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Velocity Global Wallet

Velocity Global Wallet

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Dont touch with a barge pole !!!

I would give zero stars if I could .Our card got hacked $3000 gone our spending holiday money, gone via 30 transactions overnght.. there lack of customer care is pathetic . We still have 3 transactions pending ( pending for last 4 days ) and have to wait for them to clear before we can put in a dispute .what angers me is why wasn't the card blocked as so many transactions in a short time ..its rubbish . We will get our money back !!! . But I will advise anyone dont go near this card . The money was for a holiday for my 50th . Thanks to global wallet We have to use our credit cards. .. absolutely disgusted.


Won't provide statements, keep blocking card, the worst "service"

Global Wallet will not provide transaction history statements. We've spent hours on the phone, emails, made complaints to the afca and still no statements. Worst "service", ripoff products, keepblockingcard, beware!

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Absolutely terrible their customer support team can't seem to provide a basic statement after five days.

Attempted to obtain a statement from their team. Multiple emails and phone calls later no luck. They keep missing self imposed deadlines to catch me back. Terrible customer service. Would not recommend.

After loading funds the balance dropped considerably

I loaded 593 Aussie dollars while in Australia for a trip to Europe in a month. The issue is that our last trip was to the US and the default global wallet currency was in US dollars. needless to say 8 hours after the funds were loaded,I now only have 536 Aussie dollars after the funds went from US back to Aussie dollars!!! we haven't left the house!!! The "Team" at the end of the phone told me nothing could be done. The lesson to be learned is to check the default currency in your wallet. They are happy to take your money so be aware of the seemingly irreversible transaction.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Avoid at all costs in regard to exchanging international currency.

They entice you with Velocity Points but it is a scam. Wife and I exchanged AUS$5000 each into Euros. We both now have -$4600 each & haven’t even gone OS yet!!

Competitive Exchange Rate No

The best way to use your money

I loaded some money into my Velocity Global Wallet Account several times and I find it easy to use my Visa Card that is linked to my card because I can buy things easily without having to worry about getting my money pinched also it is excellent if you want to travel overseas.

Rip Off with Excess Fees...fastest way to waste your holiday money

Velocity, Pre Paid, Frequent Flyer, Visa Pay Wave Card...FAIL!
I planned to go to South America, and all the forums said that ATM's were the best way to get local cash, as USD were not accepted at many smaller towns and definitely not acceptable at street markets etc.... The spiel from Velocity made it sound like the answer to my prayers, so I loaded $500AUD into my card, converted to USD as AUD is NOT widely accepted in Peru, Ecuador and Chile....Horror, when I checked my account and found only $388USD which is equivalent to $448AUD the next day!!...I had lost $52AUD just to charge this Pre Paid card......Not happy Jan. I checked my account again today, and the AUD equivalent was $454, which is only $321USD now......I suppose Velocity will quickly reduce my initial $500AUD to Zero by Christmas 2019!!
Needless to say, I wouldn't use this card overseas, for fear of more exorbitant hidden fees, and will try to spend the my credit somehow......or transfer the cash back out, if they let me!!

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Better card available elsewhere.

I only got this card because of the BP partnership.
Was free when I started then they introduced a $1.95mth inactive fee.
I now have NO balance left as I evidently don’t use my card yet I get ALL my fuel from BP.

Absolute rip off fees

Conversion fees are ludicrous. Do not order this card. Traveled to South Africa and lost 10% of my money in currency conversion fees! The fees described are very misleading. They make it sound like there will be no conversion fees. You'd be better off just using your every day Australian bank card.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

This card has security issues apart from other problems

I started using this card with high expectations. Soon got to know that it takes days on end for money to be transferred. I'm not even going to go into exchange rates. Then on a visit overseas, the card was swallowed up by an ATM. The replacement card took over a month to arrive. Once it arrived, I found out that someone else was trying to use the card number for some shopping. So absolute crap it is. I would never use it anywhere.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

So slow

So I had a limit on my card to how much funds were on it. Instead of the money I tried to transfer bouncing back into my other account they held onto it for years instead of transferring it back with calls and emails in betweeen. Terrible customer service. Cancelled card. Will never use.

Best prepaid multi currency card on the market!

