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Tupperware Turbo Chef

Tupperware Turbo Chef

4.7 from 14 reviews

Total 100% endorsement

Just got one second hand. Brilliant at cutting up onions,garlic : no tears, no irregular sized pieces had some cream so even made own butter with blender attachment. very versatile tool.

Purchased in April 2019 for $15.00.

Saves time

I use it mainly as garlic dicer. Works great and saves a lot of time! If you're buying on ebay I recommend getting one of the packages which include two additional 'twin turbo' bases, which means you can just dice your stuff, take out the dicer knife and pop on the cover, without needing the take out the stuff inside and put into another container!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Favorite Kitchen Implement

This was bought for me as a gift. I thought "I had a knife, and now I have a knife and space wasting red thing". How wrong I was! I love this gadget. Perfect for chopping garlic. Most of the time I just rinse it afterwards. It is small, portable, not a pain to get out and set up and wash like the blender (I never use the blender - the cleaning and packing up/setting up annoys me) I love that its little, hand powered and easy to clean. Everyone should have one.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Wow! How did I live without this?!

I have owned this for around 6 months (secondhand) and have purchased 2 more as gifts since. How did I ever live without this?!Cuts vegetables fine so can add into the simplest meals. Kids eat so many vegetables without any hassle or even noticing what I've added and saves so much time not having to either chop or grate. I have larger model too, mainly use smaller chopper but if have a lot do- still works fantastic :) great purchase and one you won't regret! Is expensive new but worth it, even better if you can buy near new secondhand.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Turbo Chef's Have not been Discontinued

Tupperware still sell these might little choppers. They make it so easy to chop up onion and carrot and also make quick little Dips. Still in the 2016 Autumn/winter catalogue!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Fantasic little vege chopper

Saw this little gadget at a friends house and loved it. Great for chopping onions, no more tears! Dices zucchini, mushroom, carrot, capsicum quickly and easily. Works really well as long as you dont over fill it. Great time saver.

Love my Turbo Chef

This is such a handy kitchen tool. When wanting to chop a little bit or a little bit more it is a great option compared to getting out the big, bulky blender. We use this little tool for mixing some sandwich fillings, like egg, chicken and mayo, etc. It is easy to clean and doesn't take up much space in the cupboard. My young son loves to help whenever I'm using this - the pull cord is much more fun that whatever is on TV at the time.

So glad I bought this

The longer I have this, the more uses I find for it Most frequently I use it for onion and garlic, and I don't begrudge the time it takes to chop the onion into quarters first. Lately I have discovered its brilliance with fresh ginger for stirfries. I also use it to chop dried apricots and nuts for loaves and cakes, and recommend it for its ease of cleaning - most times just a rinse under hot water. I have the older red version.


I um-ed and ah-ed about getting one for a while and was finally swayed after a few friends raved about it. I was particularly attracted by the idea of never having to chop onions again!
I went for the smaller size (mainly because it was cheaper and took up less space). In hindsight, perhaps I should have got the bigger one.
While it is easy to use (and, let's be honest, it's very satisfying to pulverize vegetables at the pull of a string!) you still have to cut the onion into quarters to fit it in. The smaller size only does half an onion at at time.... So you don't really save that much time and effort unless you are REALLY bad at cutting onions!
The saleswoman did a demonstration using a carrot and although it is impressive, none of my recipes call for carrots cut that way. However, I have used it for chopping ham for pizzas and it work really well. Also good for walnuts in muffins.
In summary, it is a handy little tool to have but certainly isn't essential or life-changing.
WARNING- the blades are very sharp and you need to be incredibly careful when using, washing, drying and storing the turbo chef.
It's handy for chopping veg, ham, walnuts and the like
Exposed blades can be unsafe, expensive

Must have in every kitchen - even for casual cooks!!

Must have in every kitchen! Regardless how little or much you cook !! I bought mine at a tupperware party 2 years ago only used it a little at first only due to me not remembering i had it and always did things manually, now i use it for everything, salsa, mushrooms, onion, carrots, garlic. I never hand chop anything anymore i love it! Blade is still as sharp as day 1 and still only pull the cord 1-2 times and its done!
reliable, compact, no extra attachments that fill cupboards, does what it should do

Must have in all kitchens

At first I saw it as a gimmick even though it was produced and sold by Tupperware.It is so easy to use! the lid has never come off. This beats out an electric mixture when you want to save time. I couldn't believe how fast it is. I highly recommend Turbo Chef
Easy to use

Great, easy to use item for everyone's kitchen

Handy little tool that is simple to put together and slice foods like onions. Its design is attractive and the parts come apart so it is easy to clean. Its pricey at around $50 but will last a lifetime. It's basically a convenient tool for the kitchen when you want to slice up foods with little fuss.
Its quick and compact and can cut up lots of foods.
Can take on the smell of the food i.e. onions and hard to get rid of the smell.

The best little kitchen friend.

When I first saw this Turbo Chef/ (happy chopper) at a Tupperware party I went to two years ago, I thought to myself I am definitely going to buy that. I suffer from sensitive eyes at the best of times let alone when cutting onions, however when I asked to order one I was momentarily stunned at the price. I thought $45.00 was a lot of money to pay for somehting so small and only used for mostly onion (you can chop a few other things but I never do as it isn't worth the time to clean it. The thing I did like though is that it only needs two or 3 twists of the the lid (or now with the new revised one...2 0r 3 pulls on the pull cord) and whalllaahh your onion is all chopped. You can then take the blade out (be very careful as its very sharp, just give a rinse and store up very high away from little fingers) It comes with a lid also, so you can pre-cut your onion or store any left overs in the fridge for the next day.
The ease of use and no more tears!
The price

A really great product, and time saver

The turbochef (the small one), can just about slice all vegetables, fruit, and nuts. I put some almonds today, and they were slivered beautifully.

It is great for making babyfood, I wish that I had this when my kid's were younger. It's very handy to have and has become an integral part of the kitchen.

Very easy to wash, very little mess, just run under hot water
Durable, always stays sharp, good warranty service
You have to dice the larger vegetable first, but it still saves time

Questions & Answers

What is the number for the white part in the Turbo Chef with the gears on it?
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What is the Tupperware number for the pull cord mechanism on the Extra Chef
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I am Interested in the extra chef. Can someone tell me if it comes with the beater blades plus the mixing paddle, or are the beater blades extra?
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Turbo Chef
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