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Thrilled with our kitchen and bathroom!

From the first meeting with our designer Jeff, to every trades person who worked on our kitchen and bathroom it was a joy. We knew at all times how our job was progressing through our project manager. Any changes we requested was always dealt with, and was never any trouble. We have referred Ultimate Kitchens to our daughter who is now having her kitchen renovated.
Thrilled with the final outcome, it is our dream come true!…

Its what they dont tell you, dont do

We had a kitchen, lounge, bathroom renovation
Going through the whole process, things started okay, plans where drawn up and a few handy recommendations where made as to our wants and needs. Then it sort of went pear shaped for a while.
We moved our, but stayed nearby so came regulary to check progress. Two days after commencement date, all gutted, four weeks later no change, was told by neighbour, nobody had been there in past few weeks. Go forward a few more weeks, call in to find a tradesman. Now he and all others in the coming months gave me their bussiness card, which wasnt related to Ultimate Kitchens butbrather a "terrys plumbing" type card. I asked, dont you work for Ultimate, no, each said, but we do work for them. Here their first lie was exposed, in "we have an entire team of tradespeople "
So wuth this tradies from the yellow pages type set up, its all good if they can get the person required for that job, but, hes gone on holidays, hes sick, this that and the other and no back ups to
Cater for such scenarios and each time one is away it puts the entire project back, aas they will not bring in a different trade in until that one is finished. One of them went on five weeks holidays, so no work over this period of time.
Then little things that required a little bit of common sense started happening, but all of which l put down to"no work is checked" cupboard doors dont close, oh thats because of the pipes at the back. We
Ll why didnt you fix it if you knew why.
For some reason a hole was in the wall and the painter was there, painting. " hey mate dont you think you should plaster this before you paint"im just told what to do" so a few days later the plasterer came, and who followed him. Yes the painter
Small things where not pointed out to us, which have rendered the item useless(partially) wexasked for a white square shaped hand basin for the bathroom, counter sunk into the vanity, what they didnt tell us, was they would have to cut almost the entire first draw out, so what was left was a u shaped draw with no backing, so everything just drops out the back and into the draw behind, all we can usecthis top draw for is putting a comb and tooth brushes. The second draw faired a little better although part was still cut out, whilst the remainders stayed untouched.
Months later we moved back in and within ten hours of doing so, where asked to prepair a list of things that need fixing, unfortunately you need time to find all the faults, but this said, we where told all things would be fixed in thirty days. Wrong, we just got fed up, even more so when without warning somebody turns up unexpectedly, just as we are all about to go out. But it did get to the stage where we thought, stuff it we'll find our own people to come in and fix things.
All that said, we are happy l would say to 90% of the finished product, the way it was done however l could not pass, nor recommend. So if you will use ultimate, perhaps move far enough away so you dont see the lack of works. Only thing , if they say its a three month job, best book for nine to keep on the safe side

Great service!

We are very pleased with our recent kitchen renovation from Ultimate Kitchens and bathrooms. The designs were completed by Eugene who was willing to meet on numerous occasions to accommodate our new ideas. The renovation process was well managed by John who maintained regular communication throughout. All trades people were efficient and polite. We would recommend Ultimate to anyone looking for a high quality, trustworthy and professional service.

Great kitchen design, professional service and great workmanship

Great kitchen design, professional service and great workmanship. That was what we were looking for, and that is what we got! We well be doing our bathrooms in a couple of years, we will be using Ultimate kitchens again. Great experience!

Apartment owner in Port Melbourne

Ultimate recently completed a full renovation on our kitchen, 2 bathrooms and laundry , we were extremely happy with the designs that Eugene completed for us and the quality of workmanship was exceptional, Our project manager Adrian was extremely professional, always helpful and was a pleasure to work with, would definitely recommend Ultimate.

Leaks everywhere

I had a kitchen, two bathrooms and a powder room re-done, as well as the repair of a roof leak and 2 external door replacements.

Both the doors (one leading into the internal courtyard and one to the backyard) leaked.
The roof continued to leak.
The sink which was installed in the powder room was also leaking water into the cupboard below it.

After multiple emails with the construction manager spanning approx 2.5 months and requiring me to organise times for tradespeople to come in and work on the house - one of the doors is no longer leaking, but the roof, other door and sink continue to leak.

update: 4 months later
powder room sink and internal and external courtyard doors have been repaired by ultimate kitchens and (so far) no longer leak.

Don’t even bother asking for a quote

I called this business to ask for a quote. I explained I have a small bathroom and that I wanted a full bathroom renovation. I was met with a condescending female, asking me if I had any idea how much a bathroom renovation costs (which I did) and was told that unless I was looking at spending 45,000 they would not even come to look. I felt the woman who spoke to me was judgemental - it’s interesting that this was the ONLY business that asked me if I lived alone and suggested that I might need to talk to friends or family in relation to being able to pay for the renovation. Incredibly rude. I make my own money (that’s why I can afford a mortgage ON MY OWN).

