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Uncle Tobys Le Snak

Uncle Tobys Le Snak

Chedar Cheese, French Onion and Tasty Cheese
2.5 from 31 reviews

I was sick from the cheese

Yesterday I brought a box at woolworths in booval qld. And I was throwing up after a bite. That's when I noticed the cheese was all oily like their was something put in it. Don't no what it was but I will never buy again.didn't save keep it. Just throw it in the bin

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $5.00.

Stale biscuits

I always carry these for morning tea at work but was very disappointed at the last purchase when the whole box of biscuits were stale.
When only purchased 2 days before at woolies Katoomba.

Changed product - for the worse

I haven't had these for a few months and then bought one pack yesterday. It looks like they changed the recipes. The biscuits are very different and now have poppy seeds in them???? And the cheese seems too soft and watery. Just doesn't taste right. Used to be a family favourite snack for decades, now I'm going to stop buying it.

Rotten cheese contaminated

Found something disgusting in. The cheese tonight from a brand new box bought 2 days ago thankfully i have not eaten any of it, will never be buying again.

Just as great as I remember!

I ate these when I was at primary school, and had a craving almost 15 years later to discover that these are just as good as I remember. I live in New York now, and have my friends bring boxes over whenever they come to visit.
Crackers are perfectly crunchy, and cheese is spreadable and the perfect portion.

Almost food poisoning

Found rotten cheese in one of the pack. Was just about to give it to my 3 year old. Don’t know what made me open it myself and smell it. Very unlikely of me to do so because baby usually wants to rip the pack himself, guess I can thanks my lucky stars.
I just got a freight, as I also unknowingly had licked the foil, I realised that the cheese was contaminated and that I had just licked the rotten foul smelling cheese.
I was so relieved that my baby was all safe ( also happens that daddy dear packs it usually in buns snack box for kindergarten) . Well Bub was safe and protected by his mum dear( thanks my maternal instincts), but just after a while I started to feel nauseous, and later about in about an hour, I threw up. Feeling so sick and disgusted for blindly trusting these big brands .

Le 'Snak'? more like 'Le Nibble'

Wassup Uncle Tobys?? I got some Le snaks because I had memories of them being awesome, i was met with extreme dissapointment as the serving size is tiny now. Why Uncle Tobys why!!!!!!! They are at least 30% smaller than they used to be. You can't fool me with your curved cheese section optical trickery, I know damn well you went stingy on the cheese, also, weren't there 4 biscuits?? where did that extra biscuit go!!!! You csn shove your Le dissapointments up yo Uncle Tobys.

Le Snak is le quintessential lunchtime snak

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Le Snak. The flavor is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of the oral muscles most of the palatte will go over a typical consumer's tastebuds. There's the delectable gamut of Uncle Toby's inviting flavors, which is deftly woven Le Snak's unique characterisation - their internal chemistry draws heavily from Guy Fieri literature, for instance. Le fans understand this stuff; they have the digestive capacity to truly appreciate the nuance, to realize that they're not just tasty- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Le Snak truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the meaning in it's existencial catchphrase "Powered by Oats," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Uncle Toby's genius unfolds itself in their mouths. What fools... how I pity them.

The Tasty cheese is just great.

My VERY VERY fussy little dog just loves the tasty cheese, and I was wondering if you sell just the tasty cheese. We also enjoy the TASTY cheese and crackers.


My favourite snack ever. The perfect balance of flavours. Just the right amount of cheese. God, I could absolutely 110% live off of Le snaks

Foil too thin

Have been a big fan of Le Snak until they changed the foil packaging. Way too thin now and can't be removed without splitting no matter how careful you are. No one should have to dip their fingers into the cheese just to remove the foil!

Still good but packaging is now cheap.

Still tastes great but recently looks like Uncle Tobys went cheap on the foil packaging which now is super thin and tears on trying to open the packet leaving behind strips of foil or strips of plastic where it even separates from that.


Crackers are plain but cheese... NOT PLAIN AT ALL! Well, they kind of got me into a stomach ache, and I had the right portion. Anything else is good or Ok

Exemplary biscuits, have never tasted better

Almost as good as salt and vinegar chips, these French onions give me a true taste sensation. It's like I'm crying on the Eiffel tower, but I'm really just eating French Onion Le Snak.

Mini size for full price

Crackers have shrunk... cheese dip is minimal... same price. Seems everything gets smaller yet price doesn't...
How can they get away with this all the time..


Cheese hard and bland, crackers bland. My kids hate them, I hate them. Complete crap. Will never buy again. Thanks Uncle Tobys.

Why change

I brought le snaks all the time for the kids lunches why did you change the cheese the kids hate it now so I don't buy them anymore

Gone Down Hill

Used to be good. had them with my lunch for 10 years. now crap, as above but because of there lack of sales in the supermarkets, the use-buy date is 2 weeks away & the crackers are stale. get your shit together or lose all your customers.

What have you done to the cheese!!!

The cheese is so hard, the crackers snap into pieces. My kids and I used to love le snaks but with the new cheese I won't be buying again!!! ANGRY!

TERRIBLE! Bring back the old cheese

The new cheddar cheese is soooo repulsive I have stopped buying LeSnack. Please bring back the old cheese they are so much better.

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Can I buy the Cheddar Cheese spread separately?
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