Didn’t get my approved for a policy but signed up with me!

Recently we got recommended by our mortgage broker - yellow brick road to this company as yellow brick road said in letter our old policy with Allianz will expiry soon and apparently this new insurance company- Vero got some of our information. It was very annoying as we have been with Allianz for some years and feel comfortable. The letter yellow brick road sent us about the new insurance company (Vero) information and its policy with some of our inaccurate information. I called up to correct the information and asked for a quote. I said very clearly over the phone that I have to think about this new insurance company and not go ahead yet. But after a week, Vero sent me a new policy for our home and content. Serious?! Who gave your authority to represent us to sign up with your company for our home and content insurance?! I called up to cancel it. Not good enough! Annoying!

Car claim march 25th 2019

My car was broken into on the Sunday morning, put in the claim monday morning. Within 2 hours had a hire car and glass repair booked. Stolen item replaced, crash repairer booked for door damage. Thank you Vero for a quick headache free claim.

Value for Money
Customer Service

Our claim was from June 2018 and we have not heard from them

I regret that we shifted from Allianz from our bank's recommendation. Vero couldn't find our policy when we first rang and insisted we were with Allianz! After ringing three times, customer service said that the previous agent should have "just searched our file a different way". We haven't received our claim until today. They also said that their windscreen cover is only Australian standard (after-market) which pays less. We agreed to it and we are still waiting for a windscreen claim which they said we are entitled to one every year. Today we are making a claim for something else as our car sustained damages from the floods in Townsville. They said we need to find a broker before they entertain our claim. I don't understand what that means as our insurance from another company has been a totally different experience. A broker for what? We only want to claim what we are insured for. It is our choice to have our car done by the dealership. I don't know what we entered into and feels like we have been ripped off or scammed all these years.

Value for Money
Customer Service

Vero likes to drag it out

5 months wasted so far , I’ve jumped through hoops , provided them the same information time and time again and they are yet to go through any of it . They just say it will take another month time and time again , my business and sole income was completely destroyed and now I’m at risk of losing my home because they don’t want to pay

Value for Money
Customer Service


I lodged a "Not at Fault" claim with Vero when a third party reversed his car into my car while it was stationary. Before I insured with Vero I was told that I could choose my own repairer in case of an accident. What Vero should have in their policy is "Yes you can choose your own repairer as long as they are cheap enough !!!"
I obtained two quotes from repairers recommended by Audi one was for approx $17,000 the other was for approx $12,000. I was informed by Vero that neither of these quotes were acceptable and there was no way that they would be approving even the lower quote. Instead I was given details of two "Vero Approved" repairers and told I should use one of them. When I pointed out that I supposedly had choice of repairer, I was told yes I do but both the repairers I chose were too expensive. I argued that I was after a quality repair job not the cheapest one ! Vero directed me to the fine print in their policy !
So even though I was not at fault and the other party was fully insured,in reality I was not able to choose my own repairer. I believe that this is false advertising !
Eventually I withdraw my claim with Vero and was forced to pursue the third party's insurance company to recover the cost of repairs.
The car has now been repaired and I am about to cancel my policy with Vero. In summary if you want to be able to choose your own repairer in case of an accident DO NOT insure with VERO !!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Easier to be uninsured.

Couldn't be any more unsatisfied. A joke of a company. First repair of my vehicle was completely botched and have spent months waiting to get it repaired. I would rather be uninsured than trust them with anything I own.

Insurance claim madeYes

Very disappointed!

Made a claim with vero on my vehicle after we had an accident, we took it to one of there authorised repairers being told it would be fixed quicker. It has now been over 2 months I still have no car. Their communication with me and the repairer is very poor, I am forever chasing them up and having to call repairer and play messenger. Always speaking to someone different having to repeat the same information over and over asking for a call back and not getting it. 0 stars from me very disappointed customer!

