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Volkswagen Multivan

Modified for c6 quadriplegic

The work done to this vehicle was only possible due to how convenient the VW is.
With $110,000 in modifications onto a $50,000 van, words can not describe the ease of the process.
It is by far the MOST modifiable vehicle on the market, and I had searched high and low!

Purchased at Capital .

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

Best ever bought so far

Use it for daily commuting . Excellant fuel economy.A pleasure to drive. Its not a sports car so pickup is slow( give the size). Cruze control drops the fuel consumption further . I would love to buy another( but they are not cheap), but from different dealer . Coasting feature is nice for saving fuel but breaking gives a tiny jerk. Missing is cup holder for middle seat which is quiet a pain. Having a window in back door is cool idea but should be electrical as kids cant open or close( sometimes even adults)

Engine Size2.0L Bi-Turbo
Date PurchasedJan 2018

Versatile but...

Great people mover with plenty of power for overtaking. Service issues +++ which was disappointing . Automatic doors were an issue (grinding noises) only fixed after many services with agent. Transmission failed recently after many ‘discussions’ with the agent (grinding noises with gear changes throughout the warranty period)- took it elsewhere. Still love it but would a buy another??

Engine Size2.0L Bi-Turbo
Date PurchasedJun 2010

Courtesy van

I drive this van daily as a courtesy van and it does the job with it premium space and controls. The air conditioning is good and you can control the rear temperature and can speed via the front. Now some points that need attention- the fan control switch led dont light up in sequence as there is a common issue there, the auto wipers are a bit slow to react to rain activation or keep going flat out with no rain but you can just turn them off but that's what auto is for! The drive mode is sluggish around town but perfect for the highway, sports mode is perfect for both urban or country driving. There is a few squeaks from the seating and rattles from the doors. 9n the plus side dual sliding doors make access easy, but make sure you get electric open and close sliding doors. Trust me it makes life simple! The sliding door do have issues closing and will need a adult to close and open, there is a door catch and lock open sliding door mechanism which occasionally doesnt catch the door open if you slide it open too fast or forcefully. The seating comfort is great and the plush carpet piles are perfect too. Overall I would pick one over a tarago for space and practicality.

Badge(No Badge)
Engine Size2.0L Turbo
Date PurchasedOct 2016

Should have bought one ages ago

We used to drive a Kluger and were seriously considering a van. I'm a father to 3 kids and 2 dogs...with the occasional visit from the in-laws...and the Multivan is simply fantastic. The good stuff: 1) electric doors - can't live without them, be it carrying groceries or the like, one press on the remote and the doors slide open. Specially helpful when it rains or just dropping off. 2) Leg room - after driving an SUV, there's no way I see myself going back after driving the Multivan. From the sliding doors, you can skip over to the front seats easy. Specially helpful in tight parking spots. 3) Seats - all seats can be folded down and the kids love it when we go to the drive in. The seats can also be removed to make the van a 2 seater. 4) Tow capacity/power - towed a trailer no problem. When we got to the beach rental, I had to bring the trailer up backwards. Again, no problem for the van. 5) Interior - tons of storage space/cabinets, cooler for drinks works swell, you can see everything in the driving position, boot space is HUGE even with the third row up, swivelling pilot seats and accessories such as a table and a jump seat. Reversing is no problem with the sensors both front and back. 5) speed/power - as it's a van, don't le the size fool you. from stop, it accelerates quickly and the turbo really makes it move.it doesn't matter if the van has a full load of 7 people with bags and such. it will do a quick sprint when you want it. the cruise control is fantastic. when going on long drives i always engage it. you can actually control the car using the cruise button and you only need to step on the break when you want to immediately slow down or break. Getting into underground parking is a breeze with the height being 1.8 meters. The bad stuff: can't think of any other than the auto stop-start which doesn't work well with the dash cams. Simple work around was to get a lighter plug with a switch to keep it going.

