Victa Vforce+ 40Volt

Victa Vforce+ 40Volt

5.0 from 2 reviews

Best chainsaw ever

unbelievable that a battery powered chainsaw has so much power. dont have to muck around with mixing fuel, i have 2 batteries and i can fill my gator tray full of wood. Ive cut 16" cuts. Its light weight and i can cut high limbs one handed. I have 3 other chainsaws that now just sit in the shed. 5 STARS

This chainsaw does serious work

This chainsaw proves battery power is now a viable option for most tools. No petrol mess, no starting worries, much quieter (earmuffs optional), no totally distinctive chainsaw noise for gorilla wood fetching. This is a reasonably light, not super light, chainsaw. I have cut 400mm hardwood trunks with the 16" bar, it has enough power. It is a brushless motor run by an intelligent controller so there is a cutout if you overload the chain. This is more the saw teaching you the most efficient blade speed than limiting your cutting ability. Rather than wasting battery running to slow, it just cuts out. You release the trigger and don't push so hard next time. Let the chain spin and it will slice through more efficiently. Battery life is adequate, I have cut an ute load of long branches on a single battery. Then at home cut 4 wheelbarrows of cord-wood for each battery. That said, the slow charging (more than 2 hours) and hot batteries (that refuse to take another charge but want to be refrigerated first) will frustrate you unless you have spare batteries. Once you have a few Vforce+ tools, a few spare batteries, and more than 1 charger, you'll never look back. Batteries Rule!

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