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ANZ Cash Packs

Latest review: Just did a quick check on the big 4 banks and Travelex for Thai baht and ANZ had the best rate. Will definately order when required. Great to have some cash on you for small things when you first

Travel Money Oz

Latest review: - Used to be 'key to the world', old card is still accepted and current details work on the website which is good - I have approx. $20 AUD left. I can't refund to my bank account via their website or

Qantas Cash

Latest review: Absolutely the worst service you could expect from any service provider. When you have a question or a complaint the phone number you call is Australian but diverted to Manila in the Philippines and

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card

Latest review: My card expired whist I was travelling I could not get a replacement sent to Europe so stuck with no money , then my money just vanished 2 months ago and I had to go to the back to reclaim what was

ANZ Travel Card

Latest review: My son went to US from school , worked for few days then it declined even though he had more than 70% money, As a parent I called anz to find out is the issue is technical or any password, but they

Velocity Global Wallet

Latest review: They entice you with Velocity Points but it is a scam. Wife and I exchanged AUS$5000 each into Euros. We both now have -$4600 each & haven’t even gone OS y

Westpac Global Currency Card

Latest review: I purchased a card on Monday afternoon so I could pay for things whilst I am on holidays anywhere in Australia or Overseas since it is more secure and I don't need to worry about being

NAB Traveller Card

Latest review: I don’t see the point to this card as it doesn’t work anywhere. I have tried over a dozen ATM machines in Europe and yet to be able to withdraw money. I have 300€ sitting in my account that I can’t a

Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

Latest review: I had to call customer care and they were really rude. I have called few time for different reasons. They just just hand up without explaining anything when there is a difficult

Travelex Cash Passport

Latest review: Putting money on the card is easy. Getting money off the card, or switching to a different currency, is an enormous loss. I put US$1500 dollars on the card, and then needed to convert the currency. I

Mastercard Cash Passport

Latest review: using my cash passport mastercard for online purchases was very simple, however managing the card was impossible as they did not show fees, in transactions report, no statement or balance could be


Latest review: Best rates are online but you have to use BPay - fee free or Credit card - may charge. Only problem is you cannot specify the denominations they just provide a

Global Exchange

Latest review: I bought 28500 Vanuatu Vatu in melbourne airport - it cost AUD$500. In Vanuatu I cash advanced 30000 Vanuatu Vatu from an ATM. Cost ....AUD$391!! Over $100 more and I get less in exchange. I got my

Westpac Travel Money Card

Latest review: Loaded my card with Euros. Each ATM transaction blocked so no cash available. Tried to book rail tickets and card transaction blocked. Extreme difficulty in getting my call answered. Finally got