Engine Size2.0L Turbo
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Absolutely love it

We got out 2016 plated VW Multi van June 2017
It has been the best purchase we ever made. We originally got it as my husband is a furniture maker so for work and future family.
So versatile with the different combinations of seating arrangements, taking them in and out and lying them completely flat. It has been so useful in moving furniture, buying big items etc.
We have since had a baby and it is fantastic I can fit everything in pram, bag, accessories and still have room and access to use all 7 seats. So easy to gey bubs in and out. The sliding doors make tight car spots easy.
We absolutely love it

Engine Size3.2L
Date PurchasedJun 2016

Never again !

The vehicle fits the family beautifully but we have had no end of troubles. We have had it serviced regularly, to no avail. This car is only 8 years old and every door handle has failed including the boot. Each time it costs at least $800 to repair (minimum). We can't close one of the windows properly - it pops open with the rush of air (that's $1,400 plus labour to fix). The engine leaks like a sieve. Last week we had to get a reconditioned air conditioner (you can't buy a new one) at a cost of $2,000 (incl installation). And the very next day the gear box dies. For a big vehicle with a diesel engine I expected it would last longer than the 230,000km it has done, but no. This is a very edited list of the problems we have had. I won't buy another Vokswagen. This car is poorly designed and expensive to fix. Only purchase if you have lots of money to burn.

Engine Size2.0L Turbo
Date PurchasedJan 2011

Good so far however dont believe a word about it having " Differential Lock!"

A pleasure to drive. Elevated driving position gives good vision of the road and traffic ahead. Brilliant finish inside and out. 17000 mostly country km up so far and hasnt missed a beat. Wasnt sure about the gear box originally swore i would only use it in manual. Wrong! I can't change gears as smoothly as the auto function. Cheap to run with a very consistent 7.1 L/100 km. Good for a big heavy box like this. Love the versitile seating option to move/ remove seats on the rail system. We removed the rear bench and use a 2+2 bucket seat configuration with the rear bucket's pushed back leaving plenty of space for the " Twins" ( 2x 11 month Catahoula dogs ) Now to the brickbat!
Dont believe a word from VW when they describe " Electronic Differential Lock " That is a total fabrication, utterly misleading and totally deceptive. The vehicle has a Differentialy controlled differential electronic BRAKING system that VW try to pass off as Differential Lock. The 4WD version does an option of true Differential Lock thats mechanically activated by an electronic switch. The salesman at VW told us it has " Differential Lock that's electrically activated " and we believed him, looked for the switch to engage Diff Lock after delivery and of course its not there.
Other than that we do like it.

Engine Size2.0L Turbo
Date PurchasedDec 2016
Coming up for 30,000 km and the second service, just going on 12 months ownership. Still hasnt missed a beat and the only warranty issue we have to report at this coming service is the drivers arm rest is a bit loose and sloppy. Fuel economy slightly elevated to 7.2/7.3 per 100km except when we tow our 7x5 trailer then it jumps to 7.5. Had a proper Hayman Reece fitted not the dodgy looking VW tow bar. Original Continental tyres look like they are about 50 % worn. Still havnt heard from VW about the missing Diff Lock!!!! Come on VW Aus im standing by the phone!Well a funny thing happened on the way home from the 30000 service! Within 50 kms the fuel economy had jumped up to 8.9/9.2 litres per 100! Immidiate phone call back to Southside VW to ask if they have returned the same vehicle. Didnt drive any differently or take any different roads so something isnt Kosher here. Within a week or so returned vehicle to dealer who admitted " computer has been adjusted" Now the fuel economy shows a fixed 8.2 irrispective of how we drive it. Talk about a manipulation of technology. Much as we like the vehicle for its practicality i have to repeat a previous statement. Dont believe a word VW tell you. Show you or do for you.50,000 Km and still no Diff Lock! Otherwise its proven to be a very capable vehicle. The fuel economy has suddenly improved according to the computer, not sure why as we havnt changed a thing. The engine is starting to run in nicely and is not as tight as it was new. The gear box is proving to be faultless and I guess if there was going to be an issue it would have shown itself by now. Still doing long country runs to and from a farm. Service at Wangara VW which was a bit of a drama as there was a disconnect between the VW online world awhere the booking was made and the dealer. When I arrived in the morning the dealer had no idea I had booked, received a confirmation etc from VW. The usual ducking and weaving between the online VW people and the dealer as to who was responsible. Whats wrong with the world today. If you stuff up, fess up!!!