I received an email about 2yrs ago telling me about the global wallet feature of my velocity membership with Virgin Australia, its basically a free card that you can load money onto in any currency and spend it like a normal debit card including pay pass which is AMAZING! I first used this card when i went to America which was so handy loading money onto the card super easy i did it via online banking (be careful if you need it in a hurry it does take up to 1 business day so transferring money via online banking on a Saturday might not hit your card balance until Monday/Tuesday). I now use the card to help with budgeting, I try to stick to a $20 spending limit during the week on things like takeaway coffee, buying lunch at work, little luxuries etc. so i load the card with $20 per week and use pay pass which stops me from over spending. You also earn velocity points on purchasing in Australia and internationally so its a BIG thumbs up from me.

Very slow to add funds

I transferred money to my Global Card. 4 days later it shows in the account as pending but not in my wallet. I am unable to use the money as yet. I dont Understand why my money is pending rather than usable in account.

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I contacted them today, the person said it will not be able to be used until 3 days to the hour has past since it arrived in your wallet account. This seems like a rort to me. They have the funds yet deprive you of righfully using it likely in order to use your money to gain interest on for those 3 days. I will never use global wallet again

Unable to rectify errors made by sellers

Hotel in Ireland put a hold on 220 euros. Visa/GlobalWallet held 465 euros. After we checked out, the hotel released their hold but GW said Visa was holding the 465 for a month & there was nothing they could do. By the time it is released we will be home & have to pay a reconversion. Terrible service & buck-passing by Global Wallet. Hotels have advised us lots of problems with Visa.

Awesome low fee prepaid card

I use this card for purchasing goods from the likes of aliexpress and amazon who dont accept paypal. I like the fact that my own hard earned money is protected in the event these details get stolen. Its free to transfer money in ( just like sending someone some money and its relatively quick ( except on weekends)) I have never had to use customer service so i cant comment on that. but for the convenience, security and lack of fees for everything i use it for I'm happy. If you wanna pay $6 to buy one for auspost and then get charged a fee for every transaction go ahead. Butnfor what i want this is fine!

Lost $89 instantly

This is a scam..Thanks Virgin I loaded up $900 and lost $89 instantly... Do not use this product!!! I will never use this product again very disappointed. Called the help desk and they were not helpful at all!! Way to treat a gold member Virgin

Horrible Experience

After calling up to discuss the details of the card while I was looking at different travel cards, I had someone talk me in to ordering one however they did not explain that they do not have the same conversion rate as pretty much every other bank and travel card in Australia. I lost $400 transferring money from NZ to AUD because the exchange rate was so much lower than everywhere else and they would not advise who they use to manage their rates and how to track how much the exchange rate has moved in the past. VERY unhappy and would never use again.

Custome service

2 months, multiple calls and emails worked out why my account was locked, sent them required documents, 2 weeks no response, checked my account and it was unlocked, transferred money out, gooooodddddd byyyyyyyy.
Also, you can reduce fees and still make points by only spending money in Aus (if your from Aus).
Don’t use the card overseas, it’s a rip off.

This worked fine for me

used this in USA and Canada with no problems. Did not use at ATM only used to purchase goods with no problems. Accepted all restaurants and shops no problem. App was updated and email confirmations received. I did not need to use customer service at all. I know there are associated fees but I thought it was reasonable for the convenience.

No Stars if it would let me

Just don't use this product it's an absolute scam. They will rip you off on exchange. I exchanged $500 and was charges almost $70. Just do not use ever! worst product in history.

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Questions & Answers

Can the inactivity fee of $1.25 bring your balance into negative?
1 answer
Hi Josh. The inactivity fee on my card in Australia is $1.95mth. It has taken me to a $0 balance so no I don’t believe it goes into negative $$. If you are looking at this card for travel purposes I would not recommend it. There are better cards out there like the Westpac global card. Hope this helps, Phil.

How to withdraw money from an atm in italy?
3 answers
Make sure it is a visa atm and use credit button. Some countries like japan for example they have different arms some for domestic transactions and some for international customers.Make sure it is a visa atm and use credit button. Some countries like japan for example they have different atms some for domestic transactions and some for international customers. Recently we could not get money out at the atm and there was an error message. It turned out that the chip in the card is faulty.Thanks very much for the information, mark barnes

How do I close the card and cancel the service?
1 answer
Hi Janine, I haven't worked that out yet. We are off to Europe in Aug/Sept for 4+ weeks, so will use the funds that are left & will make sure that every last AUD & Euro is used before trying to contact Velocity Wallet to cancel the whole thing. I will also stop using the BP service stations that reward you with velocity points, as I won't ever be flying Virgin Airlines again. Will stick to Singapore Airlines & hope to be able transfer any velocity points left to their FF program. I will let you know how I go towards the end of September.

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