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Travel Money Oz
3.8 from 526 reviews

Latest review: Constant tech issues, was never able to check account online. Closed my account nearly two months ago and still waiting on my money. Some of the phone consultants (when they didn't hang up on me)

  • Transparency
    4.1 (278)
  • Competitive Exchange Rate Yes (279) · No (61)
ANZ Cash Packs
4.5 from 12 reviews

Latest review: Just did a quick check on the big 4 banks and Travelex for Thai baht and ANZ had the best rate. Will definately order when required. Great to have some cash on you for small things when you first

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card

Latest review: Their exchange rate is the worse in addition to their fees, you get the worse deal if you either selling or buying, they rip you off like a hand saw up and down. I can't believe the difference

  • Transparency
    2.5 (10)
  • Competitive Exchange Rate Yes (4) · No (15)
Qantas Cash
1.7 from 541 reviews

Latest review: I had a terrible experience with fraud activities on my Qantas Cash (Travel Money) card in May 2020. It took literally months to finally fix the problem and send me a new card. I moved in 2021

Westpac Global Currency Card
1.7 from 96 reviews

Latest review: You are not dealing with westpac and they do not guarantee your money back if they loose it. With my account I refunded to my regular account over 500 AUD and it never showed up into my account. So

Velocity Global Wallet
1.7 from 88 reviews

Latest review: Had this card for 3 years, Covid now prevents you from flying, they’ve charged me WEEKLY inactivity fees since Feb this year without any prior warning. And today found out the whole program is t

NAB Traveller Card
1.6 from 192 reviews

Latest review: I obtained this card to buy goods from AliExpress. I had been buying things from AliExpress on this card for years when suddenly in mid 2019/early 2020 the transactions stopped going through. I

Australia Post Load&Go Travel Card

Latest review: Scam. This card is useless. No one will let you take money out. Complete disaster. Didmnt work anywhere and the telephone consultant admitted it. Would have been better off with

Australia Post Everyday Mastercard

Latest review: I bought Everyday Mastercard after Australia Post closed their Load and Go card which I had used for many years. At first I found the process for accessing my account on line a little confusing but

Travelex Cash Passport
1.3 from 530 reviews

Latest review: The account was topped up without knowing the card had expired. When i tried to use it in Barcelona, realised it had expired. So rung travelex for a refund or a new card to be sent to the hotel i was

2.2 from 12 reviews

Latest review: My cards expired in 2019, and I did not realise until this year due to COVID and not travelling. I had quite a bit of ££ (GBP) on my cards which I wanted to convert back to AUD and get the money back

Mastercard Cash Passport
1.2 from 101 reviews

Latest review: As with all other reviewers, we have found this card to be a rort. Not having used the remaining money on it due to Covid restrictions, we were not informed it was due to expire or that it had

Australia Post Travel Platinum Mastercard

Latest review: I got this card for an overseas purchase (USD in USA), didn't work. Transferred the USD balance to AUD for use locally, not worked anywhere, and the icing on the cake was this evening when I tried to

Global Exchange
1.0 from 14 reviews

Latest review: Had a small amount of AUD I wanted changed into IDR to keep me ticking over until I had a chance to access an ATM in Bali. Got slapped with a $4.90 fee, which the service attendant failed to mention

2.0 from 5 reviews

Latest review: I'm surprised by the other reviews...I might have just been lucky but really, the transfer I made from France (euro) to Australia (AU$) went really well. I believe I got pretty much the best exchange

Australia Post Cash Passport

Latest review: Have tried reloading money via my phone app didn't work, then I went via desktop page - didn't work. Terrible. It's not the o/s travel card just domestic. On the app I input details and then can't

Viva Energy Shell Card
1.0 from 3 reviews

Latest review: There is no ongoing fuel discount for using the card. BP Plus offer 3c per litre. AMPOL and EG also offer discounts. There is no way to pay with AMEX, and there is a forced credit card

Westpac Travel Money Card
1.0 from 1 review

Latest review: Loaded my card with Euros. Each ATM transaction blocked so no cash available. Tried to book rail tickets and card transaction blocked. Extreme difficulty in getting my call answered. Finally got