good but disappointed by build quality

Bought this van as a fleet purchase got a good discount, But poor service, first of all van missed the boat in germany leaving me without a vehicle for 7 weeks as i had sold the old one, i got told of this fact on the day i was supposed to pick it up. it is now four months old and the climate control controls in the rear above the middle row of seats is sagging, guess what? Not under warranty, i have had 3 colleagues with the same van all of similiar ages with similiar faults little niggly faults that shouldnt happen, in a vehicle of this age and price.

2 things i really dont like are the handbrake an umbrella or an electric handbrake would be some much more useful that an old fashioned handbrake a mile down on the floor.

A centre console that comes between the 2 front seats the amount of dust that collects there.

All in all a sorry example of a supposed "prestiege" brand and supposed german efficency. After it is paid off and i dont need anymore am so going back to Holden

Engine Size2.0L Bi-Turbo
Date PurchasedDec 2016

Brilliant car sadly let down by electrical issues

Volkswagen T6 Generation Six Multivan TDI450

Just beautiful inside with leather and comfortable chairs that are outstanding (despite being manual not electric) for long touring . . . family did a 3000km journey in 10 days and it was a superb freeway cruiser.

The dash layout is simple and easy to use with only one issue, the engine start/stop button which is way over on the left and hasn't been moved closer to the driver in from the left hand conversion. You get used to it but being German surprised they didn't consider this.

A manual hand break is clunky and awkward as it's low to the ground, but again you do get used to it as there's no 21st century electronic version (or even a Toyota Tarago foot operated type).
Adaptive suspension works to iron out the bumps on Sydney's roads - yes there is a definite difference between comfort and sport settings, but don't think this is a sporty car as there's constant body roll no matter what setting it's in.

And what this car is really all about above the standard Multivan is the engine. The base TDI340 is acceptable, but lack luster, a tad thirsty and a little under done for such a heavy car. VW are smart, as once you have tested the TDI450, you can't really go back.

The engine is a cracker with instant response and take off, you'll love it . . . . . but sadly our TDI450 model developed an engine warning fault just 2 months into ownership which saw it towed to the dealer (fault not found computer reset). Fault re-occurred just 7 weeks later (only 1900km more), but it's a great strong engine with amazing off the line torque and the fuel economy is amazing considering the weight. Freeway driving you will get well over 1,000km per 80L tank.

Spacious inside - no, it's massive inside with great flexible chairs and room. The leather does mark fairly easily and the sliding chairs can be clunky, but like all cars you need to push them a certain way and the move freely (it's just not the way you expect).

Overall it's a good car, packed full of features and the latest technology for entertainment and safety and maybe that's where the problem lies . . . . it's go so much tech that sadly our version was let down with electrical issues, not to say all models are, but in our instance it has really taken the gloss off a possible 5 star car for this segment.

Look forward to other reviews and comments with success stories.

BadgeTDI450 Generation Six
Engine Size2.0L Bi-Turbo
Date PurchasedJul 2016

Not happy

Bought a 2006 high line in 2009, last week the driver side sliding door came off the track, we had to cut the electric cable in order to get the door back into the track, further more the DGS gear box decided to pack it in. VW quoted $6k to replace the gear box with a second hand one!. I gave a rating of 3- whilst we are experiencing these mechanical issues after 10 years the van had been terrific prior. We test drove many other people movers however will be leasing a new "baseline" multivan comfortline (without the electric sliding doors) this time rather than buying it out right.

