost much. 80 percent of all Prii are Gen 2 except Taxis

Hi, I'm seriously think of buying 2006 Prius itech model with really low kms(90k). Owner said the battery pack was already replaced in the last recall back in March when it was still in 8 year warranty. How much is that worth and what should I be afraid of owning this hybrid vehicle? Thank you.
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Do own a Hybrid is the best yon can have if you are energy minded, I have 2 , a 2005 Prius and a 2014 Prius C. I am not aware that there was ever a recall on the HV battery, People would talk about it. From Toyota it costs $ 3888.-- for a new Battery installed with a 1 year warranty. You can get reconditioned Batteries for less than $ 2000.-- also with a warranty. Low milage is good and bad as the battery last longer if worked hard . 2006 Prius are quite inexpensive on the second hand market. I trust this assists with the decision to be made.Thank you, Hybrid. Could you also advise me what to look out and what to ask to owner when I make inspection to that car?

Need some help. I seriously considering buying a 2003 Toyota Prius hybrid. Are they any good? All the reviews I have read on here seem to be about the newer ones. The private seller is asking 5300 it's done 189 thousand Ks. I have never bought or even test driven one of these cars before. The only experience I have had with Prius hybrids is being in a cab in Perth city and noticed how quiet it was and how freakishly agile it was. (I had a scary ass taxi driver mind you) Keeping this in mind I have also been sussing out a 2007 Prius hybrid and the seller is asking 11k is that pricey? He has not Got much information about the car or why he is selling it. Any opinions and help would be greatly appreciated.
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Okie dokie .. I guess I am a Prius Groupie as we have two of them.. My 2005 Prius has been an excellent vehicle.. It now has almost 250,000 klm on it and all is good.. Both my Prius's are the i-Tech model which has all the goodies and toys in them..ie cruise control and more multi screen info .. it sounds like you are buying a base model ( even those are quite good cars, but not too many toys).. All I wouold recomend is getting and NRMA , RACQ or RACV inspection.. to ensure the mechanicals are all in good order.. Otherwise.. GO FOR IT!! let me know .. i am really interested.! Cheers BobHi My Prius 2004 is the best most reliable car i have ever owned i have had it from second hand since 2008 ---- Having said that i would not buy a 2003 (Personally) because i just believe that buying a car that is 11 years old is a bit risky no matter what it is ------- If you can afford it, i would buy a less expensive new car that has 5 years warrantee ----- the problem i feel is that, in this day and age things just cost too much to fix ---- eg i believe the battery in the Prius lasts from 10 to 15 years and costs around $4,000 to replace ---- the 2003 is around about that age ---- short answer ----- love the Prius --- but i wouldn't buy a Prius that age----- and if you have to --- buy a car that is less tech (hybrid) good luck RossHi Tam. Pretty sure the 2003 model was the old Series 1? If so I would probably avoid it and try to get a series 2 model which started in 2004 I think. The first series is getting a bit old now and is more likely to have problems (not as well designed as the later ones from what I have been told) and parts could be harder to find and more expensive.

I'm considering getting the 03 prius hybrid which is being sold privately for 5500... Then I read some scary issues that occurred in the US like the steering stopped working ect. What are the chances? And is the 03 hybrid any good?
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Hi Tam.. if you want to call me . hone 0411 420 888 and I can chat with you re these cars.. Cheers Bob

How much does it cost to replace the battery/ batteries?
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Bruce is right .. The main battery which is the one that helps power the car , comes with an 8 year warranty from Toyota, but mi 2005 Prius has 245,000 klm is going strong and no signs of needing anything.. When these cars first came out , there was a lot of negative reports about the long term viability of the battery life, all of which appears to have been opposition BullDust,.. The ones used as taxis up inCairns and Darwin are reporting 600,000 klm without any problems.. As I keep saying , uts a toyota! Can't kill em with a Brick!Hi Cathy - battery replacement on a Series 2 will cost around $3500. I know because the battery in my 2006 one failed last month at 176000km. As others have said in most cases the batteries should last a long time but apparently not always! Still a friend of mine had a Honda of similar age that had a gearbox failure and it cost him about the same to get that fixed so expensive repairs can happen to any car.There are shops starting up everywhere incl. in Sydney who offer exchange batteries for Prius Series 2. They cost approx. half of a new Toyota one. Best found on the Internet. Hybrid freak

compared to corolla, how reliable PRIUS is?
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Its a Toyota!!! they are brilliant! I have the third generation one ( as well as the 2nd Gen one) and NOTHING goes wrong!! I cant find anything on them that causes me concern. Cheers BobSomething to be aware of is do not skip services. These engine use low tension piton rings for efficiency and as such will not tolerate dirty oil. They are incredibly durable otherwise and do not tend to wear very much at all. The rings are this engines weak point and can suffer from a condition known as "stuck down" if services are neglected or cheap mineral oil is used. They are cheap to rebuild but still best to avoid it by using good quality synthetic oil and servicing on time, every 10k. By doing this, these are reliable well over 300k+. I have one apart now that suffered from this. It's an easy fix for me but would cost the average owner thousands to rectify.

how is the batteries' life span?
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Toyota offers 8 years or 160,000km warranty on batteries. Are you in Australia? If yes, you could find a lot of Prius taxis in Gold Coast, which majority of them have rolled over 300,000 without any battery change. They are very very reliable. My 2005 Prius has now got 240,00 klm and its as good as the day I bought it !I bought my 2014 prius on a whim---- have used it as a work horse---- sometimes a tonne of tiles in the back etc I cannot recommend this car highly enough -- never missed a beat

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