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Trim-A-Weigh WA

Trim-A-Weigh WA

3.1 from 20 reviews

Food is Delicious

I have an online business and people out there love to whinge and whine over the smallest details. Sometimes even details that are not even valid, but they choose to try to discredit someone trying to make an honest living and provide a service. I have used TrimaWeigh for years. The food is very tasty for healthy meals. They taste more home cooked than a mass produced company like Lite and Easy. The customer service is very friendly in my experience. Perhaps if you weren't so angry and malicious in your communication then you might get some respect back. Perhaps the owner is tired of stupid people expecting stupid things.

The bottom line is the food is great. If you want to lose weight stop whinging about the serving sizes. They use a dietician so you won't get fat. What do you expect? Tired of all the hate online. If you don't like it, go somewhere else. Stop trying to ruin peoples business because the food is very good here. So much hate. I think you are great Trim a weigh. Don't listen to these professional whingers.

Nice - nice meals nice packages

I was a bit scared to try this because of the bad reviews, but it is very nice packaging and not at all bad food. The only thing I would change is use my own tomatoes and cucumbers instead of the salad they give and I would also like to make my own boiled eggs (just for freshness) other than that dinners are really nice and breakfast and snacks also good. I am on the 1000 calories a day or the 1200 not sure but not much difference, I already feel better. I think I will loose heaps of weight if I stay on Trima-A-Weigh for a while (which I am going to). It is also good because they offer vegetarian meal plans (not a lot of these food delivery company's do). Thank you, Try it and don't worry too much about the bad reviews. Also it states at checkout your order is recurring - if you don't want that to happen just cancel in the first week from the log in page? not that hard.

Do Not Use Trim A Weigh!!!

You order with them once... then you're sucked in to a subscription without even knowing!!!
I was going to go with Lite n Easy and only decided to go with Trim a Weigh as unfortunately they seemed to have better options for vegetarians. Big mistake!!! I did my first order and the following went to place my second, to only find out the week after that they had already charged my card. (Which means I paid for one week twice over!!!) The funny thing is [name removed] tried to say its because I had subscribed and also done a manual order>>>> if this was the case! Then why did I only receive one set of meals and not two for both the payments they took!!!!???

The same thing happened the week later. I hadn't realised that this is what happened as the first payment showed up on the statement as Trim a Weigh and the next was from Red Wrapt. So... I thought another company was trying to take funds out of my card... and had my credit card cancelled. Basically they over charger my card by almost $500 leaving my card overdrawn and me without a credit card so close to Christmas!!! The lady [name removed] arranged for my refund, not without being RUDE!!! and telling me that she was basically doing me a "favour" as it was my fault! The same thing just happened AGAIN!!! I didn't even place an order this week... and they showed up at my front door with the food and charged my card.

[name removed]>>> Was so so so rude>>> in all my years I have never ever received such poor customer service. Proceeding to tell me there was nothing she would do about it, that it was my fault and that I blatantly didn't look at the website properly when I did my order. She said the only reason I was feeling "disappointed" is because I wasn't getting my way and getting what I wanted. Damn Rude!

I'm now stuck with a weeks worth of food before I'm due to fly out tomorrow.

Daylight robbery

I have used Lite & Easy in the past and decided to go with the WA company expecting same if not better food. How wrong I was. I paid 4 weeks up front to get the best price so now I'm stuck with this below par effort. The delivery with 2 small bottles of frozen water was clumsy. The first thing to notice was the very small quantity of food. 5 snacks were: small snack boxes with seeds, the odd almond, a few raisins and a heap of white chocolate buttons (??); a packet of buttered and salted commercial popcorn; an old apple; a wrapped bit of cheese (like in airplanes) with 2 small round watercrackers.
Lunches were so small that I was convinced they must have forgotten something.
Dinners were tasteless and the ricotta cheese in the cheese and spinach something curdled after heating and that meal had me run for the toilet. As did the tuna bake (with peas and carrots). And just about each meal had peas and carrots, even the tasteless lunch fried rice had peas and carrots and corn kernels and not much else.
I can't afford to throw 3 weeks of $100+ away so will eat what they deliver the next few weeks but after that it's back to Lite and Easy.