Engine Size2.0L Turbo
Date PurchasedJun 2009

Love the size. That's it!

I bought a lemon. First the engine would lose power as I tried to accelerate. Many a times trying to merge into traffic after having come to a complete stop, I would put my foot down and nothing happened, then all of a sudden, whiplash!. The sliding door would fall off and as it weighs a huge amount of kgs, it was very hard to put back- especially if it happened on an incline.
I took the car back and the door was fixed, the transmission looked at and improved (after a few visits to VW for both issues ) At this time it was still under warranty. I have now learnt to start creeping forward before accelerating. Shouldn't have to resort to coping mechanisms, but that's the only way I could continue driving the car. VW is not going to take it back, are they?.
During the warranty period the radio and the reverse camera were looked at many times for being faulty as well.
A year after the warranty runs out, there's a "very rare fault", where the water pump leaked onto the timing belt and almost killed the engine. A light came up on the dashboard, giving me 50m of warning. Lucky I was able to pull over. Service at Five Dock was abysmal and had my car for 5 days without any answers. I towed it to Kensington (at my own expense) and they were able to fix it within 24 hours and 1/2 the price quoted by Five Dock. I love the space it has and the versatility of the configuration of such, but will not be buying another one.

Engine Size2.0L Turbo
Date PurchasedSep 2010

Practical people mover, but let down by VW service

VW Multivan TDI400 4-motion 2.0L bi-turbo diesel. Comfortline.
Power: 132 kW, Torque: 400 Nm. 7 speed DSG.
Options added: RDS-510 Sat-nav, multimedia, reverse camera (only chose this because you cant get a reverse camera by itself). Unfortunately this added $3500 to price. Side-assist (very helpful with a van this size, I would recommend ticking this option). Folding table (IMO, leave this out, I removed it shortly after we took delivery, as it impedes access to rear, we never use it, and it is now collecting dust in the garage).
Purchased at Gold Coast VW.
Price when new: $68k
The waiting period was 6 months before I received the vehicle (made in Germany).
The vehicle is now 4 years old, has 41,000 km, annual servicing (at VW dealership until warranty period was expired, I now take it elsewhere).
Average fuel consumption: 11L/100km (mostly urban) Have achieved 8.5L/100km on longer trips.

Selection criteria:
Criteria were for a 7 seat (min) people mover. I had looked at all the SUV's, problem was rear seat access and space. We had 3 kids (now have 4) and the out-laws to fit in occasionally together with myself and my wife. Problem with some SUVs/people movers is if you have small kids the child seats are tethered in place, making folding of seats impractical/impossible. Furthermore, many SUVs only have child seat anchor points for middle row of seats. The Multivan had this covered, with all seating capable of seating an ADULT, and all seats in the middle and rear row having anchor points for child seats fitted. Walkway through between middle row of seats allows access to rear seats (for children), or you can arrange all child seats in rear row, leaving seating for adults in front and middle row, and allowing middle row seats to fold for easy access to rear seats. In addition, even with 7 on board, there is still a fairly large boot left for luggage.
I had a "line-in-the-sand" vehicle length of 5000mm due to limitations in garage space, and the multivan is 4890mm long. (caution: it is pretty high at 1980mm, so clearance under garage doors is possible, but not if a roof-rack is fitted).
The usual other criteria of cost, comfort, A/C for rear seats, and safety were considered. Reliability was important too, and having grown up with a number of generations of "Kombi" the Multivan was considered to tick that box too.