Highest standard of design, care and construction management

From Beata's elegant design concepts through to Adrian's fine construction management the standard of care, attention to detail and workmanship by this company is of the highest quality. Being their client has been a pleasure and worry free experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Ultimate and cannot imagine a better, more professional or nicer company of people to work with. Sincere thanks to everyone at Ultimate.

Very happy with our new bathroom!

Ultimate Kitchen & Bathrooms did a great job of renovating our bathroom. Beata Brzozowska was very knowledgeable and helpful in working with us to design our new bathroom. The project manager was great and ensured everything was done on time and to standard. If there was anything I wasn't happy with, e.g. a tap was put on very slightly crooked, I told the project manager and it was sorted out the next day. All the tradesmen that came in were professional and polite, and always cleaned up after themselves. We couldn't be happier with final result.

Great kitchen from Ultimate Kitchens! No hesitation in recommending them to replace or renovate your

Our kitchen from Ultimate kitchens is fantastic! We had Ultimate kitchens replace our kitchen. The design was great and we were very happy with the ultimate kitchen. It was designed to make access to food, bins and sink accessories easy, maximise bench space, improve storage space and improve exhaust of rangehood fumes. All this was achieved and we now have a kitchen that is a pleasure to use. It was a vast improvement on our original kitchen. The designer, project manager and tradespeople were a pleasure to deal with. We were given a realistic time frame up front and everything just happened. We were very happy with the ultimate kitchen and process and have no hesitation in recommending Ultimate kitchens to replace or renovate your kitchen. Steve

Loving my designer bathrooms!

From start to finish my liaisons with Ultimate were professional and personal. I had two bathrooms fully built from scratch plus a walk in line closet and bedroom wardrobe. Beata was wonderful through the design process and either solidified my own design requests or provided professional input on marble and tile selection. All the tradesmen used were very professional, work was top quality and kept the space immaculate during the renovation so I could live through it. The Project Managers were always on hand to listen, make change and add value to the build. I was impressed with the professional design drawings provided leading up to the sign off stage and even the detail in the cleaning process at the final stage. The bathrooms are divine and just as imagined at the beginning.

Great success all round, should have had it done much sooner.

Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms did excellent work, great planning and execution even to the smallest detail. They were always there to advice, discuss various possibilities and supervise. The end result is all I had wished for.

Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms – stunning finish

We started with few quotes for our kitchen renovation. My wife found Ultimate on the website. We requested design consultation. Three months after, we have brand new kitchen, bathroom, and laundry fully, beautifully installed. We love our marble looking benches and very modern design. Modern Finishes and color scheme was extremely well selected and presented. After a few design meetings with Beata we were very confident to leave deposit for our renovation.
Installers were coming on time, project manager was always on the top of his job informing us on the progress of the installation, we were constantly informed on the progress from start to finish.
We are more than happy to recommend professional team of Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms to all new clients if they need hassle free, and extremely well presentable renovation.

Thank you so much for my new bathroom and kitchen

Our project is just finished! Bathroom and kitchen look so beautiful. Thanks ultimate to make it happened. Biata spend hours with us designing, selecting tiles, fittings for bathroom finishes for kitchen. We can't thank you enough as we wouldn't never achieve this beautiful look without you. Brett with his trades was very professional and quick. In 4 weeks all was done including some building work. Was a smooth experience . We will highly recommended Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms as we are so happy with final result.

Very Disappointing Experience.

It’s a while now since we had our new kitchen installed by Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms, we have been vacillating about writing a review because it takes time and we just want to move on from what has been a very disappointing experience. Hopefully this will help you with your decision if you are considering using this company.
To start with the price we received for the project from Ultimate was quite expensive compared to the other 2 Kitchen companies that we contacted. They all sent designers out to prepare designs of the new joinery and since the room was really dictating the layout of the kitchen all of the designs were quite similar and since we wanted the painted shaker style doors and some other detail features that we requested, each of the designs had these and it really came down to who we thought would do the best job with the least amount of problems for us to deal with. Since we both are v. busy with 2 businesses to run and not home till late etc. All of the companies said they could supply the trades and manage the job for us. In the end we decided on Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms because we wanted to minimise the hassle and were convinced by them that you get what you pay for in the end.
Wrong! When the cabinets were installed there were problems with them fitting and the installer apparently had to ‘modify’ them to fit . So apparently the site measure was wrong or the joinery was wrong, we found out afterwards that Ultimate buy their cabinets from another company ( this might help explain some of the high cost ). This never really resolved properly during the install and there were several bits and fills that are rough looking not lining up and not up to the standard we were paying for. When the designer was preparing the design we also went over some very specific sizes for a few items that had to fit in the drawers and in the cabinets near the rangehood.. this was all on the design drawings. Of course it was wrong when we got the cabinets because there was another set of drawings done afterwards by the site measurer that changed these sizes and we were not made aware of the changes when we signed off on these ( the measurers drawings are meant for the trades and hard for us to understand) . In general the joinery was quite well made and finished, it was just looks like it has been hacked a bit to fit, again this is not what we paid extra for.
The site works and other trades were managed quite well, we didn’t have many stress-outs about this part of the job, although we were’nt around much to see what was going on. It took longer than we were told it would but that really wasn’t a surprise.
When we complained about the various issues and mistakes and asked for them to be be rectified properly rather than being patched up or ignored. The owner of Ultimate ([name removed]) came out to have a look and really wasn’t helpful, no apologies, he was arrogant and told us it all looked fine to him and was up to standards ( whatever that means !) All this has left a feeling of disappointment with the kitchen which will take some time to get over. We get that Ultimate are in business to make a profit, but there is a definite reluctance to fix things properly when there are mistakes made and this attitude will not help them attract new clients. We would have been happy to refer them to several of our friends that are planning renovations if the outcome had been better, now we would only say look elsewhere and advise you all to read all the reviews ( ignore the ones on the business’s website..) and see if you can talk to past clients etc.. to get a feel for how the project is likely to turn out before you commit a large amount of money and emotion on a new kitchen ( or bathroom etc..)


