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My Muscle Chef

Lite n' Easy

Latest review: There’s loads of options to choose from and the lunch options are so easy for when your at work. I get hungry at times but, the program is easy to f

Odyssey Lean

Latest review: I have been ordering Odyssey lean for weeks when I know I won’t have time to do a grocery shop and spend hours in the kitchen. I live by myself so I find cooking just for me a bit of a hassle. It is r


Latest review: Firstly, the delivery guy didn't knock or ring the doorbell. Just dumped the box in the full sun, despite there being shady areas. The food is disgusting. The pictures on the site and what you


Latest review: Wasn’t sure what to expect with these meals but I have been ordering them almost weekly now and the quality is just getting better and better. The meals without salad in them freeze well as w


Latest review: The food is not bad, the delivery turned up when they stated it would, but my query is I am on the Fast 800 calorie diet with DL, I have noted that 5 out of 7 meals were over the 800 calories a day

Jenny Craig

Latest review: Jenny Craig in Cheltenham, I called them to reschedule my appointment as I couldn’t make it that morning and I asked if I could make it later the lady replied and said well you should have come at 9

Weight Watchers

Latest review: Both the beef hotpot and cottage pie were too salty in taste. My recommendation would be to let people add their own seasoning manually as we all have differing taste

Trim-A-Weigh WA

Latest review: I have an online business and people out there love to whinge and whine over the smallest details. Sometimes even details that are not even valid, but they choose to try to discredit someone trying


Latest review: I have been using Foober for 10 weeks. In this time, the menu has not changed at all. Meals that should not be spicy (i.e. shepherds pie) were so spicy at times, I couldn't eat it. There were many