Faults to date:
1. Loose interior panels from date of delivery (Left C pillar cover). This was "fixed" at the first service, but continues to pop out repeatedly.
2. Poorly fitted plastic in drivers and passenger door grab handle (leaves a sharp edge, and does not oppose correctly leaving an unsightly gap). Dealership unable to fix this.
3. Multiple warning lights have come on with no actual fault (Diesel particulate filter, engine warning light). Inspections at dealership tell me this was due to a "lead popping off the EGR".
4. Loss of A/C, but only when vehicle was stationary (?). Explanation was a lead was not connected again after a service.
5. Loss of initial power once "D" selected. This has been fixed at dealership. (?DSG problem. New software was loaded at dealership, which took 2 days(!), but service staff unable (unwilling?) to give an explanation).
6. Flat battery (at 3 years).
7. Door trim on front passenger door coming loose.

Times stranded on the side of the road: 1 (flat battery - not really the vehicle's fault, but the battery should have been checked at routine 3y service by dealership)
Non-scheduled trips to dealership (i.e. not for annual/15,000km service): 4

Overall impression:
The Multivan is a very practical vehicle for a family. The seating configurations are well thought out, seats are comfortable, A/C is good at cooling car down (3 zone climate control), relatively fuel efficient, decent power even when fully loaded. Saftey features are good (6 airbags, plus all the other active and passive safety features ABS, ESC, etc, etc). It's relatively easy to drive for such a large vehicle, quiet and very comfortable on longer journeys.
I can fold all the seats flat and load large objects (timber, book shelves etc) or slide seats forward to load bulky items in boot e.g. new washing machine.
Gripes: the DSG is annoying. There is a pause after pressing down on the accelerator before the multivan finally decides to pick up its skirt and get going. Once going, the DSG is smooth and very good. It takes some getting used to. VW dealership service (Brisbane) is probably the worst part of ownership. The staff are friendly enough, but there is always a delay for parts (e.g. no wiper blades on one service, so they had to keep the vehicle overnight, and I got to take the bus home that night. Again, after rear wiper was broken off by vandals, and despite me letting them know a week in advance that I wanted it replaced at the service, I still had to return 3 days later because they had to send one up from Sydney!) Charge to add diesel injector cleaner to fuel tank $25, when Supercheap auto sells this for $10. Adding windscreen washer additive $25. Again supercheap sells this for less than half the cost.

Would I purchase one again: Yes, but I would opt for the entry level version. If it wasn't for the warranty, have it serviced elsewhere other than VW dealership

BadgeTDI400 Comfortline
Engine Size2.0L Bi-Turbo
Date PurchasedOct 2012
Update. I subsequently had problems with the diesel particulate filter (DPF) blocking up. Power is down and Fuel consumption suffered. Adding a diesel fuel additive to clear the DPF (many different brands available from different auto-parts outlets) has made the light go out again, and restored power, but fuel consumption is still much worse than before. I am adding a bottle to the tank at every 2nd fill-up currently (~$25 per bottle) when the light goes on again. I have taken longer drives (>20min keeping rpm >2,000 as recommended in the owners manual) in "Sport" mode to help clear the DPF and burn off some soot, but being a family car with predominantly stop-start driving all week, this is inconvenient to do every fortnight. Numerous people with the 2.0L bi-turbo diesel engine (all VW models not just the multivan) I have spoken to have all had the same problem when mileage begins to exceed 40,000km and predominantly stop-start driving is done.Update 2018. So the van now has just shy of 55,000km on the clock, and is 6 years old. Has it broken down and left my wife and kids stranded? No. (Only a flat tyre which isn't the van's fault : - as an aside getting the spare wheel out from underneath required perusal of the owners manual). Does it continue putting up with daily abuse from kids climbing in and out (and over, and under and around ...): Yes. Is it still a mobile classroom while waiting for the other kids to finish with extracurricular activities: Yes Does it still serve as a stationary or mobile restaurant: Yes Has anything else broken: The water hose for the windscreen washer cracked and sprays water at pedestrians and other vehicle owners on the left instead of the windscreen. There is a scraping noise from the passenger side sliding door (I think this may be something stuck in the rail, but can't seem to see anything. There was a squeak and squeal when reversing and turning left at the same time. The reverse camera usually works when reverse is engaged, but is being a little temperamental. The CD player only plays one song, then stops, and it makes weird burping/mooing (???) noises periodically when driven over longer distances and its hot (the mechanics can't seem to find a cause). The DPF light has stopped lighting up now that it travels slightly longer distances to get the kids to school, and I haven't needed to add DPF additive any longer. Just had its 60,000km service...a little under $23 change from $3,000. Ouch! (New front and rear brake pads and discs: $1,200. DSG gearbox service (gearbox oil and filter change): $1,200. Standard engine oil and filter change etc etc and 2 new front tyres make up the remainder).

