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Vintec ALV150SG2E / ALV190SG2E

Vintec ALV150SG2E / ALV190SG2E

ALV150SG2E, ALV190SG2E and V190SG2EBK
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Looks are deceiving !

If you got one a couple of years ago it would have looked sexy. But after sometime it will make loud snapping sounds. Buy one now you will be lucky to get one that is square meaning door doesn't sit right unless you balance the front feet on one side to the max. Than the kick plate is out of whack. What a joke of a unit. My food fridge is quiter only 15 decibels, but it is made in Japan. Very disappointed with the Danish made Vintec.

This wine fridge is fantastic.

I bought this wine fridge 4 years ago from a mate who bought it new a number of years before that (he replaced it with a bigger Vintec). It has never missed a beat, keeps perfect temperature and is very quiet. It is a dual zone of sorts, meaning that you can set upper and lower temperatures but it is all one cabinet so they will obviously mix. I keep my reds on the upper shelves and my whites below that where the cooler air will pool. I am very happy with it and, based on my experience, would recommend Vintec.

Looks good but doesn't last long

We've owned our Vintec fridge since 2006 (wedding present), for the past 2 years it has failed to maintain an even temperature - kind of defeats the purpose of a wine fridge, also the light wasn't working properly. Just had it serviced ($200 call out fee) and apparently the bottom of the evaporator unit has broken and all the oil has leaked out. This will cost $790 to fix, I know it's 8 years old but surely a $2,500 fridge should work for a bit longer - the dilemma - buy a different model or fix this and risk something else going wrong with it.

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Had it fixed in Dec 2014 and now it's broken again! Sunk cost of $3,500 and now need to buy a better brand in order to save money in the long term.

Vintec lack of service or care about there product

Purchased a NEW VINTEC sg190 multi zone wine fridge. 10 weeks later i still do not have a working fridge. Vintec have NO regard for their customers.The fan on the fridge was broken. Eventually after a couple of weeks a technician came to fix the fridge but broke the fridge which the technician now has to pay for and Vintec have just passed me off . No regard to me that i purchased a product from them that does not work. I have read other reviews that says VINTEC backup service was good . Thats a joke and must have been written by a Vintec employee. Their customer back up or support is non existent.
Looks good but does not work
Its broken

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