Love this company!!

As a vegetarian I have found it hard to find quick and healthy food. Trim-a-weigh exceeded my expectations. The food was delicious and homestyle - it did not taste like frozen food! Highly recommend.

something wrong with people giving bad reviews

Lets start by saying meals are delivered fresh weekly, so put them in the freezer they are frozen if there is something wrong with your freeza that is your problem. To the dumb dumb that said lite and easy meals are better must be a whale lite and easy meals are large portions and taste like supermarket dinners the not so tasty type.
Phone service well my first call I was given so much information i could not believe it, so obviously you must have had a bad attitude to start with.


I have been using this company for some now. I have found the food of good quality, service excellent, price reasonable.
I have tried its competitors and much prefer these products.
This is the WA company not QLD which is not affiliated I believe.
Like it that this is a local company also.
Good food, good service.

Terrible food, terrible service

I didn't know I was ordering diet meals from Trim-A-Weigh in Perth. I thought I was ordering dinners from Delightful Dinners - traditional meals for convenience. It wasn't until the dinners arrived and I checked my bank account only to find that the funds had been deducted by Trim-A-Weigh. I was pretty annoyed that they were selling exactly the same meals as on their diet program with exactly the same descriptions and had just re-branded them as convenience meals. I didn't think that was very upfront at all.

So, the meals that I got were actually diet meals and were absolutely terrible. They were very small and pretty tasteless. The Thai Red Curry was just precooked meat that was cubed and then put into a thin sauce with a bit of chilli in it - and there wasn't much of it. There's not any meal that I received that I thought was worth $13 and definitely not nutritious - whether they were diet food or not. I have had Lite-n-Easy in the past and if I was looking for calorie-controlled food I would overwhelmingly recommend them before Trim-A-Weigh.

The customer service was pretty non-existent. I did complain about the meals but they weren't interested so I'm now Home Chef and I'm much happier with their meals.
Not much at all.
Deceptive advertising. Very small meals. Tasteless food. Poor customer service.

Trim -A-Waste

I ordered trim a weigh from Perth, when I rang it should have been the first clue, the woman I spoke to on the phone had no phone manners at all and had a very half assed manner. I had already read the other reviews and wish I had listened but I thought I would give them a chance. (trust me believe what you read ).
I was already on Lite-n-easy and now am wished I had stayed on it and am going back on it today.
The food was horrible, the salads are a child size handful and luckly for me included was a free dead bug..Not only in one but 2 of the salads I had.
The breakfast,lunch & dinner meals are very small in compared .

Bad service,bugs in salads & very small meals and expensive

Very happy- try it yourself

I have been ordering Trim a Weigh for 4 weeks in Perth. The food is good, my order is always correct and they are friendly. Its a small family business so I want to support them over the bigger organisations- who mind you, wont even cater to my vegetarian diet. The food is fine and I lost 3 kilos in the first 2 weeks. People who have said the food doesn't taste fresh or frozen vegetables turned them off- youre not being very fair. Sure, if you bought fresh broccoli and corn and carrots every week and cooked them yourself they would taste better. But if you're eating pre-cooked food, you need to be more reasonable in your expectations! This suits my busy schedule, and it has educated me on portion size for when I find time to cook again. I'm happy to continue!
Convenient, reasonable price, helped me learn calorie control
There's not a masive range in vegetarian food- only 2 weeks worth

Best Life choice I have ever made :)

I started trim-a-weigh approximately 3 weeks ago and I could not be happier! I am on the 5 day plan and it has been the best choice I have ever made!!!
Not only is it really easy to grab my food from the fridge because I am to busy normally to even eat breakfast let alone think about dinner, but the food its self is fantastic! I'm only on the 1200cal diet, and the food is just so tasty and their is so much of it I normally have left overs.
I am a bigger girl (started off at 121.1kg) and in the 3 weeks since starting I have lost 5.1kg and haven't been hungry at all :)
What makes it even better is the price! I am saving over $100 a week being on trim-a-weigh and, as said before, still have lots of left over food because I'm so full!
I would highly recommend trim-a-weigh (have already to many friends) :)
Great price, great food, wonderful and personal customer service which always makes the difference

Forzen [censored word removed]!