What a shambles

Having been persuaded by my German husband to buy a VW Multivan I did so with some trepidation. We bought the van new in Feb 2011. From the off there where faults, air con failed/packed up three times, the passenger sliding door would not open, the locking system failed and the engine management system was faulty and taken back in 17 times.
VW Australia and VWE Germany scratched their heads trying to fix the issue.
Problem being as follows the van would cruise along and then loose power you would put your foot on the gas and nothing then WHOOOSH and you where off.
Several times this happened on a roundabout and coming on the Monash freeway here in Melbourne.
I complained, complained and complained.
I called the customer services in excess 20 times only once did the respond, I called and wrote to the CEO here and in Germany. Nothing.
I eventually was given access to a customer services person told me in no uncertain terms that I would not get my money back all they could offer me was two free services.
Family holidays cancelled. Business distrupted.
We are a family of 6 with dogs thought that this multivan would be the best. How wrong I was.
I will never ever buy a VW again the service and product is unbelievable.
The same problem reared its head again today 19/5/2016.
Phoned customer service manager at head office still waiting a reply.

Went to the dealership to use on of the `Free Services` I had been given
Came out $2389. lighter
New managing director new service staff
girls of 18/20 who have no idea what they are doing
I really do despair a national ..no wait GLOBAL company and they still can't get it right.

On comparison I had a window tinted on a car the company small, local but their customer service my god was awesome.

BadgeTDI340 Comfortline
Engine Size2.0L Turbo


We bought this car new, the 2014 VW Multivan Highline and we have used it for a bit more then a year. We "upgraded (Debatable)" to the 2014 WV Multivan Highline over a Toyota Kluger. The Toyota Kluger is A LOT more powerful than the VW Multivan (With the TDI400 upgraded engine)! It is sluggish when picking up, but other than that it is alright, that's why I only gave it 4 stars. Inside, the air con is great, the seat warmers in the front are FANTASTIC! The are 150% better than the Kluger. The amount of leg room in all parts of the cabin are amazing. Plenty of space to move around. The fact that you can walk from the front (Driver Seat) to the back(Back Bench Seats) is amazing! We have a table in ours and it is so cool.

Be able to have takeaway and sit all around the table (With the help of the swivel chairs, turning 360 degrees) and eat is amazing! The auto sliding doors are a treat, but are NO TOYS!! When they open, they open with force, when they close, they close with force. The doors do have safety features, but they won't stop if a tissue box is in the way, therefore little children could sustain very serious or even fatal injuries from these doors, and this happening is EXTREMELY rare, but never say never! The doors will stop if a 8-100(may vary from person to person) year person is in the way. Diesel is cheap, and thats nice.
We did however need to go to service because one family member broke a very in-significant part of the table and the repair finished about 2 hours after it was scheduled! It will leave a dent in your wallet- ours I cost $80,714.75 . Overall, a very good car. Reminder- This is not supported by VW in any way. The Multivan truly does Multitask.

BadgeTDI400 Highline
Engine Size2.0L Turbo

Great family car spoiled by high repairs and VW customer service

we thought a new multi van MY2010 was the family car of our dreams. Big, easy to drive, economical and looked like the van from scoobie doo. Several in warranty problems but post warranty spent $10k on repairs inc $1k on replacement ignition cyclinder. Have just sold and bought a Honda Odyssey. Loved the VW but not the problems.