We write to thank Ultimate Kitchens for their professionalism with designing our kitchen. Their service was outstanding. Having spent several hours designing with us, they offered us wonderful ideas in relation to types of storage to meet the needs of a growing family. They were most helpful in accommodating us with out of hours appointments which catered for our demanding work and family life. Their efforts were much appreciated. 
The area we had to work within was quite a small one and rather tight. Alongside other renovations at the time, they led a team to achieve our requests and we are confident that they have utilized each and every area possible. The kitchen was designed with the idea of having everything “within an arm’s reach away”. It has certainly achieved its aim. We note that your design challenges were numerous, and we appreciated the ideas you brought forward and alongside those your experience and honesty. 

We have entertained on numerous occasions and have enjoyed doing so, with everything being so well set out. As we have noted earlier the kitchen is practical and functional and being parents of 3 young children this has been invaluable. We have also received wonderful compliments as to its design, its appearance and how different our home now looks. It is certainly the “hub” of our house with both family and friends gathering around our island bench. Our pantry has been an unbelievable asset to our home offering immense storage and practicality. 

We thank Ultimate Kitchens for the time they took to assist us with overcoming building difficulties, whether that was sourcing a varying material for the kitchen cupboards, changing its design where required and particularly for taking time to be on site to work with the trades whilst it was being built. Most importantly your efforts were not hindered in designing a breathtaking kitchen due to the space available to you. 

We wish you every success in the future.

Completed eventually

Our ensuite bathroom was commenced early January. Everything seemed to be going well until we noticed that the glass for the shower cubicle had been cut and installed the wrong size so had to be taken out and replaced. Therefore tiles also had to be replaced. Then we noticed that our two basins had not been centered correctly on the bench top. This meant that one had to be moved and as a result also tiles and a tap. After the tap had been moved we noticed that the tap handle had been reinstalled upside down! During this time we noticed a small chip in the Caesar Stone bench top which was repaired, but then later more small chips appeared which meant that we had to wait for a rep from Caesar Stone to check it. CS said that it was damage during installation so they took no responsibility. Eventually Ultimate replaced the benchtop. Then eventually when we were able to use the shower we found that it flooded every time because the tiler had put a large square of paper (cement bag) into the top of the drainage pipe, this meant that the plumber had to get under our house and cut the pipe to retrieve it and repair it. The day after the shower flooding happened the owner made an appt to visit us. Mistakenly we thought it would have been to apologise, but he treated it as his usual visit to a project, and no mention was made by him of any of the issues until we raised the matters, of which he was well aware - still no apology. Way before completion we had received a letter from Ultimate requesting full payment, they told us that any unfinished work would be completed within 30 days. We advised that we would not be paying in full until we were completely satisfied with the completed ensuite. During all of this happening we also found that the toilet had been installed too close to the wall. This was successfully moved.
The project manager while being a very nice person did not effectively oversight the work completed by his tradesmen.
Would not recommend this company to anyone and only wish that we had been more careful and not only read reviews from their website. The bathroom was eventually finished with substantial delays beyond the scheduled completion date.


The project struck a plumbing problem and this was attended to without fuss or debate.
I highly re4commend this professional company.

Fabulous service

It was with some trepidation that we arranged to have a new kitchen installed whilst we were in Europe. Turns out we needn't have worried. We returned to a fully installed kitchen and more to the point a very clean house, they had the cleaners go thru....
Couldn't be happier with the result and will get them back again to replace an old bathroom we have.....

Great house renovation

Great kitchen, bathroom, ensuite and laundry renovations. Overall, great result and very happy with design and finishes. The tradespeople who they used were trustworthy and came when they said they were coming. Brad Smit, project manager was great and followed up any issues that occurred and made tradespeople fix things that didn't go to plan or didn't meet our expectations. I would recommend Ultimate for renovations.

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Questions & Answers

After a few months even years are you still happy with ultimate, did your renovations require wheelchair need?. Thanks to all for answering. Phil
1 answer
Hi Phil. Our Reno did not require any wheelchair related works. I can say that more than a year afterwards, we are still very happy with Ultimate Kichen's work. Cheers Sharon