Insurance claim madeYes

Increase your excess after claim

Letter received from vero stating they will increase excess due to recent claims. Damage done through cyclone Debbie. Vero had sent building inspector but decided this wasn’t good enough

Insurance claim madeNo

Worst customer care. Zero minus rating if there is one. Made customer feel it was her fault when it

Had to wait 5 days before hire car was approved.
No efficiency in closing claim.
Vero reps misconstrue/ distort the actual events
& most the time had to chat with other rep to assist:(
Wondering about their training tactics

Insurance claim madeNo


My business had a VERO MARINE TRANSIT INSURANCE policy.
A seashipment was dispatched but never received by me.
That shipment cost was over $20,000 and VERO refused to pay claim.
VERO claimed no proof of dispatch so NO transit, so no claim possible.

But the shipment was dispatched by a shipping company with a website, so plenty of proof of TRANSIT available if shipping company asked, but VERO did not ask shipping company!

So my claim was not paid by VERO!



Insurance claim madeYes

Terrible, doesn't even deserve 1 star.

I made a claim over a month ago, was told to take my case to a certain repairer, the repairer was unable to repair my car and it has sat at various places with me the customer having to chase up the repair. Vero has constantly brushed me off and are still continuing to do so making it my problem. Now I have to foot the bill for the rental car cost as they have capped the amount they will pay for car rental. They have at no stake during this whole process been a helpful company and if anyone even so much as mentions they might go with them for insurance I make sure they don't. Worst insurance company I've ever heard of.

Insurance claim madeYes

Car damaged and wouldn’t start

My 4x4 was side swiped, other driver at fault, I drove it to a nearby shopping centre car park called vero insurance, the damage to the panels and booking for repair was simple and fast, however, after I turned the car off it would not start again, called the insurer back and because the car was hit on the drivers side and not near the Motor, it was according to them, not even remotely possibly related!!! The vehicle has never not turned over and they decided it was merely coincidence?? Please avoid!

Insurance claim madeYes

Do not deserve even a star.

False advertising. Claim that you can choose your own repairer. My chosen repairers do not even want to waste time dealing with them, claiming that they are the industry worst with bully techniques of pushing consumer to their low quality repairers. I experience first hand all that was told to me. Stay away from Vero st all cost.

Insurance claim madeYes

Great Help

Had a dodgy claim made against us, Vero did a very thorough investigation and was on our side the whole time. Have kept us up to date and have been upfront the whole time. Very happy with them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Vero - mixed review

Three car claims were handled fast and efficiently however, a storm damage claim to fences was never processed, no assessor arrived and 1 subsidence claim due to water damage was processed but verbally denied. The written report was erroneous but never corrected, we wrote several times arguing the verbal decision but never received a written response. It appears that car insurance is great but house insurance is not, we've just changed building insurer but will let the car insurances expire and then transfer them too.

Insurance claim madeYes

Vero insurance

worst ever , lies dishonesty , and not easy to deal with, Stay away from them, They will not make any claim easy,

Insurance claim madeYes

Lazy and unreliable

Extremely lazy and they keep trying to brush you off, had there builder to inspect damage and what repairs were required, when got second opinion before settlement got told what really needed to be done, also the people that inspect damage don't do the repair work so your left with a quote and need to find somebody to match there quote, extremely disappointing, would recommend to everybody never go with this company for insurance and cancel policies if you are insured with them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Unreliable and lazy

They cannot get anything processed unless you harass them. I have been without a vehicle for 8 weeks now and still nothing! Mine was a write off but even that took long enough to work out. I had to ring the assessor several times to keep that moving. Will be changing companies as soon as it's sorted....that is, if it ever gets sorted!