BadgeTDI400 Highline
Engine Size2.0L Turbo

Most expensive Bomb I've ever owned!

Wish I could afford to burn my 2007 Multivan sports & post it on You Tube! The air-con only works when it's cold. VW have lost my CD/GPS unit somewhere between here & Germany; cracked the exhaust manifold - my mechanic reckons the diesel we burn here isn't as highly specced as the European diesel & due to the emission control laws they run them lean & hence the exhaust gets hot. The front tyres scrub every 20,000km's no matter how often I rotate & get the alignment checked. The automatic doors aren't automatic & the electrics have shorted out so the trip computer display has gone, again, and the factory fitted DVD blows the fuse every time the kids want to watch it. Have tried 4 different VW "Service" centres and they are an embarrassment to the word "Service". I'll never buy another VW.

We love our VW Multivan!

Bought ours new in 2010 and it hasn't skipped a beat in 70K kms. On 2nd set of tyres and had a small warranty job on the ignition key (hard to pull out). I fitted a towbar and it tows well. Very comfortable to drive especially on long trips, the kids and wife love it, and very frugal. Can be heavy to steer around town, but very good visibility (you sit higher than in a Landcruiser). Would probably go the Highline model next time - electric doors would be perfect. The DSG box works like a dream and the engine has plenty of get-up-and-go, which is surprising for a car of this size. Love the rain-sensing wipers, auto-dimming rearview mirror, park sensors, etc. Great allround visibility (huge mirrors) and as easy to park as a sedan. The only 'fault' I can think of is that at 1.97 m you do have to check carpark height limits!


Great car with few faults

I have owned a TDI 400 Multivan since I purchased it new in 2012. Since that time I have one small fault which was promptly fixed. I have travelled over 40,000km and have experienced no other issues except for relatively quick tyre wear. This vehicle is perfect for hauling large families and it is well suited to both long distance travel and the local school run.

BadgeTDI400 Comfortline


This car has an internal fault with the gearbox - which almost killed me today. After taking it to the service centre twice for engine light - and $1300 and $800 later, thought - great - fixed - drive out, in traffic and the car revs with no acceleration and cant find a gear and I almost get killed....2 minutes after leaving the service center where I thought they fixed my car. This had nothing to do with it - they say - its an internal fault in the gear box.....no warning light. No indications that I had transmission problems. Just like that ! OUT of nowhere. Thank God I am alive. $4,000 for a new one (and thats discounted?) BUT this should not be happening to a 6 year old car with average km. Google this - and you will see VW have an issue with this. It is beyond belief......I am so shaken still from this incident today that I cant think staright - called VW customer service - and they really dont seem to care......but let this be a warning to anyone thinking of buying this multivan - especially mothers with children.
size, room
the door handle broke off, electrical malfunctions.....internal fault in gearbox.....

interesting what you say. I had a caravelle, no one cared at volkswagon, 150,000 ks on the clock, spent $8,000 on repairs, maintained and serviced regularly. sold it for $5,500. Beautiful looking car but what a dissapointment!!a very common story from what i have heard. but vw do not care.

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Where is the park brake in a automatic
1 answer
Hand brake is between front passenger seat and drivers seat. Conventional on the floor

Our 2013 Comfortline has an intermittent slight transmission rattle when sitting stationary and idling... My dealership considers it to be the DSG clutches?? It's been doing it for approx. 60,000kms. So it began at 120,000--now done 180,000 Believe Amaroks may develop similar noise? Any comments please?
No answers

My WV multivan, had the engine replaced in 2015. It was at 40,000km. Luck it was under warranty. But the sticky ignition also is the problem. Sometimes it takes me half an hour to make the ignition turn. Definitely it is not fair to pay 65,000 and face this problem every day. The service cannot fix that.???? Any solution?
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