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My Muscle Chef
Latest review: Apart from the meals being absolutely delicious, mymusclechef also goes above and beyond with service. After missing the delivery deadline, i got in contact with Theresa and she was able to organise

Lite n' Easy
Latest review: I'm using Light and Easy the second Time together with my Husband and we loving it. I,m on 1200 cal. a Day and I'm very comfortable. It fills me up enough. Easy to

Odyssey Lean
Latest review: Really needed help with eating healthier. Had seriously fallen off the bandwagon and the meals helped break the unhealthy cycle. I used to get takeaway for work lunch, but now I take an Odyssey Lean

Latest review: 5.4 offer great tasting portion controlled meals high in protein. Very filling leaving you fuller for longer. Loads of variety to choose from, easy to order with delivery straight to my

Latest review: Food is very tasty. Once again, can pick up the food. Always fresh, and the menu for my budget isn't too expensive. I couldn't complain. Not perfect, but better than a lot of the other ones I have

Jenny Craig
Latest review: I’m into my second week, lost 900g the first week and it’s so easy. Just when I start to feel peckish it’s time to eat again so I’m never hungry. The food is great, probably not the healthiest, but I

Weight Watchers
Latest review: I was satisfied with the 6 month membership at $45.30. Post-membership, WW deducted $75.50 without notification after the 6 months was over. When I queried that my membership was over, why am I being

Trim-A-Weigh WA
Latest review: I have an online business and people out there love to whinge and whine over the smallest details. Sometimes even details that are not even valid, but they choose to try to discredit someone trying

Latest review: The meals are clean, taste good and are helping me with my gains. Macros is awesome! Portion sizes good too. I’m a fan of the brown rice too for clean c

Latest review: I have been using Foober for 10 weeks. In this time, the menu has not changed at all. Meals that should not be spicy (i.e. shepherds pie) were so spicy at times, I couldn't eat it. There were many