Insurance claim madeYes

Vero car insurance strikes again. Don't go there

Our 3 month old vehicle was damaged by a backpacker whilst parked in a shopping centre carpark. Whilst the damage to the bumper is relatively minor I requested a new bumper as the vehicle had at the time under 6k on it. When speaking to the repairer I was told I would receive a call from the assessor re my request. A few days later I received a call at which time the assessor told me the bumper was to be repaired. When I objected telling him I wanted a new bumper his reply was the car looks like it has done a bit of work. by this I presume he was meaning it was dirty when photographed by the repairer for the quote (my apologies for travelling 2klm down a dirt road daily to get to and from home). Obviously we didn't see eye to eye and my complaint was escalated and about a week later I was called by the next guy up in the food chain who then told me they are going to repair the bumper but also quoted from the policy that the vehicle would be repaired to its condition pre accident. To this I explained that prior to the accident it did not have a repaired bumper but a new factory fitted bumper. Again my claim was escalated to the next level which resulted in a call from a complaints resolution officer who told me she would look in to it and email me a reply within 2 weeks as that was company policy. I can only assume that by that she meant I'm rejecting it but wont tell you until the 2 weeks has expired which is what happened. In addition to this I was also asked to pay an excess even though we had supplied details of the other driver (this was waived eventually after my refusal to pay). Today after my wife insisted I give up rather than pursue this through the ombudsman I returned to the repairer to book the vehicle in only to find the repair has been cancelled and I will have to contact the company once again to reinstate the claim. I requested a copy of the quote today whilst at the repairer and the grand total with new bumper is $1090.98. $621.15 of this is the new bumper the comprising of labour and materials to remove and replace the bumper and prepare and paint. The bumper has to be removed for repair so that component remains the same so if you allow even just 2 hours at $100 per hour to repair the bumper then they knocked the claim back for under $450. This is a lot less than the cost of losing my multiple policies held with them on the recommendation of my bank. So what next? I'm going to check my policy to make sure I have choice of repairer and then I'm going to find the most expensive repairer in queensland and that's who will get the job.
It is now April 13th I was notified upon lodging the original review on this site that I would be contacted by a representative of the company through a private message within a couple of days That was on the 22nd of march but still no message. To me this shows how much vero actually cares " zero". So do yourselves a favour people and take your business elsewhere or you will get screwed by them one way or another. It is Friday afternoon so I am unable to do much now but I will be researching insurance brokers over the weekend and come Monday I will be getting quotes on my current policies and as soon as I have it sorted I will be cancelling my vero policies.

Insurance claim madeYes

Horrible. Terrible. Stay away!

Do not even think about contacting them even for a quote on car insurance. Feel free to message me for a COMPLETE run down on the events of my claim - it will be a long read, but totally worth it.
My car was financed through a leasing company (SmartSalary) and, by default, it was insured by Vero Insurance as the insurer of the vehicle.
My car was involved in an incident on the 8/12/17 and not in a derivable state and towed to a yard. The first person I spoke to at Vero was insisting that I pay the excess up-front ($500) and pushed for that payment to be paid immediately before the assessment process. Nevermind it was was only 2 weeks before Christmas. The representative had zero sympathy. I did pay it only because I wanted the assessment processes to begin sooner rather than later and hopefully progressed before Christmas.
The assessment took about 6 weeks, and finally on 30/01/2018 it was finally deemed a write-off. This is where the real drama started. Over the next 4 weeks, I was taking time out of my day to contact Vero to check if there was any outstanding information or documentation required from myself or Smart Salary to ensure that things were moving. In most cases emails between the two parties were sent to the wrong area, either unopened or unactioned in an inbox, and it took my phone call/s for them to open them. I called up another insurance broker that Vero sent an email to and the insurance broker advised that they sent it to the wrong inbox two days ago. All it took from the broker I was speaking to was to receive it, action and resend it back to Vero - all whilst I was on the phone. He found it odd that I was the middle man in the entire process and allocating emails to people to action as it was rare that the owner would call or be given his number.
Throughout the process I was constantly resending emails to Vero Insurance - probably so it was on the top of their inbox and easier to find. I found it frustrating that information that THEY requested two days ago from either myself or Smart Salary was sitting in an inbox not even looked at or noticed.
I gave both of these companies the benefit of the doubt and did not call everyday to bug them. I trusted that information was being received and actioned. But maybe I should have called everyday as the only time anything was progressed was due to me checking up on them.

There was no clear consistent advice or process between Vero Insurance or SmartSalary or myself. Vero advised on numerous occasions that, apparently, there was a "new process" that has been established that Smart Salary weren't adhering to hence the delay in progress. But they're just playing the blame game. But I'm not suggesting that Smartsalary were smooth in this entire process either.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

I have had Vero insurance deducting money from my Credit Card, I have no idea even who they are or why I would be insured with them as we have all our insurance through a broker, can you please advise me as to what it's for? Jennifer Williams
1 answer
Contact your bank or credit card provider and ask them to cancel the payment. Alternatively, cancel the credit card.