My hubby and I decided to try Trim A Weigh (Perth) for convenience because we have just had our first baby. What a bad choice we made! The dinners and most lunches are tiny portions of frozen junk, once microwaved they are half water and tastes like soggy and bland cardboard. Each meal had a use by date of over 12 months so goodness knows what preservatives they put into their food. It is cheaper to buy Lean Cuisines and the steam fresh lean Cuisines also taste a million times better, actually any frozen meal I have had tastes better! The fresh lunches were ok but again far too small and I'm a 51kg woman with a small-medium appetite and I was starving.
The delivery driver was friendly.
Tasteless, soggy meals and tiny portions

Healthy and easy

Lots of different healthy meal options to choose from. And being a busy person, not having the hassles that come with cooking (shopping, prep, cooking, cleaning) really freed up my time for other duties and fun.

I didn't sign up with Trim-a-weigh for the weight loss aspects, but can certainly see where this would be beneficial for those who want to count their calories and shed some kilo's in a healthy manner.
variety, convenient, reliable, affordable

great food, great value and great service

After I placed my first order, I decided to have a look at the reviews online. After reading some of the negative feedback I became worried about what I would receive when I got my first delivery. I was contemplating cancelling my order. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and very happy that I didn't cancel. The food was delicious, fresh and great value. I have also been in touch with [name removed] from Trim-A-Weigh Perth and she has been prompt to reply, helpful and friendly. I decided to try Trim-A-Weigh for convenience rather than weight loss, but in the first week I dropped about a kg, which was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend Trim-A-Weigh and look forward to future deliveries.
fresh, delicious and local

Very Disappointed

Have been using this company (WA) on and off for years. Has deteriorated very much of late. Used to be really good; helpful people and great service.

Have they changed ownership or something? Now the meals are pretty mediocre and the staff are unhelpful and unfriendly - don't seem to care at all. (And I think I'll scream if I see another serve of mixedcarrot,pea,corn)

Shame they've gone SO downhill - what happened guys??
Delivery man very nice. Meals reheat quickly
Boring,repetitive meals, very unfriendly staff

Downhill WA

Initially 4 weeks lunches & dinners. Lunches were ok Dinners pretty good. A after 2 weeks lunches were awful. 2 days of dry rye bread and scant amount of cheese with a tad mustard. Gradually less and less fresh food, some of the salads were already off. Dinners looked unappealing with overlooked shredded cabbage and lots of water remained on heating.

Really small serving sizes compared to Lite and Easy

Food is OK and I love the fact that you can get salads and fresh food from them, but the size difference compared to Lite and Easy is very noticeable.I gave them a shot as they are local but will go back to lite and easy after this batch as I find the food nice, but was wanting a change in menu.

Not worth your money or time

The frozen meals are bland. You'll be better off getting a frozen dinner from the supermarket. The cottage pie is filled with the same frozen vegetables served on the side with specks of mince through it. I've ordered two weeks lunch/dinner but cancelled the second week. I was charged 'admin fees' so the company my full week wasn't refund. Not worth the effort or your money, the company is a rip off.
The salad and cheese
Would taste ok if you don't have tastebuds

Excellent customer service - very happy with the food

I recieved my first order today, delivered right on time, lovely delivery man. Food is really nice, I'm really happy with it. They have a large variety of meals to choose from, from fresh to freezer meals. So far I've eaten a fresh lunch, and freezer dinner, both were really nice and tasty, really food unlike some of their competitors.
Cheap compaired to competitors, lovely fresh food


Ordered my meals was delivered on time however got 7 meals that was not what i ordered it had someone elses name on it. Asked for my correct order but they said they could only refund or credit for next order. I asked to deliver correct order but they straight out refused. Very very rude.

rude customer service

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Trim-A-Weigh WA
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